90 Day Fiancé’s Jasmine Pineda Gives Unexpected Reaction After Intense Tell All Behavior
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90 Day Fiancé’s Jasmine Pineda Gives Unexpected Reaction After Intense Tell All Behavior


  • Jasmine’s wild behavior on 90 Day Fiancé caused drama but her social media response was surprisingly calm and collected this time.
  • Despite her past insecurities and jealous behavior, Jasmine chose not to address the stripper incident online to protect her reputation.
  • Gino’s inappropriate behavior with strippers at his bachelor party justifies Jasmine’s anger and disappointment, despite her own past actions.



Jasmine Pineda has maintained a surprising attitude on social media despite her wild behavior on 90 Day Fiancé season 10 Tell All. The Panamanian woman is most known for her short temper and jealous personality. She has shown a major lack of trust in her husband, Gino Palazzolo, and tried to punish him for small mistakes. Recently, Jasmine made a big scene during the 90 Day Fiancé season 10 reunion. She cried out loud after the host played a video of Gino enjoying his bachelor’s party with strippers. While Jasmine stormed off the stage, Gino seemed happy about his once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Jasmine wrote,
“sorry loves! You will never find any comment, explanation, response about the show whatsoever in my social media.”

Jasmine always likes to share her views about on-screen incidents. However, she maintained a fairly calm attitude this time and didn’t make a big deal about the stripper incident on social media. The mom of two said she won’t post anything about the show unless it’s a promotional video from the network or a media interview. Jasmine asked 90 Day Fiancé viewers to stay tuned to watch what happens next, adding, “what you see on tv it’s all you will ever get.”


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Jasmine’s 90 Day Fiancé Behavior Explained

Jasmine Is Insecure Due to Her Past Failed Relationships

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On the surface, it looks like Jasmine has a short temper and other psychological issues that stop her from functioning normally in stressful situations. 90 Day Fiancé viewers first saw her rude behavior toward Gino in 2022 when she accused him of trying to impress the waitress by tipping her. Jasmine later lost her cool after Gino shared her intimate photos to make his ex jealous. Jasmine also acted wild when she found lip gloss in Gino’s car, coming to the conclusion that he had cheated on her. She’s likely very insecure because of her past relationship failures.

It’s great that Jasmine has picked a high moral ground this time. However, she has previously talked about on-screen incidents on her social media only because they didn’t damage her reputation. In 2023, Jasmine made fun of Gino for not peeling potatoes. Since that scene made the American man look immature, Jasmine used it to make herself look superior in the relationship. She took multiple digs at Gino over the last three years. It seems like she has strategically decided not to mention the current situation with Gino and the strippers only because it could make her look bad.

While Jasmine has stayed peaceful on social media, she has all the right to be mad at Gino for his immature behavior. Her husband is a 54-year-old man, old enough to be a grandfather. Therefore, he should’ve never opted to get strippers for his bachelor party, as it was a horrible way to celebrate his forthcoming wedding. Jasmine is justifiably right about making a scene at Tell All, regardless of her past disturbing behaviors. She married Gino on 90 Day Fiancé season 10 to start a monogamous relationship, and it must’ve hurt her to see him drooling over the strippers.

90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After?

, Season 8 premieres Sunday, March 17 at 8 p.m. EST on TLC.

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