DC Reveals the Terrifying Ending of Upcoming Absolute Power Event
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DC Reveals the Terrifying Ending of Upcoming Absolute Power Event


  • Waller recruits Dreamer for a mission involving a deadly vision of the future in Suicide Squad: Dream Team #1.
  • Absolute Power will see Waller’s plan to kill heroes unfold, with Dreamer’s precog abilities revealing the impending carnage.
  • The Earth’s metahumans face a grim fate in DC’s next big event, as Dreamer’s vision hints at numerous dead heroes.



Warning! Spoilers ahead for Suicide Squad: Dream Team #1!Months before DC Comics’ next big event Absolute Power debuts, the publisher has let fans know what they can expect to happen. The Suicide Squad’s latest recruit has seen the DC Universe’s future and unfortunately, it may already be too late for the heroes to save the world this time.

In Suicide Squad: Dream Team #1 by Nicole Maines and Eddy Barrows, Amanda Waller has created a new incarnation of Task Force X centered around Nia Nal aka Dreamer. Using Dreamer’s power to travel through the Dream Realm, Waller is sending the Suicide Squad to Gamorra to shut down its defensive systems.

Dreamer Sees Vision of Absolute Power DC

Dreamer brings the Suicide Squad to Gamorra, but her powers accidentally kill an innocent resident. As Harley Quinn tries to talk Nia through this, Dreamer begins having a vision of the future. She sees flashes of the Justice League and a near endless pile of dead bodies.

Amanda Waller is Going to Kill Thousands in Absolute Power

Amand Waller Talks with Suicide Squad DC

For months now, Amanda Waller has been working in the shadows to put an end to Earth’s metahumans. From launching a superhero bounty to collecting powerful assets like Doctor Hate, Waller has been slowly preparing her ultimate goal. During “Beast World”, she decided one crucial asset to her plans was Dreamer, whose powerful precog abilities could help what she had planned. Waller blackmailed Dreamer into working for her by threatening to expose Nia’s home, the secret alien community Parthas, to the world. Once Amanda found out Nia could be pressured, Waller began thinking of additional ways to use Dreamer.

It’s hard to tell what the context of Dreamer’s vision actually is in just a few glances. Dreamer very well could just be seeing the end of this mission, which will possibly see the deaths of Gamorra’s citizens. But Dreamer’s vision not only shows hundreds of bodies piled on top of one another, it shows some of DC’s most famous heroes like Flash and Superman, who are nowhere near Gamorra and not in any danger at the moment. Dreamer appears to be getting a glimpse of the horror Amanda Waller’s going to unleash later this year in Absolute Power.

Absolute Power Will Result in Numerous Dead Heroes


Fans caught up with Absolute Power know that Amanda Waller is teaming up with Brainiac Queen and Zur-En-Arrh to rob the Earth’s heroes of their powers. With the Earth virtually defenseless and Waller on a mission to exterminate DC’s metahumans, Dreamer’s vision supports the idea that there will be thousands of victims in Absolute Power. It’s not an outlandish idea as there’s plenty of danger to be found in the DC Universe and if no one can protect themselves or others, then there’s absolutely going to be a lot of carnage in DC’s next big event.

Suicide Squad: Dream Team #1 is available now from DC Comics.

Suicide Squad: Dream Team #1 (2024)

Suicide Squad Dream Team 1 Main Cover: Dreamer, Harley Quinn, and other Squad members run from a blast.

  • Writer: Nicole Maines
  • Artist: Eddy Barrows
  • Colorist: Adriano Lucas
  • Letterer: Becca Carey
  • Cover Artist: Eddy Barrows

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