10 Actors Perfect To Play Dick Grayson In DC’s New Batman Movie
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10 Actors Perfect To Play Dick Grayson In DC’s New Batman Movie


  • James Gunn confirmed the Bat Family’s involvement in the upcoming DCU Batman reboot, hinting at Nightwing’s appearance.
  • Actors like Logan Lerman, Kyle Allen, and Wolfgang Novogratz could successfully portray Nightwing in the movie.
  • Dylan O’Brien, the most popular fancast for Nightwing, has the necessary skills and looks to bring out the character from the page to the screen.



Nightwing is one of the best characters in DC Comics, and there are some truly amazing choices to play Dick Grayson in The Brave and the Bold, the Batman reboot movie for James Gunn’s DC Universe, and beyond. When announcing the DCU Batman reboot, Gunn offered some interesting The Brave and the Bold details that teased Nightwing’s likely involvement with the movie. The director confirmed that Bat-Family members will play a role in the movie, and given how Damian Wayne — the film’s Robin — is the fourth male Robin, Dick Grayson should be around.

As Dick is also the closest member of the Bat-Family to Damian, it would make sense for the movie to showcase their big brother-little brother dynamic, with Nightwing being the only one who can consistently bring the innocent kid side of Damian outside after his years of training under Talia al Ghul and the League of Assassins in the comics. Gunn has teased Nightwing on social media a few times since he joined DC, which also helps Dick’s chances of appearing in upcoming DC movies. Some actors could make Nightwing as big as he deserves to be.


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10 Jonathan Bailey Would Nail Dick Grayson’s Physical Presence

Known For: Bridgerton, Fellow Travelers, Wicked, And More

While Jonathan Bailey might not be the most obvious choice for Nightwing, especially since the DCU could be going younger for Dick Grayson, the actor would be able to bring the character to life perfectly. In Bridgerton, Bailey showed that he possesses the ability to bring a suave, charming Nightwing to life, which is one of Dick’s biggest attributes. Grayson is known for being DC’s most eligible bachelor, and Bailey has the physical presence and charisma to pull that off.

9 Daniel Sharman Has The Energy To Pull Off Nightwing

Known For: Fear The Walking Dead, Teen Wolf, Medici: The Magnificent, And More

Daniel Sharman would be an interesting choice for the DCU’s Nightwing. Like was done with David Corenswet’s casting as Superman, DC could end up going for someone who has been around Hollywood for some time but is not very well-known, allowing the actor cast as Nightwing to become popular with the role. Sharman has played a key role in Fear The Walking Dead, which showed he has a magnetic energy to his performances that help him steal the scene. His more innocent role in Teen Wolf also showed he could portray different sides of Dick Grayson well.

8 Wolfgang Novogratz Could Have Another Shot At The DCU As Nightwing

Known For: Assassination Nation, Sierra Burgess Is a Loser, The Half of It, And More

Wolfgang Novogratz in Sierra Burgess is a Loser

Wolfgang Novogratz was one of the most popular fancasts to play Superman before Corenswet was cast as the DCU’s Clark Kent. While the actor was not even mentioned in reports about Superman‘s casting process, Novogratz’s name was raised enough by fans that Gunn — given how much of a social media presence he has — must have heard about him. Novogratz is still after his big break, and the actor has shown in multiple roles that he can play someone earnest and charming easily. As such, Nightwing would be a good role for him to finally join the DCU.

7 Dacre Montgomery Can Either Be Dick Grayson Or Jason Todd

Known For: Power Rangers, Stranger Things, Elvis, And More

Dacre Montgomery was not cast as the Human Torch in Marvel Studios’ The Fantastic Four despite the fan support for the actor; however, the Stranger Things star could enter the superhero realm over at DC instead. In Power Rangers, Montgomery’s Jason Scott displayed the leadership qualities and likability that Dick Grayson is known for. While the actor could be a great Nightwing, his arrogant role as Billy in Stranger Things also makes him a great pick for the role of Jason Todd, aka Red Hood.

6 Drake Rodger Has Nightwing’s Earnest Persona Down

Known For: The Winchesters, The In Between, Mantra, And More

Drake Rodger is another talented young actor who could give life to Dick Grayson in the DCU. Rodger’s biggest role to date was in the short-lived Supernatural spinoff series The Winchesters. As a young John Winchester, Rodger showed his ability to convincingly portray leadership skills, compassion, and sarcasm, all great Nightwing traits. The series also saw Rodger act with popular DCU Batman fancast Jensen Ackles and Supergirl runner-up Meg Donnelly, raising his DC connections.


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5 Kyle Allen Has Dick Grayson’s Characteristic Charm

Known For: West Side Story, The Greatest Beer Run Ever, A Haunting in Venice, And More

Kyle Allen would be a pitch-perfect Nightwing. The actor’s roles in heartfelt rom-coms make him a great choice to be the charming member of the Bat-Family. Adding to that, the actor has the comedic skills for Nightwing’s wise-cracking persona, being able to become as popular as Tom Holland’s Spider-Man in the DCU. Allen also comes from a background of training in acrobatics since he was young, which the actor often posts on social media about, making him perfect Dick Grayson material.

4 Logan Lerman Would Make Nightwing A Great Bat-Family Mentor

Known For: The Percy Jackson Franchise, Hunters, The Perks Of Being A Wallflower, And More

Given Logan Lerman’s past in exciting films and his connection to the Percy Jackson movies, the actor is a recognizable face that would bring in fans to the DCU while also being someone who has not exactly exploded in Hollywood as he should have. Lerman has held his own against some impressive actors, including Al Pacino and Brad Pitt, which makes him a solid choice to anchor a DCU franchise. Lerman has a screen presence that makes his characters instantly likable, and the actor can play wise and compassionate easily, perfect for a mentor Dick Grayson to Damian and others.


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3 Timothée Chalamet Would Be Open To Nightwing Under One Condition

Known For: Dune, Little Women, Wonka, And More

Recently, Timothée Chalamet made his DCU Nightwing casting more possible by revealing he would sign on for a superhero movie under one condition — “If the script was great, if the director was great, I’d have to consider it.” As Chalamet also revealed that the movie that made him want to be an actor was The Dark Knight, the star has a connection that would make him playing Nightwing a possibility. As one of the most popular leading men in Hollywood, Chalamet would bring some notoriety to Nightwing, making him a major DCU player.

2 Brenton Thwaites Has Already Played Nightwing

Known For: Titans, Maleficent, Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales, And More

Brenton Thwaites is the only actor on the list who has already played Nightwing. Thwaites gave life to Dick Grayson on Titans, interacting with Bruce Wayne and plenty of other popular DC heroes and villains. While the show was not as good as expected, Thwaites was perfect casting as Dick Grayson. In the DCU, Thwaites could get the chance to fully play a comic book-accurate Nightwing, as Titans only allowed him brief moments as the more light-hearted version of the character from the comics, who the actor excelled at.

Known For: The Maze Runner, Teen Wolf, American Assassin, And More

If Gunn wants to see a new actor add to Dick Grayson’s live-action legacy, then Dylan OBrien is perfect for the DCU’s Nightwing. The actor is a popular name, having been rumored to play Nightwing in the hero’s canceled DCEU movie. O’Brien being the most popular fancast for Nightwing makes sense, as the actor has the dramatic chops and comedic skills to bring out a well-rounded Dick Grayson. O’Brien’s look in American Assassin also screams Dick Grayson, making the actor a solid pick for Nightwing in The Brave and the Bold Batman reboot movie.

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