FF7 Rebirth Dev Reveals Why It’s Not On Xbox & PC
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FF7 Rebirth Dev Reveals Why It’s Not On Xbox & PC

Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth is the latest PS5 exclusive to turn heads but the developers have a very good reason for not releasing it on Xbox and PC.


  • Developing
    Final Fantasy VII Rebirth
    exclusively for PS5 was crucial for its success, resulting in a stronger game at launch.
  • Xbox and PC users may feel left out, but Square Enix’s exclusivity deal with Sony benefits game development.
  • While Xbox users wait for
    Final Fantasy XIV
    will be available on Series X|S for free via Xbox Game Pass.



While Final Fantasy VII Rebirth may have impressed PlayStation 5 owners, it turns out the developers had a very good reason for not releasing the RPG on Xbox Series X|S and PC. Given the rivalry that exists between the communities, it stands to reason that those who aren’t able to play the latest Final Fantasy would question why their system has been ignored for the sake of exclusivity. As it turns, limiting the development of Rebirth to a single console was actually beneficial and resulted in a stronger game according to producer Yoshinori Kitase.

Speaking to The Washington Post, Kitase stated that developing exclusively for the PS5 was the “key” to making Rebirth such a resounding success at launch. The producer notes that if the development team built the game to accommodate multiple systems, the open-world wouldn’t have been a seamless experience and likely have been much smaller. Kitase also states that creating Rebirth to work on both Xbox Series X|S and PC may have resulted in a “regressive” game design. Despite this, there’s still a good chance that the latest chapter in the Final Fantasy VII Remake saga will come to PC.


FF7 Rebirth’s Map Compared To The Original Final Fantasy 7’s Gaia

Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth takes on the daunting task of updating Gaia for modern systems, and the differences in its map reveal some key changes.

Will Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth Come To Xbox?

Tifa in Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth surrounded by candles

Players equipped with either a PlayStation 5 or a PC need not worry about the Final Fantasy VII games coming to their platforms but those users locked in with an Xbox as their preferred hardware aren’t so lucky. Developer and publisher Square Enix currently has an exclusivity deal with Sony that sees all modern Final Fantasy games launch with timed exclusivity on PS5 and when that period expires, the games can also be found on PC. As for Xbox, the most recent mainline Final Fantasy game available to play on the platform is Final Fantasy XV which launched in 2016.

Is There a Bright Side For Final Fantasy Fans On Xbox?

A Warrior of Light flying on the Starlight Steed Mount in a snowy landscape in Final Fantasy 14.

While the jury is still out on whether Final Fantasy VII Rebirth will ever arrive on Xbox, Square Enix has thrown users a bone with the recent announcement that the beloved MMO Final Fantasy XIV will finally launch for Series X|S devices on March 21. Even better, the massive game will also be playable for free for all Xbox Game Pass subscribers, but there is a catch to that deal. The version on Game Pass serves as a free trial since it only allows users to play the base game and its first two expansions for 30 days before a subscription is required, but at least it’s better than nothing!

Source: The Washington Post

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