Mike Flanagan Can’t Wait To Recreate 1 Stephen King’s Dark Tower Scene: “Made Me Cry”
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Mike Flanagan Can’t Wait To Recreate 1 Stephen King’s Dark Tower Scene: “Made Me Cry”


  • Mike Flanagan aims to faithfully recreate an emotional character burial scene from
    The Dark Tower
    series in his TV adaptation.
  • The adaptation will span multiple seasons to cover every book, faithfully recreating the entire series from the beginning.
  • Flanagan’s prior success with King adaptations suggests he’ll be able to capture the emotional depth of the source material.



Horror filmmaker Mike Flanagan has opened up about the scene he most wants to recreate in his TV adaptation of Stephen King’s The Dark Tower series. The project was announced in December 2022, with The Haunting at Hill House and Midnight Mass creator at the helm. The multi-season show is expected to adapt every book in the series from the beginning.

Speaking with Popverse, Flanagan explained which scene he’s most looking forward to recreating in his adaptation of The Dark Tower. Without giving away specifics, the filmmaker reveals how a major character death later in the series is an emotional moment he wants to faithfully bring to life. Check out what Flanagan had to say below:

Very late in the story, there’s a scene that takes place in a forest where a character is being buried. And there’s a eulogy being given that made me cry the first time that I read it. That one speech just kills me, and I can’t wait for that.

The Dark Tower Is Stephen King’s Magnum Opus

Mike Flanagan next to The Dark Tower cover for The Gunslinger

While The Dark Tower was adapted in 2017, starring Idris Elba and Matthew McConaughey, the film received negative reviews for not remaining faithful to the source material. This was especially disappointing because the book series is King’s magnum opus, tying everything he’s ever written into a shared multiverse. Given how beloved a series it is by his Constant Readers, it’s important that Flanagan’s upcoming adaptation is able to satisfyingly recreate the source material.

The scene the filmmaker is referring to is one that happens in the final book of the series, also titled The Dark Tower. Given how emotional he felt while reading about the heartbreaking major character death, it’s clear he has a reverence for the books that will translate to his adaptation of them. This means readers can breathe easy knowing the project is in the hands of someone who understands the emotional weight of the story being told.

While The Dark Tower was wasted in its lackluster 2017 film, Flanagan’s own acclaimed King adaptations like Doctor Sleep and Gerald’s Game show how much he understands the author’s works. This means the spirit of the original will likely be captured – no doubt referencing other King works too because of the series’ tie-ins. With the filmmaker clearly invested in the endeavor, the upcoming show is shaping up to be a much better rendition of the series.

Mike Flanagan plans to turn
The Dark Tower
into a five-season show, with two movies as well.

Source: Popverse

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