15 Best Dune 2 Memes
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15 Best Dune 2 Memes

Spoilers! This article contains some spoilers from the movie Dune: Part Two.




  • Dune: Part Two has made a major impact at the box office, collecting almost $200 million in its opening weekend.
  • Fans have flooded social media with hilarious memes based on the movie, with many of the most popular featuring the character Stilgar.
  • Memes have ranged from humorous crossovers with other movies to creative interpretations of scenes and characters from Dune: Part Two.

Dune: Part Two has proven to be a sensational hit with moviegoers everywhere, and creative fans have taken to social media to share hilarious memes based on the epic sequel. Denis Villeneuve has stepped into the spotlight as one of the best filmmakers in the sci-fi space, with a particular talent for adapting novels and expanding them beyond the original story. In 2021, Villeneuve released the first part of his adapted story based on Frank Herbert’s Dune.

Now, with the hotly anticipated Dune: Part Two having been released, it’s making major waves at the box office, earning almost $200 million in its opening weekend (via Variety). And with that, fans of th franchise have been creating some incredible memes based on the film. From the countless images of Stilgar staring in amazement at everything Paul does, to memes about Paul’s romantic affairs, Dune 2 memes have taken over social media.

Dune Part 2 Poster Showing Timothee Chalamet as Paul Atreides and Zendaya as Chani Holding Daggers

Dune: Part Two

Dune: Part Two is the sequel to Denis Villeneuve’s 2021 film that covers the novel’s events by Frank Herbert. The movie continues the quest of Paul Atreides on a journey of revenge against those who slew his family. With insight into the future, Atreides may be forced to choose between his one true love and the universe’s fate. 

Release Date
March 1, 2024

Legendary Pictures

Warner Bros. Pictures

$122 Million

15 That’s Exactly How The Lisan Al Gaib Would Drink A Beer

X User: @vince_martella

The most popular meme template by far from Dune: Part Two includes the faithful Fremen Stilgar, who possesses a strong belief in the prophecies about the Lisan al Gaib. Stilgar frequently led the way with believers in the prophecy, indicating when something that Paul Atreides did confirmed the legends, and he did this a lot. In the above meme, @vince_martella captures that same spirit of Stilgar and combines it with a funny picture of Timothée Chalamet to create something absolutely hilarious.

14 Is That Kurt Hummel From Glee?

X User: @emmylanepotter

Moving into the world of memes that crossover between Villeneuve’s Dune and other movies and shows, @emmylanepotter pointed out something that can’t be unheard. The haunting soundtrack from Dune: Part Two is enchanting and atmospheric, with beautiful raspy vocals layered in. However, those vocals just so happen to sound almost identical to Kurt Hummel from Glee. For any Gleeks watching Dune: Part Two, this comparison will not be soon forgotten.


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13 American Pie Sandworm Crossover

X User: @doblu

Then, things took an unexpected turn for the Dune fans who have been around long enough to watch the American Pie movies and know what this image is referencing, @doblu’s meme will make sense immediately. For everyone else, searching “American Pie Apple Pie Scene” will reveal all, but proceed with caution. The limited edition sandworm popcorn bucket has already made the rounds online, but this meme takes it to a whole other level.

12 The Dune Experience

X User: @NickMao42

In addition to Dune’s viral success, the story about an odd Willy Wonka tribute in the UK titled “Willy’s Chocolate Experience” went viral due to the complete and utter failure of the event. Considering Chalamet also starred in the recent Wonka movie, this meme connects on multiple levels and is laugh out loud hilarious. From the AI-generated images of the supposed event to the disappointing reality, it’s a perfect tribute to Dune, and Willy’s Chocolate Experience.

11 “I’m Dune My Part Too”

X User: @TitlesInMedia

Of course, the low-hanging fruit that is a play on the movie’s title had to be included in this listing because of how simple and brilliantly effective it is. Referencing a moment from Dune: Part Two between Paul and Chani (Zendaya), this meme is easy to understand, and will likely cause a grudging chuckle. And it isn’t the only entry that plays on the movie’s title either.

