All 11 Announced DCU Movies & Shows, Ranked By Our Excitement
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All 11 Announced DCU Movies & Shows, Ranked By Our Excitement


  • The DC Universe will have movies, series, animation, and video games.
  • Some of the most exciting projects announced include Peacemaker season 2, Paradise Lost, and Swamp Thing.
  • The Brave and the Bold will introduce the Bat-Family, while Superman brings the character back to basics.



There are ten movies and TV series announced for the DC Universe‘s Chapter One, and some of them are more exciting prospects than the rest. In January 2023, DC Studios co-CEOs James Gunn and Peter Safran revealed the first few projects on the slate of the DCU‘s first chapter, with Gunn having made it clear that more projects are in development but are a secret for now. DC’s announced movies and series vary in scale and medium.

Different from the old DCEU, which was made up solely of movies up until Peacemaker, the new DC Universe will consist of movies, series, animation, and video games. Actors cast in the DCU will play their roles across all different mediums, which is also a major change that should make the DCU’s canon characters appear more often than the DCEU’s did. In more than a year since the projects were announced, several details about the DCU’s upcoming projects have been revealed, making some of them rank above the others in terms of excitement.


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11 Booster Gold Had Few Details Revealed

Live-Action Series

Booster Gold smiling in DC Comics

At the time of its announcement, the DCU’s Booster Gold series was described as a “story of a superhero’s imposter syndrome.” That is the perfect description of the character, who lives in the future and steals technology to go back to the past and become a superhero. Gunn mentioned during the series’ reveal that DC was in talks with an actor for the role; however, Booster Gold still has to be cast, though Top Gun: Maverick star Glen Powell has become a fan-favorite for the role. With few details revealed, Booster Gold ranks last.

10 The Authority Could Be The DCU’s First R-Rated Movie


The Authority banding together in DC Comics

The Authority is a movie that will focus on a hyper-violent team. The members of the Authority are morally great characters who, while well-intentioned, believe that they can save the world through any means necessary, which includes killing, maiming, and more. That could lead to The Authority being an R-rated film. The team’s first member has been cast, with María Gabriela de Faría playing the Engineer in Gunn’s Superman, which shows the team will play a larger role in the DCU.

X-Men: First Class director Matthew Vaughn is rumored to be The Authority‘s director.

9 Waller Brings Back Viola Davis And More DCEU Actors

Live-Action Series

While Henry Cavill was recast as Superman, some DCEU actors have been confirmed to return for the new DC Universe. One of those is Viola Davis, who will now get to lead her own series as Amanda Waller. In Max’s Waller, some characters from Peacemaker will appear. Waller was originally set to bridge the gap between Peacemaker seasons 1 and 2, though delays related to the 2023 Hollywood strikes mean the show will release after Peacemaker season 2. With solid creators in Christal Henry (Watchmen) and Jeremy Carver (Doom Patrol), Waller is a series worth keeping an eye on.

8 Paradise Lost Builds Up Wonder Woman’s DCU Corner

Live-Action Series

Amazonians, including Wonder Woman, charge forward in battle in a DC comic

Everything about Paradise Lost sounds exciting. The series was compared to Game of Thrones by Gunn. Paradise Lost takes place in Themyscira many years before Wonder Woman was born, with Gunn describing it as a story with “all of the darkness, drama and political intrigue behind this society of only women.” The DCEU did not handle Wonder Woman’s mythological side well, and with the series being focused on the world of the Amazons and fleshing out that corner of the DCU, Paradise Lost is a breath of fresh air for Wonder Woman fans.

7 Swamp Thing Will Be Directed By A Marvel Veteran


Blended image with Swamp Thing from the 2019 Series and in DC Comics

Swamp Thing has the potential to be either an exciting standalone story within the DCU or a movie that could introduce other characters as cameos to build up the Justice League Dark. The movie has already found a director, and it is a Marvel veteran who was nominated for Best Adapted Screenplay at the Oscars for his superhero film work. Logan‘s James Mangold is behind Swamp Thing, and the director is perfect for a gritty story that explores some of the DCU’s darkest corners.

