1 Fan-Favorite DC Team Gets a Major Status Quo Shift with a New Mission
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1 Fan-Favorite DC Team Gets a Major Status Quo Shift with a New Mission


  • The Birds of Prey must save Barbara Gordon from a mysterious assassin manipulating time.
  • The team is embarking on a new mission to a dangerous world, possibly through dimensions.
  • The Birds of Prey face unprecedented challenges to keep their founder safe in this unique adventure.



The Birds of Prey’s latest mission has them trying their best to unravel the mystery of why someone is trying to murder Barbara Gordon. This mission will end up taking the Birds to a brand-new world full of danger as they try to keep one of their most important members from being killed — all while traveling through dimensions for the first time in the team’s history.

After their previous mission, ​​​the Birds of Prey must set out to figure out who is manipulating the time stream just to kill Barbara Gordon — which will involve the team traveling to a “strange new world” in Birds of Prey #9 by Kelly Thompson and a variety of artists. This summary from the May solicitations could mean almost anything, from another dimension to a different planet.

BIRDS OF PREY #9 (2024)

Birds of Prey 9 Main Cover Solicit: Batgirl falling into a strange yellow dimension while the Birds try to save her.

Release Date:

May 7th, 2024


Kelly Thompson



Cover Artist:

Leonardo Romero

Variant Covers:

Christian Ward, Ejikure, Chris Ng

If the Birds of Prey have one mission, it’s “protect Barbara Gordon at all costs,” and that mission is…not going great. Dinah and her team search for Barbara in this strange new world that seems specifically designed to trip them up. Many mysteries lurk in the dark of this world, and some of them don’t even want to kill you…probably.

While the Birds of Prey are used to traveling the world to solve crimes, going off-planet (or through dimensions) will be entirely new for them. This shows just how far the Birds of Prey are willing to go to save this fan favorite member, and hopefully, they’ll find the answer to who is trying to kill her in this strange new world they find themselves in.


“New Mission, New Team”: Birds of Prey Icon [SPOILER] Finally Returns to DC’s Classic Team

The Birds of Prey made an epic splash in the DC Universe in 2023, and now one of the team’s founding members is finally making a long-overdue return.

The Birds of Prey Will Travel Through Dimensions to Save Their Founder

Birds of Prey 9 Ward Variant Cover: Batgirl Barbara Gordon reaching toward the reader.

The Birds of Prey have just returned from a major mission to save Black Canary’s sister Sin. This mission also involved the Birds of Prey fighting Wonder Woman. Naturally, this was an extremely difficult mission, and both fans and Black Canary couldn’t help but notice the obvious absence of Barbara Gordon. According to the time-traveling team member Maps Mizoguchi, the reason Babs wasn’t invited is that every time she joined the mission, she ended up dying. Black Canary tried to undo this several times using time travel, but she dies every time but one, suggesting a major force is out to kill the beloved founder.

The Birds of Prey are an immensely influential team in the DC Universe. They’ve saved the world several times and often respond to crimes that no one else has the time for. This team was originally put together by Black Canary, Huntress, and Barbara Gordon as Oracle. The Birds of Prey would not exist without Barbara Gordon, and when she was Oracle, Babs made countless enemies of the highest order. It seems one of those enemies is now returning, if it’s not someone brand-new; most pressingly, this villain is targeting Barbara through the time stream.

The Birds of Prey Have to Keep Barbara Gordon Safe

Birds of Prey 9 Ejikure Variant Cover: Batgirls Barbara Gordon and Cassandra Cain prepare for a fight.

It’s not unusual for a superhero team to go off into space or into another reality. The Justice League do it all the time, after all — but this will be a major first for the Birds of Prey. Whoever this mysterious villain is, they’re bound to be absurdly powerful considering they’re capable of not only striking at Barbara through time, but transporting her off-world, either across space or dimensions. Fortunately, the Birds of Prey are an incredible team, and there’s no doubt that by working together they will ultimately save Barbara Gordon from this mysterious enemy.

Birds of Prey #9 is available May 7th from DC Comics!

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