8 Signs Love Is Blind Season 6’s A.D. Smith & Clay Gravesande Will Get Back Together
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8 Signs Love Is Blind Season 6’s A.D. Smith & Clay Gravesande Will Get Back Together


  • Clay expressed regret for leaving A.D. at the altar, acknowledging his mistake.
  • A.D. seemed open to forgiving Clay, showing a willingness to potentially reconnect.
  • Clay has taken steps to address his commitment issues, going to therapy to work on himself.



Love Is Blind season 6 couple Amber Desireé “A.D.” Smith and Clay Gravesande weren’t able to make it work during their time together on the series, but is it possible they’ll find their way back together in the future? During Love Is Blind season 6, A.D. made a connection with Clay in the pods, both of them feeling each other’s energy and personality sight unseen. Despite some bumps in the road early on in their relationship when Clay felt strongly about needing to know what A.D. physically looked like, the pair wound up finding a deeper understanding.

While A.D. originally also had a connection with Matthew Duliba, things fizzled quickly after some serious drama. She chose to focus her energy on Clay, and by the end of the pod phase, they decided to move forward in the experiment together. A.D. accepted Clay’s proposal, and their relationship unfolded outside of the pods with a back and forth that saw Clay struggling with the idea of commitment. Though A.D. felt determined to get married, Clay left her at the altar. The couple’s connection was still sparking at the reunion, which left many wondering if they could get back together.


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8 Clay Expressed Remorse For Leaving A.D.

He Knows He Made A Mistake A.D.

Love Is Blind_ 8 Reasons Why Clay Gravesande Should Not Have Been Cast On Season 6 (I Don't Think He's The Best Choice)
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During the Love Is Blind season 6 reunion, Clay expressed remorse about the way that he treated A.D. during their time together on the series. Throughout the season, Clay had a difficult time making a commitment, but also continually tried to reassure his bride-to-be that he did want to marry her and start a life together. During the reunion, Clay explained that he felt a lot of remorse for not marrying A.D. in that moment, but he explained that he was not ready to do so, and wanted to be the husband that she deserved.

With time removed and clarity, Clay did his best to explain that his mentality wasn’t in a place that would’ve allowed for him to be the type of husband A.D. deserved. Though he had joined Love Is Blind season 6 looking for the love of a lifetime, he actually didn’t feel ready to commit when the time came Though he had expressed doubt before, Clay had also attempted to wash those feelings away. His indescision left A.D. uncertain, but ultimately hopeful that Clay would make a decision that benefited both of them.

7 A.D. Was Surprised To Hear Clay Call Her The Love Of His Life

It Wasn’t Something She Expected

Love Is Blind AD smiling in blue dress with Matthew and Clay from the pods in the background

During his discussion about his remorse and regret, Clay revealed that he felt that A.D. is still the love of his life. The Love Is Blind season 6 star was shocked to hear that her ex-fiancé felt that she was still the person for him after their split. While the pair have had communication after the show, they haven’t gotten back together. It does seem that Clay has revisited their relationship more than A.D. in their conversations, but she seems to be open to the idea of talking to him once again.

6 Clay Understands The Mistakes He Made

He’s Owning Up To His Issues

Clay shared during the Love Is Blind season 6 reunion that he understands the mistakes that he made. He shared that he regretted not only leaving A.D. at the altar, but disrespecting her family and friends, as well as his own family with his behavior. It appears that Clay has done a lot of work to rectify the fact that he let many people down because of his own misgivings. Though he did make a mistake in leaving A.D. at the altar, the fact that Clay has been able to accept his mistakes changed their lives is promising.

5 A.D. Seemed Open To Forgiving Clay

She Wasn’t Letting Him Take Ownership Alone

Though it was clear that Clay and A.D. have talked since the Love Is Blind season 6 finale, they shared there was a lot of time between their wedding and when they spoke again. A.D. has not been as open with Clay as he has been with her, but he didn’t have a problem with that. A.D. explained that she was nervous to open up to Clay and get hurt again, which was understandable. During the Love Is Blind season 6 reunion, A.D. made it seem like she would be open to potentially forgiving Clay.

4 Clay Shared He Still Has Feelings For A.D.

He Doesn’t Think He’ll Ever Get Over Her

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While Clay and A.D. clearly still have feelings for one another, he was far more open about the fact that he is still in love with her then she was about her feelings. A.D. explained that she has been on dates outside of the Love Is Blind circle, as well as with former Love Is Blind season 6 partner, Matthew. Those things didn’t work out between A.D. and any of her potential suitors, she is more hesitant to move forward with Clay. While he would be ready to start a new relationship, A.D. is more skeptical.

3 A.D. Didn’t Take A Relationship With Clay Off The Table

She Didn’t Say They Couldn’t Try Again

Love Is Blind Season 6_ Top 10 Cringiest Moments From Episodes 7-9

When they were asked directly about their future, A.D. shied away from answering whether she would be willing to talk to Clay again. It appears that the exes had potentially talked about getting back together previously, but it was more of a private matter than either were willing to share. While Clay has done a lot of work on himself, it is possible that A.D.is not comfortable with him just yet. However, A.D. has not taken a relationship with Clay off the table, which is a good sign for the Love Is Blind season 6 couple.

2 Clay Has Taken Steps To Address His Issues

He Shared He’s Gone To Therapy

Clay shared during the Love Is Blind reunion that he has gone to therapy to address his many issues. A.D. spoke about how meeting Clay’s parents and understanding that part of his personality really helped in clarifying the issues he was having with commitment. Clay explained that he was hopeful he would be able to work through issues with his family and in himself through therapy. He shared that he has even tried a number of therapist before settling on one that works for him, and hopes he can bring his new mindset into a future with A.D..

1 A.D. Had A Clear Comfort Level With Clay

She Felt Comfortable Touching Him Throughout The Reunion

Love Is Blind Season 6 cast members
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Though A.D. did not share if she was interested in pursuing a relationship with Clay in the future, she was comfortable touching him throughout the Love Is Blind season 6 reunion. Though the pair were separated on the couch, they did consistently brush hands or grab onto each other to emphasize points. Their joint reactions to other things felt like mirrored. With A.D. comfortable with Clay in a physical setting, it’s possible that their emotional connection could be repaired and the Love Is Blind season 6 couple could reunite in the future

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