10 Movies Hideo Kojima Has Given His Damning One-Sentence Reviews To
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10 Movies Hideo Kojima Has Given His Damning One-Sentence Reviews To


  • Kojima’s concise movie reviews on social media avoid negative criticism, revealing his honest opinions.
  • He offers very brief reviews with just a few words and accompanying images of film posters when a film is not to his liking.
  • Kojima’s reviews are straightforward and honest with very little filler as he gets to the core of what he feels about a movie.



Hideo Kojima may be most famous for his contributions to video games, but Kojima is also an avid film fan and frequently shares his reviews on social media, with some reviews going viral for their brevity. Hideo Kojima is a talented storyteller and video game designer who rose to prominence after creating the Metal Gear games for Konami. Since then, Kojima has continued to make enormous contributions to the landscape of video games, creating his own independent production company, Kojima Productions, with which he created and released the popular cinematic video game Death Stranding in 2019.

Aside from creating video games, Kojima also has a deep love for cinema, with his X (formerly Twitter) bio reading that his body is 70% movies (via Twitter). As a result, he shares many posts of himself visiting the theater, and offering up brief reviews of the movies he watches, boiling down his favorite themes and elements of a production. However, Hideo also practices the old adage of “if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all,” and when he watches a film he does not find any redeeming qualities in, his reviews reveal everything without saying anything.

10 Madame Web


Kojima’s most recent review which follows this pattern came following his trip to see Madame Web in theaters. Upon seeing the movie, Kojima shared a post that featured just six words and four images of promotional art for the film. Long-time followers of Kojima will understand the nuance behind such a short review to mean that he found nothing redeeming in the film, and was unable to add a single line of appreciative or positive criticism about the latest flop from Sony’s disastrous Spider-Man universe.

9 The Marvels


Equally brief, but at least featuring some more images of Kojima’s cinema trip and experience in the theater, was his review of The Marvels. Kojima’s previous reviews on MCU projects have been hit or miss, with some films failing to resonate, while others garner heaps of praise, such as Avengers: Endgame. Upon The Marvels releasing on Disney+, many of the film’s earlier critics changed their tune about the film, but despite Kojima seeing the movie in glorious IMAX, The Marvels did not stir Kojima to write more than a single line.


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8 Indiana Jones And The Dial Of Destiny


Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny may have featured some incredibly impressive de-aging technology, but this wasn’t enough to redeem the film for Kojima. The fifth entry in the Indiana Jones franchise attempted to redeem the series after the overwhelmingly negative response to Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, and while it appeared to land better with many moviegoers, it did not turn back the clock on the franchise for Kojima to find some redeeming qualities to discuss in his review.

7 The Super Mario Bros. Movie


There is an argument to be made that Kojima is both the perfect audience for The Super Mario Bros. Movie and that he is in no way the intended audience. On one hand, he is a video game designer, who creates games that feel cinematic and expansive in nature, and Super Mario Bros. was an attempt to do something similar with an epic movie based on the games. On the other hand, the movie was aimed at younger viewers and a very different experience from anything by Kojima. As a result, it got one brief sentence and a mushroom emoji.

6 Captain Marvel


Once again revisiting the MCU and Captain Marvel, Kojima offered up his most brief review to date at just three words. Understandably, Captain Marvel is one of the lowest-rated films of the entire MCU, but it feels particularly cutting that Kojima couldn’t even stretch his post to mention where he saw the movie. It’s safe to assume that Kojima felt no connection to the movie and thus was unable to provide anything but the bare minimum when it came to reviewing Captain Marvel.

5 Pacific Rim Uprising


It appears that Kojima’s trip to see the Pacific Rim sequel resulted in him being given a small action figure tying in with the film, but this wasn’t enough to warrant any praise for the film. The first entry actually earned a whole thread of posts from Kojima with glowing praise and admiration for the film. This makes Pacific Rim Uprising even more upsetting due to how far Kojima felt the franchise must have fallen to go from warranting one of his most gushing and adoring reviews to the dreaded one-sentence review.


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4 The Mummy


When Universal tried to capitalize on the popularity of movie franchises and an expansive film universe with its Dark Universe series, The Mummy was the first official film made for that purpose and their last. Like many others, Kojima felt the film was lacking and did not deserve more than a single line to sum up his experience having gone and seen the movie. His review was as bleak as the future of the ill-fated Dark Universe, which never made it beyond this first release.

3 Jumanji Welcome To The Jungle


While the original Jumanji movie came out long before Twitter, and thus there is no record of a review from Kojima on the first entry, his review of the reboot was succinct. The film was received favorably by many, which led to a sequel being made and released, with more installments currently in the works. Kojima had significantly more to say about the sequel, Jumanji: Next Level, which could bode well for the future of the series.

2 Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes Of Grindelwald


The Fantastic Beasts franchise, which was released as a spin-off from the original Harry Potter movies, was plagued with bad luck, recasting actors who got caught up in drama, and significant delays and edits. With that in mind, Kojima only offered a one-sentence review for one of the three entries in the series, The Crimes of Grindelwald. The first movie was offered an additional sentence praising Ron Perlman’s performance, and the third entry had a total of three sentences to praise Mads Mikkelsen’s magical performance, but Grindelwald fell flat.

1 Black Panther


Perhaps the most controversial of all the one-sentence reviews given by Hideo Kojima, is the review for Black Panther. Black Panther remains the only franchise to win any Academy Awards, with three of those wins coming from Black Panther alone. Whether this review is perhaps an oversight on Hideo Kojima’s part or if he genuinely found nothing to like about the movie, his review for the sequel was considerably more detailed, although it didn’t offer anything that could specifically be referred to as praise, more just a basic commentary of its events.

Hideo Kojima has also given one-sentence reviews to 65, starring Adam Driver, and Dark Phoenix, starring Sophie Turner.

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