Almost 20 Years Later, Star Wars Fans Spot An Incredible Revenge Of The Sith Mistake
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Almost 20 Years Later, Star Wars Fans Spot An Incredible Revenge Of The Sith Mistake


  • A hidden VFX mistake in “Star Wars: Episode III” was discovered after almost 20 years, causing a stir among fans.
  • The mysterious “Mustafar Man” face was spotted at 1:59:03:21, remaining unnoticed until now due to quick camera movement.
  • Speculation grows over the identity of the random face, with jokes circulating about a potential Disney+ TV show featuring Mustafar Man.



Almost 20 years later, attentive viewers have spotted an incredible VFX mistake in Star Wars: Episode III – Revenge of the SIth – and once you see it, it can’t be unseen. George Lucas may be a Hollywood legend, but even Star Wars is packed with mistakes that made it past the final cut. Some are almost as famous as Lucas himself, such as a stormtrooper banging his head as he marches through the Tantive IV. Others, though, are rather more surprising – and a new mistake has just been spotted.

The story begins on the Reddit Star Wars Discord server, where one member made a throwaway mention of a hidden “Mustafar Man” whose face can be seen during the iconic Battle of the Heroes. Redditor Itsjustmonty couldn’t resist checking, and he was blown away when he spotted a mysterious face at exactly 1:59:03:21. Here’s the screen-shot from Disney+:

The Mustafar Man highlighted in Revenge of the Sith

This VFX slip-up has remained hidden for almost 20 years, and has only really been spotted now it’s possible to pause at leisure.

How Did A Random Face Wind Up In Revenge Of The Sith’s Mustafar Scene?

Obi-Wan Kenobi is shocked

It’s pretty easy to make this kind of mistake – The Mandalorian‘s Jeans Guy is the stuff of legend, after all, even if Disney+ did later remove him. It’s likely the camera traveled slightly further than expected for a split-second, and nobody caught the face during editing – it isn’t exactly easy to spot, after all. At time of writing, the identity of this mystery man is still unknown.

The “Mustafar Man,” as he has been named by the fanbase, will go down in history as another example of a Star Wars slip-up. Given the obsession over canon, this is leading to a lot of jokes about whether or not Mustafar Man will get his own Disney+ TV show. Perhaps he’s the spirit of ancient Sith Lord, trapped on Mustafar, watching the Battle of the Heroes and appreciating the bladework. Stranger things have happened in Star Wars.

Source: Itsjustmonty

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