Abilities & Home Planets Explained
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Abilities & Home Planets Explained


  • Stargate SG-1 featured a variety of alien races with unique abilities, some villains and some allies, adding depth to the series.
  • The Ancients, Asgard, and Nox were among the highly advanced alien races who played significant roles in shaping the Stargate universe.
  • The series showcased a range of alien races, from peaceful to menacing, each bringing their own characteristics and challenges to SG-1.



Throughout their travels in Stargate SG-1, the SGC encountered many alien races, each from a variety of planets and possessing unique abilities. Of course, there were those like the Goa’uld and Jaffa who were encountered consistently throughout the popular sci-fi series, but there were also those who only popped up from time to time (or even only once). Some Stargate aliens were villains, while others were allies. Regardless, each brought something special to the table.

Of course, not all the beings who lived on different planets in Stargate SG-1 were technically aliens. Many were humans whose ancestors had been taken from Earth by the villainous Goa’uld to serve as slaves across the galaxy. However, some of the locations on the other side of the titular Stargate were the home of humanoid, parasitic, or microscopic alien races, many of which were far more advanced than Earth’s humans. These were the beings of Stargate SG-1 and its spinoffs that were often the most memorable—and there certainly were a lot of them.


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22 A’t’trr

Homeworld: P4G-881


Introduced in the early days of Stargate SG-1, the A’t’trr are microscopic, hive-minded creatures who can collectively take over a living host. They feed on heat and oxygen and are highly advanced and intelligent. Their home planet (P4G-881,) was rendered unlivable, so they stored themselves in a cryogenic device for centuries until SG-1 brought this device home and unknowingly unleashed the A’t’ttr. Eventually, this alien race was released onto a new planet to have for their own.

21 Ancients

Original Homeworld: Dakara

Stargate the ancients

One of the most advanced races in the universe, the Ancients played a highly important part in Stargate SG-1. These advanced beings created technology beyond anything Earth had ever seen long before humanity even evolved, including the Stargates. Though the Ancients were initially humanoid, they Ascended to a higher plane of existence and became formless—the tradeoff of infinite knowledge and power. Prior to being the “Ancients,” these beings were known as Alterans, who were also the ancestors of the villainous Ori.

20 Asgard

Original Homeworld: Orilla

The Asgard are another highly advanced alien race of Stargate SG-1, and luckily, they became one of Earth’s greatest allies. Like the Goa’uld, the Asgard came to Earth centuries before the start of Stargate and allowed the humans there to regard them as gods (serving as the origin of Norse mythology). Their home is the planet Orilla, but their race wound up spreading throughout the galaxy when they were tasked with being its primary protectors. The most notable of the Asgard is Thor, who became a close friend to Jack O’Neill.

19 Asuran

Homeworld: Asuras

Asuran, also called Replicators, were among the primary villains of Stargate SG-1 and remained quite a nuisance for several seasons. They were initially weapons created by the Ancients to destroy the Wraith, but they ultimately grew out of control. Originating on the planet Asuras, the Asurans were single microscopic nanite components that later evolved to look like their humanoid creators. Still, their microscopic building blocks made them highly invasive and nearly impossible to eliminate. This is how the Asuran becomes a significant problem for Earth and the SGC.

18 Enkaran

Homeworld: Enkara

Enkaran from Stargate

The world Enkara is inhabited by the Enkaran, a humanoid race of Stargate SG-1 that looks indistinguishable from Earth humans aside from their yellow eyes. The Enkaran are among the alien races with relatively simple technology, and they live a nomadic existence utilizing wood and metal tools. Since Enkara has an ozone layer several times thicker than that of Earth, this Stargate alien race is highly sensitive to sunlight.

17 Furling

Homeworld: Heliopolis

Jack looks stressed and Sam smiles next to him in Stargate SG-1

The Furlings are never actually seen in Stargate SG-1, but they are discussed several times. They come from the planet Heliopolis and are thought to look similar to Earth’s koalas (though much larger). The Furlings were part of the Alliance of Four Great Races with the Ancients, Asgards, and Noxs and are, therefore, among the good guys of Stargate. Like their ally races, these beings were highly advanced and considered it their duty to help protect the galaxy.

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16 Gadmeer

Homeworld: P5S-381

Gadmeer Stargate

The Gadmeer were technically extinct when their civilization was discovered by the SGC, but there is a chance that they were eventually reborn. This alien race was a sulfur-based reptile-like species that had developed advanced technology before their unknown homeworld was conquered by enemies. However, the Gadmeer managed to hide away a record of their DNA on a ship and send it out in search of a new planet that could support them. They ultimately found P5S-381, and though their fate was left out of Stargate SG-1, it’s assumed that Gadmeer achieved their goal.

15 Goa’uld

Homeworld: P3X-888

Perhaps the most important (but nefarious) alien race of Stargate SG-1 is the Goa’uld. This parasitic race must take over a host to survive, and they find humans to be the perfect fit. For this reason, the Goa’uld used their advanced technology to enslave Earth civilizations throughout history, taking their bodies and convincing them that they were gods. Even the word “goa’uld” means “god” in the race’s language. The Goa’uld originated on P3X-888, but as seen in several episodes of Stargate SG-1, they wound up taking over a great deal of the galaxy.

14 Hankan

Homeworld: Hanka

Hankan stargate

Though technically Earth humans, the Hankan were brought to the planet Hanka and altered biologically to become physically advanced hosts for the Goa’uld. They were created by Stargate SG-1‘s System Lord Nirrti, who later eliminated nearly all the Hankan out of fear that they would be discovered. The only survivor was Cassandra, whom Nirrti sent to the SGC as a human bomb. Thankfully, the girl was saved as adopted by Dr. Janet Fraiser in Stargate SG-1.