10 He Is The One, The Pickle Says It’s So

X User: @BuddysBigScreen

Back to Stilgar for a moment. As mentioned above, this template is easily the most popular online with many people using it to create cutting commentaries. Here, the joke focuses on Paul taking an everyday task, and Stilgar using that as yet another excuse to suggest his status as the savior of Arrakis. To be fair to Stilgar, the pickle jar was probably really tight, so anyone who opened it would have to be something special…


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9 Timothée Chalamet’s Diverse Talents

X User: @thefilmdrunk

Denis Villeneuve went hard on the stunning visuals for Dune: Part Two, and it paid off hugely. Almost every scene is like a stunning work of art, and the moment that this still plays out on screen is equally brilliant, with the hero in silhouette preparing for a final battle. However, instead of Feyd-Rautha (Austin Butler), Paul is gearing up to fight another powerful opponent, one of Chalamet’s own characters, Wonka.

8 A Whole New Genre

X User: @itsokmeghan

X user @itsokmeghan is likely the publisher of this incredibly niche list on Letterboxd considering the name Meg appears on both, but either way, this observation is perfect. Referencing a moment very late in Dune: Part Two when Paul Atreides demands the Emperor offer up his daughters’ hand in marriage, so Paul can take control of the Empire, the moment shares some interesting commonalities with Greta Gerwig’s Little Women. So if anyone is looking for movies with the above-mentioned reference, there is an afternoon’s worth of movies to check out.

7 So, So Bald

X User: @lorkhans

With Austin Butler playing the incredible antagonist Feyd-Rautha opposite Chalamet’s Paul, it was bound to be an interesting match. But after Butler’s role in Elvis rocketing him to new heights of popularity, it’s jarring to see how different he looks in Dune: Part Two. It may be amplified by the breathtaking black and white scenes, but this Letterboxd reviewer hit the nail on the head when they made this review.

6 This One’s For The Rebels

X User: @movietwink

No one should be taking their phones out in a theater, much less snapping pictures or videos of the movie, but this moment captured on camera is clearly the exception. As Paul rallies his troops to go and fight the evil forces trying to take over Arrakis, this audience member was clearly feeling the war cry. Like a soldier to his captain, this man stands up straight and delivers a salute to Paul as he sets off to war.


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5 Literally A Scene From Dune: Part Two

X User: @heavyspoilers

Stilgar is the most memable character from Dune: Part Two for a reason, and part of that is his blind devotion to the Lisan al Gaib prophecy. While @heavyspoilers is offering up a witty commentary on the character and scene, this is literally how a moment in Dune 2 plays out. Whatever Paul Atreides does, it only continues to confirm Stilgar’s faith and devotion to the legend that was carefully inserted into the Fremen history by the Bene Gesserit, and nothing will convince him otherwise.

4 No Need To Feel Ashamed

X User: @trygraptor

Dune: Part Two is a cinematic experience like nothing else in recent history. While movies like Avatar: The Way of Water were also visually stunning, it wasn’t groundbreaking like the original 2009 movie. With Dune: Part Two, the opposite is true, and the sequel is where Villeneuve pulled out all the stops to make a true work of art. With that said, anyone who can, should make the most of this movie while it’s still in theaters, and see it in IMAX if at all possible.

3 “How You Dune?”

X User: @kitarthmittal

As mentioned above, the title wordplay returns, and this time, it’s even better. By combining Joey Tribbiani’s iconic catchphrase from Friends with the title and a beautifully edited movie poster for Dune, things get weird, but equally hilarious. The only thing that could have made this meme better would have been matching up the font style better with the title, but it’s still hilarious as is.

2 Stilgar Math

X User: @Sietchposting

With so much talk about girl math and other variations of the viral trend, this meme plays perfectly into that trope. Featuring Paul Atreides using the playground calculator trick that is shared among pre-teens everywhere, once again, Stilgar has found his messiah. There is little that would not convince Stilgar of Paul’s destiny to be the chosen one, but he may be onto something here.


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1 When Your Guy Proposes To Another Girl After Saying He Loves You

X User: @amandaalives

The final moments of Dune: Part Two are intense, with the entire third act seemingly shaking up the relationship between Chani and Paul, but just as it appears Chani may be softening and forgiving him, Paul goes and proposes to the emperors’ daughter. Princess Irulan (Florence Pugh) may be a pawn in Paul’s game to take control of the Empire and the great houses, but his proposal weighs heavy on the one person he has been building a life with on Arrakis. And this meme perfectly captures that moment from Dune: Part Two with just the right amount of playfulness.

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