8 Reasons Why Chelsea And Jimmy Shouldn’t Get Married
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8 Reasons Why Chelsea And Jimmy Shouldn’t Get Married


  • Chelsea and Jimmy may not be right for each other due to their trust issues and lingering feelings for others.
  • Chelsea’s insecurity and clingy behavior suggest she may not be ready for marriage with Jimmy or anyone else.
  • Lifestyle differences and lack of belief in their relationship show that Jimmy and Chelsea should consider breaking up.



Love Is Blind season 6 is nearing the finale, and one couple that should break up is Chelsea Blackwell and Jimmy Presnell. During their time on one of the best reality TV shows, this Love Is Blind season 6 couple clearly showed their blatant incompatibility. After Jimmy returned from a short birthday outing with friends and Chelsea completely lost her cool, it seemed like the pair would break up for good. However, Chelsea and Jimmy reconciled and spent a happy day at Carowinds, a North Carolina staple.

Surprisingly, the Love Is Blind Megan Fox lookalike and Jimmy remained together while other Love Is Blind season 6 cast members faltered. Kenneth and Brittany threw in the towel when the middle school principal prioritized dolphins and his phone over her. More dramatically, Laura and Jeramey parted ways after the potential philanderer stayed out with his second choice, Sarah Ann, until 5 a.m. Suddenly, Chelsea and Jimmy found themselves less problematic than they imagined. However, they should still part ways before the wedding. Here’s why.

9 Jimmy Slept With His Friend

While Chelsea has undoubtedly been too much in the relationship, Jimmy slept with one of his best girlfriends and still wants to hang out with her. Chelsea may want to play the cool girl, but most women wouldn’t be comfortable with their husbands remaining close friends with someone they had slept with. Jimmy’s unwillingness to cross that line means he shouldn’t marry Chelsea.

8 Chelsea Is Still Interested In TrevorTrevor Love Is Blind Season 6 in blue polo for promo pic

The stars of the beach party on Love Is Blind were Laura, Jeramey, and Sarah Ann, but Trevor and Chelsea stirred up some trouble of their own. Their conversation was flirty, with Trevor and Chelsea admitting they still wore each other’s bracelets and Chelsea even saying she still loved Trevor. If the roles had been reversed and Jimmy told Jess he still loved her, Chelsea would’ve broken down.

7 Jimmy Was Blindsided By Chelsea’s Megan Fox ComparisonMegan Fox as Jennifer in a scene from Jennifer's Body.

Chelsea and Jimmy’s doomed relationship began in the pods when the flight attendant compared herself to Megan Fox. While she bears some resemblance, comparing herself to Megan Fox is risky. She’s one of the most conventionally attractive women of all time and exudes sex appeal. Chelsea is undoubtedly beautiful, but planting the seed to Jimmy that she looked like Megan was a giant mistake.

6 Chelsea Is Too Insecure For A Relationship

Chelsea is far too insecure to get married to Jimmy or anyone else on Love Is Blind. The bombshell brunette is gorgeous and fun, but she has significant issues with security in a relationship. Jimmy is trying his best to give Chelsea what she needs, and despite his best efforts, it’s never enough. Chelsea needs to learn how to love herself before she marries anyone again. It would be interesting to know what broke up her first marriage.

5 Jimmy Is Still Interested In Jess

Jimmy and Jess were quite pragmatic when they met at the beach party, but there were still sparks between them. Jess has become a breakout star of the season despite not leaving the pods engaged. Additionally, she’s been a class act when talking about Chelsea and appears to be friends after the experience. Despite their cordial discussion, there’s unfinished business between Jimmy and Jess, meaning Jimmy and Chelsea shouldn’t get married.

4 Chelsea Is ClingyLove Is Blind season 6 chelsea blackwell new year's eve instagram post

Jimmy’s jab at Chelsea during their argument hurt because it was true. Given what producers have offered fans in Love Is Blind season 6, Chelsea appears clingy. Jimmy had to count when and where he had kissed her and wanted to express that despite going back to work, he wanted to show Chelsea how much he loved her. However, no matter what Jimmy did, it wasn’t enough. She baited him into calling her clingy. Regardless of whether she is, they shouldn’t get married if that’s how Jimmy feels.

3 Jimmy And Chelsea’s Lifestyles Aren’t CompatibleLove Is Blind season 6 chelsea blackwell promo shot

Jimmy lives in South End, notably Charlotte’s party. Despite saying he didn’t like to go out, Jess alleged on The Viall Files that Jimmy was going out more than what was shown on camera. Fans will have to wait until the reunion to hear Chelsea and Jimmy’s sides of the story, but if Chelsea wanted to stay home and Jimmy wanted to go out, that’s a serious lifestyle difference.

2 Jimmy And Chelsea Don’t Believe In Their Relationshiplove is blind season 6 Jimmy presnell and Chelsea Blackwell montage

Watching Jimmy and Chelsea argue at the beach party regarding whether their relationship was as solid as Amy and Johnny’s was wildly uncomfortable. Neither Jimmy nor Chelsea believe in their relationship. Furthermore, they know they’re just prolonging the inevitable. Unfortunately, neither seems able to end things.

1 Jimmy And Chelsea Know They Need To Break Up

Love Is Blind season 6 chelsea blackwell instagram post girls night

Jimmy and Chelsea came so close to breaking up, but they still couldn’t do it. However, Jimmy can’t give Chelsea what she needs, and Chelsea can feel his reticence toward her. They will be caught in an endless catch-22 situation if they stay together. The best thing Chelsea and Jimmy can do is break up before their wedding on Love Is Blind season 6. However, only time will tell if they make the rational decision.

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