13 Jaffa

Homeworld: Dakara

Another important humanoid species of Stargate SG-1 is the Jaffa, the most notable among them being SG-1 member Teal’c. Their ancestors came from Earth but were genetically altered by the Goa’uld to serve as incubators for their young. The Jaffa base world is Dakara, but like the Goa’uld, they populate a great many planets throughout the galaxy in Stargate SG-1. The Jaffa served as the Goa’uld’s primary fighting force, regarded as a disposable resource until the people began to free themselves and establish the Free Jaffa Nation.

12 Neraida

Homeworld: PXY-887

Neraida stargate

The Neraida are native to the planet PXY-887 and are capable of shapeshifting or making themselves invisible. This is how they remained unseen when the Goa’uld dropped human slaves on their planet. The Neraida watched over these people, known as the Salish, who began to regard them as “spirits” who answered their prayers. When an SGC team came to the planet to mine, the Neraida began to fight them in an attempt to protect the Salish, but SG-1 ultimately managed to talk this alien race down and become their friends.

11 Nox

Homeworld: Gaia

Nox stargate

The Nox of Stargate SG-1 is another alien race belonging to the Alliance of Four Great Races, along with the Asgard, Furlings, and Ancients. These peaceful and whimsical-looking people are native to the planet Gaia. They didn’t look it in Stargate, but they were a highly advanced race that developed technology that existed harmoniously with the nature of their planet. Though the Nox refused to actively fight the Goa’uld, they frequently helped those who had been victimized by this villainous enemy.


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10 Ohne

Homeworld: Oannes

Ohne stargate

Hailing from their homeworld of Oannes, the Ohne were an aquatic species and a natural enemy to the Goa’uld. This race must spend at least three hours a day fully submerged in water or they dehydrate, which is why they developed devices called hydrators that enable them to more easily travel the galaxy. Another notable fact about the Ohne is that they live very long lives (about 5,000 years) and have some seemingly magical abilities. Though they allied themselves with Earth, there were a few tense moments between the Ohne and SGC in Stargate SG-1.

9 Ori

Homeworld: Celestis

Though ascended beings are typically enlightened and peaceful in Stargate SG-1, the Ori took things to a dark place. Prior to ascending, this race was called the Alterans and lived on the planet Celestis. However, different ideologies caused the Alterans to split into two groups, who later became known as the Ancients and the Ori. The latter considered their ascension to qualify them as gods and, therefore, demanded the worship of mortals. This ultimately led to extreme oppression and punishment for those who wouldn’t bend their knee.

8 Reetou

Homeworld: Reetalia

Reetou stargate

The Reetou are the advanced, insect-like race of Stargate SG-1, who call the planet Reetalia home. They are capable of making themselves nearly invisible, which helps them maintain their peaceful and pacifistic status. Unfortunately, the Goa’uld targeted them, feeling threatened by the Reetou’s invisibility. After nearly being wiped out, the remaining members of this race split into two sides—those who wanted to fight the Goa’uld the old-fashioned way and those who believed that wiping out all potential human hosts was the only way.

7 Reol

Homeworld: Planet Name Unknown

Reol Stargate

The Reol are another inherently peaceful alien race in Stargate SG-1. They were nonetheless targeted by the Goa’uld for their abilities. These beings could secrete a substance that would give anyone who came into contact with it false memories, thus confusing their attackers. Additionally, the Reol had the ability to heal quickly. Other than this, these aliens are rather weak and defenseless, depending entirely on the false memories they create to keep enemies from considering them a threat.

6 Serrakin

Homeworld: Hebridan

Serrakin Stargate

The Serrakin are a reptilian alien race who live in harmony on their home planet with a group of humans whom they had rescued from the Goa’uld thousands of years before the start of Stargate SG-1. Over time, these two species began to interbreed, resulting in a society of more human-like Serrakin without scales. Though Earth’s initial interaction with these aliens was negative, they ultimately worked things out and became allies, fighting together against the villainous Ori.


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5 Kull

Homeworld: Tartarus

Kull stargate

The Kull were artificially-engineered, human-like beings that Anubis created to replace the Jaffa. Born on the planet Tartarus, the Kull wore head-to-toe armor that made them nearly invincible. This meant that the Goa’uld symbiotes that lived within them were protected even while their hosts went into battle. They were stronger, more resilient, and required far less oxygen than a typical human or Jaffa. However, the Kull were prone to organ failure, so their life expectancies were relatively short.

4 Tok’ra

Homeworld: Planet Name Unknown

Tok'ra Stargate

Though the Tok’ra are similar to the Goa’uld, they don’t appreciate being mistaken for the Stargate SG-1 villains. This alien race of symbiotes also require hosts to survive, but they choose to live in harmony with those they possess. The human consciousness and that of the Tok’ra can claim control over their shared bodies at will and always have a highly close and harmonious relationship. Full of compassion and a will to fight against the Goa’uld, the Tok’ra eventually developed an allyship with Earth and the SGC.

3 Unas

Homeworld: P3X-888

Unas Stargate

Before the Goa’uld discovered the humans of Earth, the Unas of P3X-888 were their preferred hosts, which means this race is present on several planets throughout the galaxy. The Unas are reptilian in appearance and have the ability to heal themselves, though not as fast as when they are being used as Goa’uld hosts. After being discarded by the Stargate SG-1 villains, the Unas ultimately allied themselves with the humans of Earth, fittingly joining the new preferred hosts of the Goa’uld in the fight against them.

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