10 Powerful Dinosaurs Jurassic World 4 Can Use Instead Of The T-Rex
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10 Powerful Dinosaurs Jurassic World 4 Can Use Instead Of The T-Rex


  • Jurassic World 4 will probably introduce new dinosaurs to replace or rival the iconic T. Rex.
  • Considerations for new dinosaurs include size, power, and unique characteristics which make them stand out.
  • Replacing Rexy would be impossible, so the franchise should try to incorporate dinosaurs which bring something new to the table.



The new era of the Jurassic World franchise is still shrouded in mystery, but it’s reasonable to expect some new dinosaurs which could rival or even replace T. Rex. The franchise has tried to find other ferocious carnivores to step into the T. Rex role before, including the Spinosaurus in Jurassic Park III and the Carnotaurus from Jurassic World: Dominion. So far, none have been able to replicate the awesome presence of the first Jurassic Park movie’s T. Rex, known as Rexy. Every subsequent Jurassic Park or Jurassic World movie has had to reckon with this harsh truth.

T. Rex is the most famous and beloved dinosaur of all, so it might not be the best idea to try to replace it directly. Instead, Jurassic World 4 could try a slightly different approach. New dinosaurs are being discovered every year, and while very few of them can compete with T. Rex in terms of sheer size and power, there are plenty which would be terrifying movie monsters. Jurassic World 4 will add new dinosaurs like any other movie, but finding a substitute for T. Rex will be a very difficult decision.


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10 Carcharodontosaurus

One of very few predators which could rival T. Rex in terms of size

Its name takes inspiration from the great white shark, which reflects how deadly its teeth were.

Carcharodontosaurus is generally thought to be one of the largest carnivorous dinosaurs of all, alongside T. Rex and Spinosaurus. It’s difficult to figure out which was largest because there are different specimens which tell different stories, but Carcharodontosaurus was definitely in the top tier of fearsome predators. Its name takes inspiration from the great white shark, which reflects how deadly its teeth were. Jurassic World 4‘s dinosaurs could be bigger than ever, and having a fully grown Carcharodontosaurus to replace or rival the T. Rex’s place in the franchise would be a brave way to begin the new era.

9 Tyrannotitan

Another fierce theropod with a powerful bite

Although its name makes it sound similar to T. Rex, Tyrannotitan was a close relative of Carcharodontosaurus. Still, Tyrannotitan was comparable to T. Rex in terms of size and the ferocity of its serrated teeth. Tyrannotitan was also a cousin to Giganotosaurus, one of the dinosaurs from Jurassic World: Dominion. Giganotosaurus proved to be a worthy opponent for T. Rex, so Tyrannotitan could be just as intimidating. Tyrannotitan fossils have been discovered in what is now South America, and they come from millions of years before T. Rex ever walked the Earth, but the two dinosaurs share some striking similarities.

8 Oxalaia

A relative of Spinosaurus which could hunt on land and in water

Oxalaia, a relative of Spinosaurus

Oxalaia was related to Spinosaurus, and they shared plenty of physical attributes. Both dinosaurs had large sails on their backs and crocodile-like teeth which indicate that they probably ate a lot of fish. It’s likely that Oxalaia also ate small dinosaurs and mammals, so humans could easily be on the menu. Spinosaurus was one of the Jurassic Park franchise’s most famous T. Rex replacements, and Oxalaia could be just as terrifying. Both dinosaurs are comfortable on land and in water, which gives them a whole new dimension that T. Rex doesn’t have.


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7 Concavenator

A distinctive-looking dinosaur that would bring something new to the franchise


Concavenator was a carnivorous dinosaur which lived in the early Cretaceous period. Its remains have been discovered in Spain, and its strange spine immediately marked it as an oddity. There’s no definitive answer to what the extended vertebrae would have been used for. It may have been used to disperse heat or communicate with other individuals, or it could even have supported a fatty hump much like a camel. Showing Concavenator in Jurassic World would allow the franchise to put forward its own theories, and it would bring attention to a fascinating dinosaur which isn’t as famous as T. Rex.

