Clayton Clark’s Feud With Jasmine Pineda Explained
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Clayton Clark’s Feud With Jasmine Pineda Explained


  • Clayton Clark calls out Jasmine Pineda post Tell All.
  • Clayton reveals issues with wife Anali and Jasmine.
  • Jasmine blocks Clayton; he responds with social media drama.



90 Day Fiancé star Clayton Clark is hungry for attention as he is calling Jasmine Pineda out for something she did after the Tell All. Clayton is a 29-year-old from Lexington, Kentucky who was introduced to reality TV viewers in season 10. Clayton revealed he was in a long-distance relationship with a Peruvian woman named Anali Vallejos he had met on a language-learning app. Clayton went to meet Anali in her country after a few months, where he asked her to marry him on day four. Anali took some time to say yes while also hiding her relationship from her father.

Anali didn’t post about Clayton on social media. She didn’t like how Clayton’s mother, Violet, was living inside a closet in this apartment. Anali refused to get intimate with Clayton for almost two months and was close to calling off the wedding after he slammed her for having a stripper at her bachelorette party which his own sister had organized. While Anali stayed with Clayton despite not liking how he behaved towards her, Jasmine showed she wasn’t okay with Clayton’s comments about her.


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What Happened Between Clayton & Jasmine During Tell All?

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A video of Jasmine’s meltdown over finding a used lip gloss under the passenger seat in Gino’s car was played during the Tell All. Gino, who had the car for over six and a half years, insisted he didn’t know who it belonged to. Gino told Jasmine he never cheated on her, but the next thing that Shaun Robinson did was ask Gino about his bachelor party. Shaun wanted to know if Gino had told Jasmine about having a bachelor party. Jasmine told her cast members about how her bachelorette didn’t have any strippers at all.

“It was the divorce party and I didn’t ******* enter a strip club.”

Jasmine started screaming as Gino reminded her she had a stripper at her divorce party the first time Gino was in Panama. Gino commented that Jasmine yelling at him affects him greatly. Clayton butted in their conversation and said, She should have used that two thousand dollars on.. what do you call it… anger management classes. Jasmine asked Clayton to “shut up” and he laughed at Jasmine. Clayton was referring to the $2000 Jasmine took from her ex-boyfriend, Dane, to pay for her butt implants.

Clayton Revealed Jasmine Blocked Him

Reddit user Oooheycait1223 posted a screenshot from Clayton’s Instagram story that he shared after the Tell All was aired. Clayton shared that he was “confused” about why “someone” would block him for something he did forever ago to their face. Clayton did not mention Jasmine’s name or tag her but revealed that she had not only blocked him but also his wife Anali. As per Clayton, Jasmine “frequently talked” to Anali in her DMs. Clayton wanted to know what Anali did to offend Jasmine. He said Jasmine had “lost a supposed ‘friend’” after blocking Anali.

Jasmine Brings Out Clayton’s Villainous Side

Clayton’s snarky Instagram story may have fallen on deaf ears because he posted a different one calling out Jasmine for blocking him. Clayton’s new story after the Tell All Part 2 had him slamming Jasmine blocking him months after the reunion was filmed. Clayton revealed he believed Jasmine did it because everyone thought what he said was funny. Clayton still didn’t name her but blasted her for pretending to be Anali’s friend after claiming, “excited to meet all the Latinos.” Clayton said he didn’t care if he was blocked but had an issue with Jasmine being fake towards his wife.

“This was a performative act in hopes that someone would notice and draw attention to it.”

Clayton wanted to give Jasmine the attention she “ordered.” While Clayton’s story seemed to be him going on a bitter rant after being ignored by 90 Day Fiancé star Jasmine, he added a picture of a book titled, “Why a Daughter Needs a Dad.” Clayton was trying to shame Jasmine about being a girl who girl grew up without a consistent fatherly figure to suggest it was the reason behind her behavior.

90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After?

, Season 8 premieres Sunday, March 17 at 8pm ET/PT on TLC.

Source: u/Oooheycait1223/Reddit, Clayton Clark/Instagram

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