7 Best Weapons For Yuffie
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7 Best Weapons For Yuffie

Purple chests contain the best weapons for Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth characters in your party, including several shurikens for the Wutai ninja Yuffie. Those who remember FF7 Remake: Intergrade will know that Yuffie gains different abilities by training with additional weapons in her arsenal. Learning these powerful skills can make Yuffie an essential member of your team as you continue through story Chapters.



You don’t recruit this ninja right away; you have to play until a certain Chapter to add Yuffie to your party in FF7 Rebirth. With how late she joins, it may be difficult to switch around characters in your party to include Yuffie right away. Try to explore regions and tackle side quests through Chadley’s World Intel to experiment with different team synergies to see who Yuffie works best with.


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7 Twin Viper

Where To Get: Preparation Plant 1F in the Coal Mines of Chapter 7



Proficiency Bonus


Create a gust of wind that damages nearby enemies and launches them toward you.

Strike two or more enemies.

The Twin Viper weapon is similar to some of the best weapons for Barret in FF7 Rebirth, giving Yuffie the ability to bring elusive enemies toward her in combat. Yuffie excels at moving fast around the battlefield, but it can be hard to track down even quicker opponents. Windstorm gives you a chance to start your offense by bringing foes in close so that Yuffie can apply ninjutsu and other elemental effects.

Yuffie has many of the same skills and combat strategies in FF7 Rebirth as she did in FF7 Remake: Intergrade. Check out the above video by YouTube creator BltzZ for some tips and tricks for playing as this complicated character!

Yuffie has several default abilities that make her a complex character to use in battle. Generally, she likes to exploit enemy weaknesses far more than other characters by switching between different elements with her ninjutsu skills. A gust of wind knocking enemies to her will give her the best opportunity to start implementing this strategy, especially if the ability affects more than one target in FF7 Rebirth.


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6 Savage Dagger

Secondary Default Weapon for Yuffie in Chapter 6

FF7 Rebirth Savage Dagger weapon for Yuffie character in the background



Proficiency Bonus


Launch an attack even while immobilized or reeling from damage. Can use while airborne.

Finish off an enemy.

Defense is something Yuffie can sorely lack in combat as she tends to be a party member whose reckless style of combat gets them hurt often. This makes a weapon like the Savage Dagger a great tool for her arsenal by giving her the ability to stay on the offensive even when reeling from an enemy’s attack. As long as you are still charging ATB, you can keep piling on the pressure even while trying to recover.

5 4-Point Shuriken

Default Weapon for Yuffie in Chapter 6



Proficiency Bonus

Elemental Ninjutsu

Set an element to enhance and use for ninjutsu attacks.

Exploit an enemy’s weakness with this ability.

The first weapon you get with Yuffie is the 4-Point Shuriken, whose ability sets the tone for the gameplay of this playable character in FF7 Rebirth. Elemental Ninjutsu lets you switch between different attack types based on every damage type that exists in the game. This allows you to actively switch between elements to exploit enemy weaknesses that build stagger or deal greater overall damage.

The best builds for Yuffie, as seen in an example video by YouTube creator NorZZa, rely entirely on how you interact with this ability. While enemies without elemental vulnerabilities are unaffected by this skill alone, this trait pairs well with so many other abilities. Elemental Ninjutsu could be considered the foundational aspect of Yuffie’s combat that allows other abilities to also be as strong as they are.

4 Crescent Sickle

Acheive Rank III in Glide de Chocobo Training Course No. 1

FF7 Rebirth Crescent Sickle Yuffie weapon with ability description



Proficiency Bonus

Shooting Star

Let the shuriken fly across the battlefield, mowing down all enemies it touches. Can use it while airborne.

Strike two or more enemies.

Most of Yuffie’s attacks are potent against a single target, targeting their weaknesses and dealing extraordinary amounts of stagger and DPS. However, without a weapon like the Crescent Sickle, Yuffie wouldn’t have a way to deal with an overwhelming horde of enemies. Shooting Star gives you a chance to activate something akin to an Area of Effect (AoE) attack without the use of Materia spells.

You have to earn the Crescent Sickle through one of the many mini-games in FF7 Rebirth, making it one of the only weapons you can’t find in a purple chest scattered in explorable regions.

3 Crystalline Cross

Utilidor Maintenance Area of Gold Saucer

FF7 Rebirth Crystalline Cross Yuffie weapon with ability description



Proficiency Bonus


ATB spent on other commands increases the damage dealt. Its affinity changes with ninjutsu. It can be used while airborne. It shares a gauge with Purification. Max Level: III.

Strike an enemy with a Level III attack.

The Banishment ability from the Crystalline Cross weapon introduces a new mechanic for Yuffie – using other ATB skills to increase her damage. Building up to three levels, this skill rewards you for activating other abilities, encouraging you to often attack in a variety of ways. This technique allows you to give yourself a buff instead of relying on items or other characters such as Cait Sith or Aerith in combat.

Keeping the Max Level up with Banishment is quite tricky, but those who balance their resource gauges will find that Yuffie’s damage output becomes extremely potent. As long as you spend ATB on anything, whether it’s drinking a potion to using a Materia, you can easily keep Banishment active at all times. This becomes very important as your party faces bosses or enemies with larger health bars later in FF7 Rebirth‘s story.


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2 Bird of Prey

Felicia Commons Area of Gongaga

FF7 Rebirth Bird of Prey Yuffie weapon with ability description



Proficiency Bonus


Conjure a clone of yourself that temporarily mimics your actions. Can use it while airborne.

Finish off an enemy while the clone is present.

Yuffie’s combat skills become even more deadly when she can do them twice, which comes easily when you wield a weapon like the Bird of Prey. The Doppelganger ability with this item is simple—it summons a clone of Yuffie to mimic her actions in battle. Any strategies you already use with Yuffie become twice as effective as you double whatever actions you enact in combat to decimate enemies in FF7 Rebirth.

1 Fuma Shuriken

Temple of the Ancients in Chapter 13



Proficiency Bonus


ATB spent on other commands increases the amount of HP and MP restored. Can use while airborne. Shares gauge with Banishment. Max Level: III.

Strike an enemy with a Level III attack.

The Fuma Shuriken works almost the same as the Crystalline Cross, only this time recovering Yuffie’s HP and MP whenever you spend ATB. This allows a character normally considered a glass cannon to swiftly recover health as long as they keep pressing the attack. The queen of Materia can also use Purification to slowly gain MP back, which can be used again to cast powerful spells for her and her team.

While this weapon may be hard to find in the Temple of the Ancients, you can follow the directions provided in the above video by YouTube creator Backseat Guides in their video showcasing all the weapons in the game.

Remember that both Purification and Banishment share the same resource, so charging the Max Level empowers them both at the same time. The combination of these two abilities makes Yuffie arguably one of the strongest characters in the game for your party. However, the best weapon for Yuffie in Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth is the one that lets this ninja avoid risk and overcome her weaknesses in battle.

Source: BltzZ/YouTube, NorZZa/YouTube, Backseat Guides/YouTube

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