6 Deinosuchus

The prehistoric crocodilian would be more terrifying than most dinosaurs

Deinosuchus wasn’t technically a dinosaur, but the Jurassic World franchise has included several other terrifying prehistoric animals which aren’t dinosaurs. Mosasaurus and Quetzalcoatlus were among the most frightening creatures in the Jurassic World trilogy, but neither of them were dinosaurs. Deinosuchus was a prehistoric crocodilian which could reach up to 35 feet in length, dwarfing modern crocodiles and alligators. Paleontologists have theorized that Deinosuchus could prey on large dinosaurs, so a group of humans would be little more than a light snack. It could even take down a T. Rex or other large dinosaurs in Jurassic World 4.

5 Mapusaurus

A large theropod which may have hunted in packs

Two Mapusaurus

They wouldn’t be as big as T. Rex, but their co-operation would make them even more dangerous.

Mapusaurus was one of the largest theropods to ever walk the Earth. It was slightly smaller than T. Rex, but its teeth and skull show that it was also a powerful predator. Several Mapusaurus specimens were found in a bone bed in Argentina, which could indicate that they were social animals which hunted together like wolves or lions. If Jurassic World 4 explores this theory, there could potentially be a group of large theropods hunting humans as an intelligent team, like the Velociraptors. They wouldn’t be as big as T. Rex, but their co-operation would make them even more dangerous.

4 Deinocheirus

A strange creature with serious weaponry

Deinocheirus, a large duck-billed dinosaur

With its large duck-like bill, Deinocheirus doesn’t look quite as intimidating as a T. Rex, but looks can be deceiving. Deinocheirus’ most dangerous weapons would probably be its claws, not its teeth. Similar to a Therizinosaurus, which appears in Jurassic World: Dominion, Deinocheirus had extremely long claws at the end of its arms. Deinocheirus didn’t have a very strong bite, but being on the receiving end of those claws would be fatal. It would pose a different kind of threat to a T. Rex, but with comparable size estimates, it would still tower over humans.


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3 Shantungosaurus

Not a replacement for a T. Rex, but a potential rival

Shantungosaurus, a large Hadrosaur

Shantungosaurus is different to the other dinosaurs on this list because it was a herbivore. This wouldn’t make it a very intimidating replacement for Rexy, but it would be incredible to see it fighting a T. Rex in the next Jurassic World movie. Originally discovered in Shandong, China, Shantungosaurus has a few adaptations which make it an ideal theropod-killer. Shantungosarus would have easily outweighed even the biggest T. Rex specimens, and its large claws could be nasty weapons. Pitting a massive herbivore against T. Rex would be an exciting new dinosaur fight for the Jurassic World franchise.

2 Cryolophosaurus

A speedy hunter with a striking head crest

Cryolophosaurus, a large theropod with a head crest

Cryolophosaurus could act as a cross between a T. Rex and a Velociraptor in the Jurassic World universe, matching size with speed.

Cryolophosaurus was one of the earliest known carnivorous dinosaurs, living in what is now Antarctica in the early Jurassic period. Although they were probably the apex predators of their ecosystem, Cryolophosaurus didn’t compare to T. Rex in terms of size, but its slimmer build probably made it much quicker over short distances. Cryolophosaurus could act as a cross between a T. Rex and a Velociraptor in the Jurassic World universe, matching size with speed. Its distinctive head crest would be a striking visual feature, which would be a good way of differentiating it from Rexy.

Cryolophosaurus is available in the park-building simulation game Jurassic World Evolution 2, potentially paving the way for its future inclusion in the movies.

1 Maip

One of the newest carnivorous dinosaurs

Maip, a recently discovered carnivorous dinosaur

Maip doesn’t sound much like a dinosaur, but it could be just what the Jurassic World franchise needs in its new era. The Jurassic World franchise has faced criticism for its dinosaurs, with experts suggesting that the depictions aren’t scientifically accurate. Maip was only discovered in 2019, so including it could be a great way to bring Jurassic World 4 to the cutting edge of paleontology. Very little is known about Maip, but it was probably a little smaller than T. Rex. There is only one specimen of Maip currently known to science, so there’s a chance it could be a powerful opponent.

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