1000-Lb Sisters’ Tammy Slaton Prays For Her Haters As Weight Loss Success Continues
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1000-Lb Sisters’ Tammy Slaton Prays For Her Haters As Weight Loss Success Continues


  • Tammy Slaton fights back against haters, embracing all comments, good or bad, and prays for those who criticize her appearance.
  • Tammy from 1000-Lb Sisters, inspires viewers with her improvement after overcoming food addiction and a health scare.
  • Despite negative comments about her appearance, Tammy remains positive, using TikTok as an outlet for grief and inspiration for her weight-loss journey.



1000-Lb Sisters star Tammy Slaton is firing back at her haters for criticizing her over the way she looks in her TikTok videos. Tammy, 37, kickstarted her journey in 2020 on season 1. Tammy and her sister Amy Slaton have inspired viewers with her weight loss. Tammy went through a hard time overcoming her food addiction as she watched her sister achieve her goals more quickly than she did. Tammy suffered a major health scare which inspired her to become health conscious. Tammy improved herself by joining a rehab center and dropping over 440 pounds after weight-loss surgery.

“All the haters out there they’re making fun of me… I pray for you.”

The 1000-Lb Sisters’ star Tammy posted a video where she was unboxing bubble soap. Tammy wanted to thank all the comments she gets on the TikTok page. She said that she appreciated, “good, bad, all the comments, all the hate.” Tammy prayed that her haters could learn to like the beauty that lies inside her instead of what is on the outside. Tammy told her fans that “of course, I pray for ya’ll too” but that she prayed even harder for her naysayers.


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Tammy Slaton’s Weight Loss Transformation Explained

Tammy from 1000-Lb Sisters has undergone a massive transformation in the past few years and there are before-after photos to prove it. Tammy used to weigh 600 pounds when she started her reality TV journey in 2020. Tammy’s first episode showed her being weighed at a junkyard. Tammy almost gave up midway through her mission, feeling defeated by how difficult it was to lose weight. In November 2021, Tammy was put on life support for carbon monoxide poisoning. However, Tammy bounced back and has lost hundreds of pounds thanks to a combination of weight-loss surgery and proper eating.

However, Tammy still receives negative comments about her appearance from her haters, such as the ones that talk about her loose skin and folds.

Tammy has frequently said that she would deal with the extra skin when the doctor told her it was okay. Tammy finds these questions to be intrusive, and they make her feel insecure. Tammy tries to stay positive throughout the journey. She does not want the haters to get to her. Still, some mean comments do hit a sore spot, as the critics know which buttons to push to upset Tammy.

Despite the surrounding negativity, Tammy has not stopped creating videos about her weight loss, especially those where she gets to flaunt the results. Casual comments end up doing serious harm to Tammy’s mental health. However, she keeps telling her followers to be considerate, because one can never know what somebody is going through. Tammy started flooding TikTok after the death of her husband, Caleb Willingham and used it as a unique outlet for her grief. Posting about her lip sync skills and flaunting her slimmed-down face using various filters brings the 1000-Lb Sisters star happiness.

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