28 Years Later’s New Trilogy Already Has The Perfect Replacement Director After Danny Boyle
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28 Years Later’s New Trilogy Already Has The Perfect Replacement Director After Danny Boyle

28 Years Later is meant to start a trilogy, but Danny Boyle is only directing the first one. Fortunately, the perfect replacement is already lined up.


  • Alex Garland is the perfect replacement for Danny Boyle to direct the 28 Years Later sequels, since he wrote the original and is committed to writing the entire new trilogy.
  • Garland’s direction promises bigger, more epic zombie thrillers compared to Boyle’s intimate approach in 28 Days Later.
  • With Garland’s attachment to the franchise and proven directing skills, he is the ideal choice to continue the zombie apocalypse saga.



28 Years Later is meant to launch a new trilogy, and although Danny Boyle is only committed to directing the first chapter of that trilogy, the perfect replacement director is already lined up. Officially announced in January 2024, 28 Years Later will follow on from 28 Days Later and 28 Weeks Later to see the impact of the zombie apocalypse more than a quarter of a century after the initial outbreak. Boyle is returning to the director’s chair, but he’s only on board for the first installment of the planned trilogy.

There are plenty of directors out there who would do a great job with the 28 Years Later sequels. Jennifer Kent would maintain the powerful subtlety of the original film; Mike Flanagan would honor the franchise’s legacy while taking the story in new directions; and Jordan Peele would deftly mix the horror with social commentary. But none of these filmmakers have the personal attachment to the franchise or the pre-existing involvement in the 28 Years Later trilogy’s development that Boyle’s ideal replacement has.

Alex Garland Is The Perfect Choice To Replace Danny Boyle For 28 Years Later’s Sequels

Cillian Murphy as Jim running away from a flaming zombie in 28 Days Later.

Alex Garland would be the perfect choice to take the director’s chair from Boyle for the sequels to 28 Years Later. While Boyle is only committed to directing the first installment of the 28 Years Later trilogy, Garland is committed to writing the scripts for all three, so he’s already invested in the larger story and he’ll be sticking around for the sequels. Given that he’s already writing the second and third movies, he might as well direct them as well.

Garland wrote the original 28 Days Later, so he’s the creator of this entire world and the architect of its zombie apocalypse. No other filmmaker would have the in-depth knowledge that Garland has, or the passion for the material. In the years since he wrote 28 Days Later, Garland has tried his hand at directing and proven to be one of the most exciting filmmakers working today. Ex Machina, Annihilation, and Men are all mind-blowing movies that combine thought-provoking themes with genre thrills.

How Alex Garland Directing 28 Years Later’s Sequels Would Be Different From Boyle

Wagner Moura in Civil War

Garland’s direction of 28 Years Later’s sequels would differ from Boyle’s because Garland is more open than Boyle about being a genre filmmaker. Garland’s 28 Years Later sequels would be bigger and bolder zombie-infested thrillers than Boyle’s. In 28 Days Later, Boyle captured the zombie apocalypse on an intimate scale through the eyes of Cillian Murphy’s Jim. Based on the trailers for Garland’s latest directorial effort, Civil War, he’d do a great job of showing the zombie apocalypse on a massive, epic scale.

28 Years Later Temp Movie Poster

28 Years Later

28 Years Later is the tentative title for the third film in the “28 Days Later” franchise, initially conceived by Danny Boyle and Alex Garland. Originally expected to be titled “28 Months Later,” the film still hasn’t been officially confirmed, but preliminary work on a script has reportedly been underway.

Danny Boyle

Cillian Murphy

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