All 8 Clues To Alastor’s Past In Hazbin Hotel Season 1
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All 8 Clues To Alastor’s Past In Hazbin Hotel Season 1


  • Alastor seeks power and control in Hell, utilizing connections to maneuver political dynamics.
  • Alastor may have connections to Heaven, while his past as a radio host and serial killer are hinted at.
  • Alastor’s intricate backstory unfolds in
    Hazbin Hotel
    season 1 through alliances, rivalries, and hidden motives.



Certain pieces of dialogue throughout the first season of Hazbin Hotel constitute clues to Alastor’s (Amir Talai) ominous past. The Radio Demon is a constant menacing presence during Hazbin Hotel’s season 1 storyline of Princess Charlie Morningstar (Erika Henningsen) initially trying to get her plan to rehabilitate Hell’s residents at her hotel off the ground. Alastor is officially the hotel’s host and facilities manager, but it is clear that he has ulterior motives and is trying to accomplish something much bigger.

Alastor is most likely after as much power and control and Hell as he can manage, a mission that will continue in Hazbin Hotel season 2. He is an expert at leveraging his connections and navigating the politics of Hell’s major players to his advantage. He has gambled on Charlie and is hoping it will pay off. Alastor’s Machiavellian persona establishes him as one of the best characters in Hazbin Hotel, and the small clues about his past make him all the more intriguing.


Hazbin Hotel’s Alastor Accidentally Proved He’s Capable of Redemption (He’s Just Hiding It)

While the series seems to show him as irredeemable, Hazbin Hotel’s prequel comic actually showed that Alastor is secretly hiding a good side.

8 Alastor Has Been Absent From Hell For Seven Years

Season 1, Episode 2: “Radio Killed The Video Star”

In the first episode, Alastor mentions that he “[hasn’t] been active in Hell for some time.” In the second episode, Vox (Christian Borle) confirms that Alastor has been missing for seven years. Something people might notice when rewatching Hazbin Hotel is that this is the same amount of time since Charlie has heard from her mother, as she tells Vaggie (Stephanie Beatriz) in the first episode. Therefore, most people have linked Alastor’s backstory to Lilith’s arc.

The remaining question is where exactly Alastor went. Supposedly, he could have just been discreetly hiding out in a specific corner of Hell. However, his comment in the first episode, as well as another bit of dialogue, suggests that Alastor left Hell altogether.

7 Alastor Says That Vox Asked Him To Join His Team

Season 1, Episode 2: “Radio Killed The Video Star”

Alastor lounges in his seat in Hazbin Hotel.

During his musical face-off with Vox “Stayed Gone,” Alastor informs those listening to his broadcast that “[Vox] asked [Alastor] to join his team” and Alastor declined, leading to their rivalry. This is a throwaway comment that is never elaborated upon, but there is more to Alastor’s history with the Vees, also including Valentino (Joel Perez) and Velvette (Lilli Cooper). The show’s creator Vivienne Medrano confirmed in a Screen Rant interview that season 2 will shed more light on this plot point:

“I think it’s made pretty clear in the ending episode that the Vees are going to be a bigger part of season two, because now they’re kind of empowered with the reality and the realization, ‘Oh, we can fight back actually. That’s the thing we can do.’ And obviously, with characters as power hungry as them, it just only makes sense for that to be their goal. So I’m very excited because season two, yes, definitely centers around the Vees and Vox specifically. And it’s going to get into much more of his relationship with Alastor, how it got there and how with Vox being the threat, how that affects Alastor and the other characters in the hotel.”

6 Zestial Mentions The Rumors About Alastor

Season 1, Episode 3: “Scrambled Eggs”

Zestial implies that Alastor has some involvement with Heaven and the angels, and this aligns with his connection to Lilith, who currently resides in Heaven.

Alastor has an amicable reconciliation with Zestial (James Monroe Iglehart) while they are both on their way to the meeting of the Overlords of Hell. Zestial mentions that “some hath spun wild tales of [Alastor] falling to holy arms.”Alastor casually dismisses the rumor, but the writers did not include this line by accident. Zestial implies that Alastor has some involvement with Heaven and the angels, and this aligns with his connection to Lilith, who currently resides in Heaven.

