8 Reasons Why Clay Gravesande Should Not Have Been Cast On Season 6 (I Don’t Think He’s The Best Choice)
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8 Reasons Why Clay Gravesande Should Not Have Been Cast On Season 6 (I Don’t Think He’s The Best Choice)


  • Clay’s toxic behavior and obsession with appearance made him an unfit candidate for Love Is Blind.
  • Clay’s unresolved childhood trauma and inability to commit showed he needs therapy.
  • Clay’s decision to reject A.D.’s vows at the finale highlighted his lack of readiness for marriage.



Love Is Blind season 6 finale, which featured Clay Gravesande rejecting the exchange of marital vows with Amber Desiree “A.D.”, showed why he should never have been a star on the show. Clay and A.D.’s connection became a huge spotlight when it started during the pods, although A.D. also had her heart for senior financial analyst Mathew Duliba. A.D.’s initial disinterest in Clay came from his obsession with her looks. However, A.D.’s knack for prioritizing toxic men over guys who genuinely treat her nicely soon took over, and she left the pods engaged to Clay.

However, soon after they left the pods, Clay and A.D.’s differences came to the fore as the couple clashed over their values and expectations. While A.D. remained committed to the cause and was determined to establish a deep connection with Clay on Love Is Blind season 6, he instead focused on just enjoying their time together, giving off several red flags that A.D. conveniently ignored. Clay’s series of missteps and issues of personal trauma made him one of the unfit candidates seeking love on the show.


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8 Clay Constantly Brings Up Cheating On AD

Clay consistently dropped hints he might cheat.

Love Is Blind cast members sign up for the show with hopes of finding a life-long partner, which is the whole point of the social experiment. However, from when they left the pods. Clay’s admission that cheating is typical in his family and how he always seems to bring up the fact that all the black men he looks up to have all cheated once or twice is an indication of someone who has no intention of finding a partner.

7 Clay Can’t Get Over His Parents’ Issues

Clay’s childhood trauma still affected his adult life.

Love Is Blind Season 6_ Clay’s Mom Is The Most Authentic Person On The Show (Here Is Why)
Custom Image By César García

Clay has been very open about the struggles of his parent’s 24-year-old marriage, which ended in a divorce, and how it shaped his view of relationships and affected him as a child. However, Clay doesn’t look to have healed or moved on from his childhood scars. During Clay’s conversation with A.D.’s mom, Jacqueline, he bared his heart out about how the trauma was still holding him back in his relationships and how he never went to therapy. However, despite Jacqueline’s encouragement about how Clay could rise above it all and create his path, Clay doesn’t seem interested in conquering his demons.

6 Clay Has A Bad Temper

Clay sometimes raised his voice at A.D.

Although Clay and A.D. went through Love Is Blind season 6 without having any destructive or violent arguments, Clay often had episodes where he showcased his bad temper. Clay first shows his raging temper when he screams at A.D. after she tells him about her connection with Mathew. Clay’s rage level went up another notch during his sit down with A.D. and her mom, Jacqueline. After A.D. questioned Clay’s work schedule, he became combative and defensive, quickly raising his temper. A.D. had to calm him down as the situation was getting embarrassing for both of them.

5 Clay Is Obsessed with Appearance

Clay attributed so much to people’s appearance.

Clay’s earliest appearance in the Love Is Blind pods was marked by his obsession with the looks of his prospective partners. During his conversation with A.D. in the pods, Clay confessed he was more interested in a lady’s looks, most especially the “lips, butts, and other stuff.” Despite the fact that the whole point of Love Is Blind is to create a connection without physical attraction, Clay’s dedication to judging a woman based on physical looks remained consistent throughout, which was unsurprising since Clay himself relied on his physical appearance to attract women.

4 Clay Has A Strict Idea Of How A.D. Should Look

Clay wanted A.D. to maintain her body doing whatever it took.

Amber D Love Is Blind

Clay’s obsession with A.D.’s physical appearance was one of the major themes of the couple’s honeymoon in the Dominican Republic. During a discussion about A.D.’s appearance and how she maintains her shape, Clay expressed his determination to ensure A.D. kept her curves. While speaking about how her body might change if she becomes a mother, Clay refused to entertain the idea, confidently declaring A.D. would have to hit the gym and get her body back. Although A.D. wasn’t pleased with Clay’s comments, he remained adamant about his expectations of what A.D.’s body must look like.

3 Clay Needs Therapy (Admittedly)

Clay’s conduct and childhood scars showed he would benefit from therapy.

Love Is Blind Season 6_ The Real Reason Why Clay Backed Off From Marriage
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Clay’s conduct in Love Is Blind season 6 mirrors that of someone who could benefit from therapy, and he made this admission on the show himself. Clay’s childhood left him with a lot of scars, mainly due to the chaotic nature of his parent’s marriage. The trauma of being raised in a family where cheating was permitted undoubtedly influenced his reluctance to commit to A.D. and his shallow way of seeing relationships and judging women. Jacqueline rightly pointed out that Clay needed to move on, but the Love Is Blind star might need therapy to do that.

2 Clay Was Seeking Clout (He’s An Entrepreneur!)

Clay might be on the show just for the exposure.

Clay’s entire behavior on Love Is Blind season 6 betrayed the many tenets of the reality show. He trumpeted his love and preference for physical appearance over creating genuine connections without the aid of sight. Clay’s unrealistic expectations about a woman’s body and his weird admission of not knowing married men wear rings showcased he never intended to have a serious relationship with A.D. Although Clay kept up the mirage for as long as possible, the enterprise and sales entrepreneur probably joined the show to chase clout and promote his Wavesandy Water Rentals business.

1 Clay Wasn’t Ready To Get Married

Clay had no intention of getting married on the show.

The Love Is Blind season 6 finale brought an end to Clay and A.D.’s weeks of turpsy-turvy romance. Despite the excitement and hope that preceded their appearance at the altar, Clay left A.D. confused and heartbroken when he said, “I don’t” to being A.D.’s husband. However, Clay defended his decision, claiming, “I don’t think it’s responsible for me to say I do. I need to get to the point where I am 100% in. I appreciate you and know you will fight for me, but I can’t say yes right now.

While Clay’s decision to break off the union might have surprised A.D. and some Love Is Blind fans, the writing had been on the wall for a long time. Clay’s utterances, behavior, and belief system portrayed him as an unsuitable prospective partner, but A.D. ignored those glaring red flags. Nonetheless, Clay made his stance known at the Love Is Blind season 6 finale, and A.D. once again looked to have fallen prey to investing her heart and time into someone who eventually caused her grief and betrayal.

Love Is Blind season 6, is available for streaming on Netflix.

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