6 Peacemaker Season 2 Continues A Fan-Favorite Series

Live-Action Series

The upcoming Peacemaker season 2 has been confirmed to bring back the fan-favorite cast from the show’s first season, including John Cena as Peacemaker, Freddie Stroma as Vigilante, and more. After an explosive first season that showed the full scope of Cena’s acting talents, Peacemaker will be back for more in the DCU. Gunn has shared many details about the show, ranging from how the multiverse will not be a major pot point to the recent reveal that Peacemaker season 2 will start filming in the Summer.

5 Creature Commandos Is The DCU’s First Project

Animated Series

Rick Flag Sr, Nina Mazursky, Doctor Phosphorus, Eric Frankenstein, Bride of Frankenstein, G.I. Robot and Weasel Standing In A Line In Creature Commandos

Creature Commandos has a few elements to it that contribute to its high placing on the list. The show will be the first project in the DC Universe, and as such, has become highly anticipated. All seven episodes of the show were written by Gunn, who also directed the series’ main cast, which means the level of quality will be high. Creature Commandos has a talented cast of new stars and returning DCEU players, which is exciting, but the show’s biggest draw is that it is a TV-MA animated series, a first for DC’s shared universes, which makes it unique.

4 Lanterns Will Be Important To The Overall DCU Story

Live-Action Series

Hal Jordan and John Stewart from Young Justice

After not having one of the Earth-based Green Lanterns appear in the DCEU, Gunn’s new DCU will be making the Green Lanterns’ presence felt in many ways. The biggest of them is through Lanterns, a series that will focus on the two most popular Green Lanterns — Hal Jordan and John Stewart. According to DC Studios’ Peter Safran, Lanterns is “a True Detective-type mystery that will deal with the duo investigating an ancient horror on Earth. That story will have ramifications for the DCU, making the show a must-watch.


Casting Hal Jordan For The DCU Green Lantern Reboot

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3 Supergirl: Woman of Tomorrow Has Cast Its Woman Of Steel


Supergirl hurt with her costume ripped and bloody in Woman of Tomorrow and Milly Alcock in House of the Dragon

Supergirl: Woman of Tomorrow was written by Ana Nogueira, with the movie currently looking for its director. The DC Universe project is an adaptation of the acclaimed comic book of the same name, and given how its writer, Tom King, is part of the DCU’s writers’ room, the story should be as great as expected. The DCU has already cast its Kara Zor-El, with House of the Dragon‘s Milly Alcock playing Supergirl, and given how the actress was a standout in her popular series, the casting bodes well for the film.

2 The Brave and the Bold Will Introduce The Bat-Family


Bruce and Damian Wayne in The Brave and the Bold promo comic book art

The DCU’s Batman reboot is The Brave and the Bold. The movie will be directed by The Flash‘s Andy Muschietti, which is a good thing, as the director handled Ben Affleck and Michael Keaton’s Batman well in the DCEU movie. The Brave and the Bold is said to revolve around Damian Wayne entering the life of his father and Bruce getting to bond with his son. Contributing to the excitement for the movie is the fact that Gunn confirmed multiple Bat-Family characters will appear in the movie.


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1 Superman Brings The Character Back To Basics


David Corenswet as the new Superman with the DCU logo
Custom image by Simon Gallagher

Finally, Gunn’s Superman is the most anticipated project on the DCU’s slate. While Creature Commandos is the universe’s first release, 2025’s Superman will be its first movie. After years of criticism surrounding the character being too dark in the DCEU, David Corenswet’s Superman is expected to go back to the bright and hopeful image the character has become popular for. With a star-studded cast that includes Lex Luthor, Lois Lane, multiple DCU heroes, and classic Superman supporting characters, the movie is poised to start the new DC Universe‘s films with a bang.

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