8 The Crow Differences Between Bill Skarsgård & Brandon Lee’s Appearance
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8 The Crow Differences Between Bill Skarsgård & Brandon Lee’s Appearance


  • Skarsgård’s version of Eric in The Crow reboot differs from Lee’s iconic portrayal, sparking controversy among fans.
  • Skarsgård’s tattoos and revamped appearance suggest a darker, modernized take on Eric Draven for younger audiences.
  • The Crow remake aims to strike a balance between honoring the original and updating the story for contemporary viewers.



As Bill Skarsgård gears up to take on the titular role in the new adaptation of The Crow, his character’s look has caused quite a stir because of its differences from the original movie starring Brandon Lee. Lee leaves behind a towering legacy, as he was accidentally killed on set, and The Crow was his final appearance onscreen. Additionally, his performance was deeply moving and set a high bar for any future actors taking on the role. Thanks to his iconic performance, his appearance in the film has become just as synonymous with the character.

Both films are based on the comic series about Eric Draven, a man who is murdered alongside his fiancée, and then comes back from the dead to enact his revenge on their killers.

The 2024 remake will star Bill Skarsgård, a member of the famous Skarsgård family, which also includes Bill’s brother, Alexander, and their father, Stellan. Both films are based on the comic series about Eric Draven, a man who is murdered alongside his fiancée and then comes back from the dead to enact his revenge on their killers. It’s a dark story full of violence and grief, and Draven’s appearance, as well as his transformation into the Crow, is a large part of how the audience perceives him.


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8 Skarsgård Looks Like The Joker

Skarsgård looks a little too familiar in the promo pictures.

The Crow remake’s first images have already drawn comparisons to Jared Leto’s Joker in Suicide Squad. While this isn’t necessarily a bad thing, it might be concerning to viewers who have a certain image in their minds about how Eric should look. Leto’s Joker was also part of a remake, and he was taking over from a beloved actor, Heath Ledger, who tragically passed away after giving the definitive performance of the Joker in The Dark Knight.

These facts make the similarities between the characters and the styling quite similar and don’t bode well if The Crow is going to follow the example of Suicide Squad. Skarsgård is a fantastic actor and has shown he’s capable of blending into iconic roles, like Pennywise in It. However, his version of Eric is being lumped in with Leto’s Joker merely from the first promotional images. This means the comparison might follow him into the premiere of the film, regardless of how strong his performance is.


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7 The Tattoos

His body is covered in them whereas Lee didn’t have any.

Bill Skarsgård in The Crow 2024 and Brandon Lee in The Crow 1994

One of the pictures of Skarsgård that’s getting the most attention is him after his transformation into the Crow, with his torso full of tattoos. Most notably, there is an eye in the center of his chest that stares back at the audience and gives an eerie, foreboding sense that the version of Eric that came back from the grave is extremely different from the one who was murdered. It stands to reason that each of his tattoos will have a different meaning or represent something he went through in both life and death.

Skarsgård isn’t known for having many tattoos, and the position and imagery of them make it clear that they were added specifically for the film. Part of this could be due to the changing times and recent mainstream acceptance and celebration of tattoos. It’s much more commonplace for people in movies and TV shows to have them and use them as a statement about their character.

6 The Hair

Short and clipped versus long and unruly.

Bill Skarsgård, FKA Twigs, and Brandon Lee in The Crow (2024) and The Crow (1994)

Lee’s shoulder-length wavy hair gave him a definitive 1990s grunge look that made sense within the cultural context of the ’90s. However, Skarsgård’s short mullet-like style better represents what his character would look like today. Additionally, it’s a more flattering style for Skarsgård’s facial structure and overall appearance. While Eric isn’t supposed to be desirable when he comes back from the dead, he is still the lead actor in a high-profile movie. Both Lee and Skarsgård are naturally attractive actors, and how they were styled highlights their features.

5 Eye Makeup

Lee’s makeup was more in line with the comics.

There were many differences between the original The Crow and the comics, but how Lee’s character appeared wasn’t one of them. The changes that the 2024 The Crow seems to have made indicate that the comics will be a more loose inspiration for this adaptation. Lee’s gothic and over-dramatic eye makeup accentuates his connection to death and is a constant reminder of what brought him back to life. His quest for revenge is the driving force behind the plot, and the physical changes he makes to his appearance directly correlate with his commitment to his purpose.

4 Lack Of Face Paint

The white face paint is missing from Skarsgård.

Bill Skarsgård in The Crow (2024) and Brandon Lee in The Crow (1994)

When Eric rises from the grave in the 1994 The Crow, he’s rarely seen without a full face of white paint after this moment. This makeup is sometimes referred to as “corpse paint” and is a constant reminder that Eric has already passed. So far, it doesn’t seem that Skarsgård will don the white foundation and will rely on a general appearance of pallor. Though Skarsgård is no stranger to putting on plenty of makeup in his other films, this lack of enhancements could be a great way for the audience to clearly see his face and acting choices.

3 The Clothes

Black leather is the only thing they have in common.

Lee’s Crow favored tight-fitting, long-sleeved black shirts, a long black leather overcoat, and little else. Though it’s hard to say merely from early pictures, Skarsgård’s iteration might be shirtless the entire time, but his clothes seem more varied than Lee’s. There are also images of Eric and Shelly (FKA Twigs), his fiancée. These include colors, warm lighting, and a distinct contrast between Eric’s life and death. This is promising, as a juxtaposition between styling and cinematography will inform the audience about the change in tone and purpose between different parts of the film.

2 Skarsgård Is Not As Goth

His Crow doesn’t have the grungy edge of Lee’s.

Bill Skarsgård and FKA Twigs in The Crow (2024) and Brandon Lee in The Crow (1994)

From the released pictures, it doesn’t appear that Skarsgård will delve as deeply into the goth and emo stylization that Lee’s character did. Fringe gothic and punk scenes were typical of the alternative music crowd in the ’90s, but today, that isn’t the look musicians like Eric go for. Darker tones and morbid imagery should dramatically influence the Crow’s post-death appearance. However, it should still represent who he was in life and remind him of what he’s fighting for after returning from the grave.

1 Modern Styling

Skarsgård’s Crow is an updated version for younger audiences.

Overall, the changes that were made to Eric’s character in the 2024 The Crow versus the 1994 version are updates to appeal to modern audiences. Some younger viewers might not have seen the first movie or read the comics. Skarsgård’s version of Eric will be the first that a whole generation encounters and that can be a lot of pressure for a film and an actor. Controversy over his appearance isn’t necessarily a bad thing since that makes people talk about the film.

The upcoming movie has to find a balance between the old and the new to please returning fans and engage first-time viewers.

While it’s reasonable to worry that The Crow remake looks worse than the original, it’s important to remember that creating a carbon copy of the ’90s version wouldn’t be good filmmaking either. The upcoming movie has to find a balance between the old and the new to please returning fans and engage first-time viewers. Making the story relevant to present-day issues and style trends is difficult, but if the film wants to succeed, it has to try.

The Crow (2024)

The Crow (2024) is a dark and gritty reboot of the cult classic film, set in a grim urban landscape. It follows Eric Draven, a musician who is resurrected from the dead to avenge his and his fiancée’s brutal murders. Armed with supernatural abilities and guided by a mystical crow, Eric seeks justice against the criminals responsible, navigating through a corrupt city that is as much a character as he is. This revival pays homage to the original while introducing new elements to captivate the modern audience.

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