Discovery “Was Given A Second Chance”, Says Wilson Cruz
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Discovery “Was Given A Second Chance”, Says Wilson Cruz

Exclusive: Wilson Cruz, who plays Dr. High Culber, explains how Star Trek: Discovery’s characters are role models of redemption from past mistakes.

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  • Characters in Star Trek: Discovery showcase redemption, creating a model for learning from mistakes and seizing second chances.
  • The final season of Discovery promises an epic intergalactic treasure hunt and deeper exploration of crew relationships and stories.
  • Wilson Cruz highlights the importance of making choices to shape your own story and embrace second chances in life.



Star Trek: Discovery‘s Wilson Cruz, who plays Dr. Hugh Culber, explains how the series’ characters can be role models for making mistakes and receiving a second chance. Star Trek: Discovery season 5 premieres Thursday, April 4, on Paramount+. The final season of Discovery is an epic, intergalactic treasure hunt that also promises to delve more deeply into the relationships and stories of the crew of the USS Discovery – most of whom have sought redemption in one form or another.

Prior to the world premiere of Star Trek: Discovery season 5 at SXSW, the cast spoke to Screen Rant about what to expect in the final season of Discovery.Wilson Cruz eloquently spoke about how Star Trek: Discovery’s characters have all been given a second chance, and that audiences can model their own redemption stories after what they see and learn on Discovery. Read his quote below:

I feel like when you look at every character, every character on the show, every single one of us was given a second chance. We either failed at something or died, or whatever it was that we were afforded a second chance to become our best version of ourselves. And I hope that people take that with them, that nothing is set in stone. You are the author of your own book, have your own story. And you can take charge of it at any given moment. And make your life exactly what you need it to be. But you have to choose that, you have to choose life. You have to choose to love it. You have to choose the people in your life who will support you and love you through it, that you can love and return. Those are all choices. We have to make those choices over and over again.


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