8 Interview With The Vampire Book Moments We Can’t Wait To See In Season 2
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8 Interview With The Vampire Book Moments We Can’t Wait To See In Season 2

Warning! SPOILERS for Interview With The Vampire Season 1, and Interview With The Vampire by Anne Rice!




  • Season 2 of Interview with the Vampire will closely follow the book, bringing in new characters and setting the stage for thrilling developments.
  • Louis and Claudia’s journey to Paris will deepen their complex relationship, exploring themes of trust, fear, and survival in the vampire world.
  • Expect the return of Lestat, the introduction of new antagonists like Santiago, and potentially heartbreaking fates for Claudia and Madeleine in the upcoming season.

Based on the novel of the same name by Anne Rice, the Interview With The Vampire TV show has incorporated many great elements from the book, and season 2 must follow this trend. Starring Jacob Anderson as Louis, the ancient vampire relaying his story to a journalist in the present day, the series spans generations in the tale it weaves around Louis’ life. Season 1 left off with the supposed death of Lestat (Sam Reid), Louis’ companion and lover, but his reappearance is only one of the many developments viewers have to look forward to.

Many new characters are joining the cast, and the actress for Claudia has been recast as Delainey Hayles.

Book changes were frequent in season 1, but Interview With The Vampire EPs explained that the book accuracy in season 2 is a much higher priority. While season 1 focuses on the first half of the novel, season 2 will delve into the second half and propel the plot forward into some of the most action-packed sequences of the story. Many new characters are joining the cast, and the actress for Claudia has been recast as Delainey Hayles. These new characters, settings, and developments will all inform how the show ultimately comes to an end.


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8 Louis And Claudia Traveling To Paris

Their journey from New Orleans to Europe and beyond

InterviewWith The Vampireseason 1 ended with Louis and Claudia’s lives changed forever, as they conspired to kill Lestat so they could have their freedom. Leaving behind his body and everything they know, they board a boat to Europe that will eventually lead them to Paris, where much of the remaining story takes place. Louis and Claudia have one of the most compelling relationships in the series, as they both suffer at Lestat’s hand and feel uncertain of their place in the universe.

Claudia is much more suspicious of the world around them and other vampires, whereas Louis is intrigued and wants to experience everything he can within his limited capabilities. How the journey starts will define their relationship for the remainder of the series. Their time together will determine the chemistry of the actors. Hayles is new to playing Claudia, and her dynamic with Anderson has a lot riding on it. Since this is a new season and a new set of circumstances, she has a chance to redefine the character and make it her own.

7 The Revenants

Will the series include them at all?

Interview with the Vampire season 2 trailer

When Louis and Claudia first arrive in Europe, they don’t go directly to Paris but stop in Bulgaria, where they meet vampires who have lost their minds and any ties to humanity. Rice referred to these monsters as revenants, who become empty shells that remain in their graves only to emerge and feed when their hunger becomes too intense to ignore. Louis and Claudia briefly encounter these creatures and are horrified by what their existence means for themselves and the vampire kind.

There is debate over whether this small part of the book will be included in the series. However, it would be a disservice to the worldbuilding of the show to leave it out. The history and lore of vampirism is something that the book and its characters are deeply invested in, and the series has shown it feels the same way. Representing these terrifying vampires who have lost all connection to reality would be a good piece of gothic horror to set the tone of season 2 and illustrate one of Louis’ greatest fears about himself.


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6 The Theatre Des Vampires

Where it is, how it looks, and the vampires who are part of it

Both the setting and the physical world of Interview With The Vampire are just as important as the characters and plot in terms of immersing the audience in the narrative. The Theatres des Vampires is a cult of vampires that Louis and Claudia encounter in Paris who become key players in the remainder of the story, including Armand (Assad Zaman). Season 2 must accurately and faithfully bring to life these vampires and the way they live to juxtapose with Louis and Claudia’s past.

Louis is constantly in internal conflict with the vampire part of himself versus his humanity. Though he’s entranced and intrigued by these new vampires in their lives, Claudia is uncertain about them. The dark secret they share, the near-death of Lestat, would make them outcasts in the vampire community, and if the Theatres des Vampires found out, it would be catastrophic. This complex dynamic must be brought to life on the screen with care and attention to detail.

5 Meeting Santiago

Leader of the Theatre des Vampires

Santiago in Interview With The Vampire

Santiago will be played by Ben Daniels in Interview With The Vampire season 2, and Daniels has his work cut out for him. His character is an excellent villain and counterpart to Armand, and his suspicions surrounding Louis and Claudia are stressful if warranted. Learning more about his past, how he came to be a vampire, and the way he presides over the Theatre des Vampires will all be vital to understanding who he is and why he is wary of Louis and Claudia.