Alastor’s brief conversation with Zestial seems like an inconsequential scene, but it contributes to Alastor’s characterization in unexpected ways. Zestial also tells Alastor: “Thou hath been naught but an enigma since thy manifested in this realm.” This line elevates the overall mystery of Alastor’s character.

5 Mimzy Confirms That Alastor Was Alive

Season 1, Episode 5: “Dad Beat Dad”

Alastor and Mimzy in Hazbin Hotel

The fifth episode proves to be a very revealing one where Alastor is concerned. His character takes an interesting turn when he becomes determined to show up Lucifer (Jeremy Jordan) for Charlie’s affection. However, the arrival of Alastor’s old friend Mizmy (Sarah Stiles) brings many revelations.

Right off the bat, Mimzy tells everyone that she and Alastor “ran in the same circles when they were alive.” This confirms that Alastor was once a person living on Earth, rather than being “Hell-born” like Charlie or coming from Heaven like Vaggie. Outside the show itself, it has been confirmed that Alastor was a radio show host and serial killer from New Orleans who died in 1933 (via X, YouTube).

4 Mimzy Talks About Alastor’s Radio Broadcast

Season 1, Episode 5: “Dad Beat Dad”

Mimzy makes a huge contribution to Alastor’s backstory in what is not so much a clue as outright exposition. Main Hazbin Hotel cast members Angel (Blake Roman) and Sir Pentious (Alex Brightman) are eager to learn about Alastor from Mimzy since he is a “big creepy mystery.”. Mimzy then recounts the harrowing tale of how Alastor appeared in Hell, began toppling powerful Overlords, and broadcasted the screams of his victims, earning the title of the Radio Demon. What remains an enigma is how Alastor went from overthrowing Overlords to disappearing from Hell to allying with the Princess.

The story of Alastor’s radio broadcast was originally related by Vaggie in the Hazbin Hotel Pilot, available to watch on YouTube.

3 Husk Reveals That Someone Controls Alastor

Season 1: Episode 5: “Dad Beat Dad”

Husk angry at Alastor in Hazbin Hotel

Yet it is Husk (Keith David) who reveals the most vital piece of information about Alastor in episode 5. When Husk goes to confront Alastor, Alastor dismisses his concerns about Mimzy, leading to him patronizingly reminding Husk that he owns his soul. Husk then snaps back the most important line of the episode: “Big talk for someone who’s also on a leash.” Alastor then threatens Husk and leaves him terrified. This moment implies that while Alastor owns Husk’s soul, someone else owns Alastor’s, which is seemingly confirmed in Hazbin Hotel season 1’s finale.

2 Alastor Is Friends With Rosie

Season 1, Episode 7: “Hello Rosie!”

Charlie Morningstar, Rosie, and Alastor in Hazbin Hotel.

This episode ultimately reveals another important figure in Alastor’s afterlife and part of his motivation for helping Charlie.

Alastor’s old friend Rosie (Leslie Rodriguez Kritzer) is properly introduced in episode 7 after making a brief appearance earlier in the season. Alastor and Rosie have a comfortable dynamic and clearly know each other well. Rosie agrees to help Charlie because Alastor “has never done [her] wrong before.” Alastor and Rosie also have a moment during “Ready For This” where they comment that sticking with Charlie is the right move because of her potential. This demonstrates that Rosie knows how Alastor thinks. This episode ultimately reveals another important figure in Alastor’s afterlife and part of his motivation for helping Charlie.


Hazbin Hotel Season 1’s 16 Songs, Ranked From Worst To Best

Amazon Prime’s new series Hazbin Hotel has a wide variety of songs with different themes and characters with some songs ranking better than others.

1 Alastor Discusses His Plans In “Finale”

Season 1, Episode 8: “The Show Must Go On”

Alastor’s last solo hints at his master plan. He sings: “I’m hungry for freedom like never before / The constraints of my deal surely have a back door / Once I figure out how to unclip my wings / Guess who will be pulling all the strings!” It once again suggests that someone is preventing Alastor from doing exactly what he wants. The “constraints of his deal [with Charlie]” are a concern, meaning that his plan probably does involve harming someone. Alastor is a complex and charismatic mystery, and his past is one of the most interesting elements of Hazbin Hotel.

All episodes of Hazbin Hotel are available to stream on Amazon Prime.

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