Young Sheldon Ruins Mary To Justify George’s Cheating
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Young Sheldon Ruins Mary To Justify George’s Cheating


  • Young Sheldon
    justifies George’s cheating by revealing Mary’s emotional affair with Pastor Rob, softening criticism on George as a family man.
  • Mary’s refusal to admit to her feelings for Rob and Pastor Rob’s actions make their affair more uncomfortable than George’s with Brenda.
  • Show tries to redeem George’s image by showcasing that both he and Mary played a part in the breakdown of their marriage.



Young Sheldon willingly ruins Mary in order to justify George’s infidelity, as in season 6 the long-simmering marital issue between the Cooper parents finally reaches its boiling point. Sheldon’s The Big Bang Theory story about catching his dad having sexual relations with another woman has been one of the most anticipated plotlines in Young Sheldon for years, despite the show trying to dance around it. However, season 6 of Young Sheldon showcased a pivotal moment in the breakdown of Mary and George’s marriage as the couple gets into a massive confrontation when they learn of eachother’s unfaithfulness.

Despite not being able to physically appear in The Big Bang Theory, the nerd-centric sitcom offered enough information to give a good idea of the kind of man George was. Both Mary and Sheldon claimed that he was a no-good father, who was drunk and lazy. While there are a lot of issues between the Cooper family in The Big Bang Theory and Young Sheldon, George Cooper was a special case because everything known about him by then was from stories. Young Sheldon has been trying to rehabilitate George’s image, however, to the point that they are willingly ruining Mary to justify his cheating.

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Young Sheldon Makes Mary Look Bad Because Of Rob

Mary Carries On An Emotional Relationship With Pastor Rob

Mary in a dream sequence wearing lingerie and looking at Pastor Rob from Young Sheldon

After months of waiting, the latest member of the Cooper family arrived in “A Launch Party and a Whole Human Being.” However, at the same time Mandy was giving birth to her and Georgie’s daughter, Mary and George — alongside their respective potential affair partners — coincidentally met at the hospital. A confrontation between Sheldon’s parents then ensues, with the pair accusing each other of being unfaithful. It all starts when Mary catches George and Brenda sharing a moment, but before she can even press them for details, Pastor Rob comes barging in and immediately inserts himself in the conversation.

While George’s affair in Young Sheldon is always simmering beneath the surface, Mary and George had been on good terms during season 6. Mary separating herself from the church has made her more agreeable; it also prevented her from developing deeper feelings for Rob. Young Sheldon had been developing Mary’s arc with Rob for a while now; even Missy is well aware that there’s a mutual attraction between them. In the end, it seems like the Mary and Pastor Rob storyline was made solely to justify George having the affair viewers already know about.


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Why Rob Is Worse Than Brenda In Young Sheldon

Mary’s Refusal To Admit Guilt And Rob’s Behavior Make It The More Uncomfortable Affair

Young Sheldon George Sr and Mary hugging with Brenda and Pastor Rob on the side

Mary is so fixated on convincing herself that she doesn’t have feelings for Rob that she is impervious to the fact that it’s so obvious that he has feelings for her. Because of this mindset, Mary likely doesn’t think that there’s something wrong when Rob shows up in the hospital with her during Mandy’s delivery in Young Sheldon season 6. Otherwise, it doesn’t make sense that she would bring him with her.

In fact, at least Brenda and George feel guilty about their behavior, regardless of whether they’re really having an affair. Mary, on the other hand, continues to be self-righteous about her extra-marital feelings towards her former colleague in Young Sheldon. She insists that nothing is happening between her and Rob when it’s clearly not the case.

If Mary gives the slightest inclination that she’s open to having an affair, there’s no doubt he will take advantage of that opportunity.

Meanwhile, Rob became incredibly annoying as Young Sheldon progressed. Despite his cheery disposition, he knows exactly what he is doing by inviting Mary to lunch. He may have even taken his brief job at Medford High School to rile up George. Rob isn’t as clueless as he seems to be. If Mary gives the slightest inclination that she’s open to having an affair, there’s no doubt he will take advantage of that opportunity.



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How Mary’s Pastor Rob Relationship Justifies George’s Cheating

Mary Is No Longer A Victim Of George’s Cheating

George’s inevitable death on Young Sheldon is another known plot point on the horizon and the inclusion of Mary’s emotional affair with Pastor Rob seems to be directly tied to that moment. By leaning on the idea that Mary is also engaged in an extra-marital relationship with Rob, George’s image as a family man isn’t totally ruined. That way the show can feature his death as a tragic moment with the family losing their flawed but loving father rather than the cheating and uncaring patriarch he was initially made out to be.

The idea that both of them have affairs doesn’t automatically vilify him while victimizing Mary. Instead, Young Sheldon opts to soften the criticism by showing that Sheldon’s parents both played a part in the breakdown of their marriage.


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