Although the moral lines are blurry in Interview With The Vampire, Santiago’s actions make him a clear antagonist in the eyes of both Louis and the audience. While Lestat and Armand are manipulative and have selfish intentions, they do care for Louis in their own ways. However, Santiago is at the point where he cares little for anyone and takes out his anger and aggression by hurting Louis in the worst possible way.

4 Learning Armand And Louis’ History

The end of their story will change based on the events of season 1

Interview With The Vampire season 1 makes Armand’s character differences obvious and serves to communicate that Louis is an unreliable narrator. Instead of Louis being alone, like in the novel, Armand is present in his life, provoking questions about how their story will end. However, the series must align with the history of how their relationship developed and what Armand means to Louis. Their connection is instant and undeniable, but that doesn’t mean Armand always has Louis’ best interests in mind.

Part of this concerns Armand’s role in the death of Claudia and whether the series will decide to make Armand as responsible as he is in the book. Additionally, it will be interesting to see how their relationship is further characterized in the present. Since he is part of Louis’ life while the interview takes place, this could mean that Louis doesn’t know the extent of his role in Claudia’s death or that the revelation will play out before the audience’s eyes.

3 Claudia Becoming Close To Madeleine

Evolving as a character outside of Louis and Lestat

Louis and Claudia in Interview With The Vampire

Lestat changes Claudia into a vampire to please Louis when their relationship begins to go stale, but this backfires as Louis and Claudia turn against him. Part of this is because Claudia is a child and will remain that way for the rest of her undead life. Although Louis cares more for her than Lestat does, he still isn’t a perfect father figure, and she desires more than just him after they reach Paris. This causes Louis to change a young woman, Madeleine, into a vampire to be her companion.

All of this is tinged by the fact that Claudia doesn’t want Louis to run off with Armand, but Louis is more drawn to him with each day. He considers leaving Claudia many times after he changes Madeleine, but his bond with her is strong. In the book, Madeleine and Claudia’s relationship is only told through Louis’ perspective, so seeing the connection between the women and their close relationship would stay true to the book but expand upon it interestingly.

2 Lestat Coming Back

And the revenge he will take on Louis and Claudia

Season 1 left Lestat trapped inside a coffin as Louis and Claudia fled from their home, but Louis’ decision to leave him alive will only come back to haunt him. Lestat is instrumental in the fates of Claudia and Madeleine and works tirelessly to get his revenge on his former family and turn the Theatre des Vampires against them. That isn’t the last time Lestat is seen in the book, nor should it be, considering how much unfinished business lies between him and Louis.

The relationship between Louis and Lestat in Interview With The Vampire is a toxic one of unequal power dynamics and intense rivalry. While the pair share a twisted love for each other, it’s not enough to excuse Lestat’s actions or for Louis to forgive him for turning him into a vampire. Their relationship is the heart of the novel and is a driving force behind many of Louis’ decisions and actions. When they reconnect, the series needs to make it as explosive as possible.

1 Madeleine And Claudia’s Fate

Will the series kill them off like in the book?

Claudia and Louis in Interview With The Vampire

One of the most devastating parts of Interview With The Vampire comes at the end of the novel when the Theatre des Vampires kill Claudia and Madeleine. Louis is trapped inside a wall and forced to do nothing as Claudia and Madeleine are chained up in full view of the rising sun. It’s a gruesome ending for the two characters, and the loss of his surrogate daughter changes Louis forever. It spurs him to murder the vampires within the cult and run away with Armand, trying to bury his grief.

The series has never been shy about the horror and violence that come with the territory of the story, but the death of Claudia and Madeleine might be controversial even if it’s true to the books. However, it’s a fitting way for the cautionary tale of betrayal and brutality to end. If the series chooses to commit to this ending, it will shed new light on Louis’ character and his decision to give the interview in the first place.

Interview with the Vampire TV Poster

Interview with the Vampire

Based on Anne Rice’s novel series that began in 1976, Interview with the Vampire is a gothic horror fantasy series that explores the life of Louis de Pointe du Lac through an interview with a journalist. Told through flashbacks of Louis’ life during the interview, the series examines Louis’ relationship with the vampire that turned him, Lestat de Lioncourt, and a teenage girl named Claudia, whom he turns. The series is the first of Anne Rice’s Immortal Universe media franchise.

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