Amazon’s Red Queen Cast & Character Guide
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Amazon’s Red Queen Cast & Character Guide


  • Amazon’s Red Queen is a top Spanish TV show with stellar performances and a captivating storyline.
  • Vicky Luengo shines as Antonia Scott, a genius investigator with haunting visions.
  • The ensemble cast, including Hovik Keuchkerian and Celia Freijeiro, elevates Red Queen’s success.



Amazon’s Red Queen (Reina Roja) includes a large ensemble that provides compelling performances to keep viewers on the edge of their seats. Created by Amaya Muruzabal, the thriller follows a woman named Antonia Scott, who gets wrapped up in an investigation of a string of vicious kidnappings and murders. This is one of the best Spanish-language TV shows to stream due to its compelling storyline, twists and turns, and incredible performances.

The main actors in Red Queen anchor the series, pushing the series forward at a rapid pace. Additionally, the rest of the ensemble provides some of the most moving performances. The overall success of the series is unsurprising, considering the number of established actors involved in the series. The cast includes mostly actors who work in Spain, combined with a few actors established in Hollywood as well.

Vicky Luengo As Antonia Scott

Actor: Actress Vicky Luengo was born in Mallorca, Spain, and got her first role in 2007, playing Adolescent 2 in the Spanish TV movie Rumors. She began acting in multiple short films. In 2010, Luengo got her big break playing Ari in the drama series La Pecera de Eva. Since then, she’s continued to act in Spanish movies and TV shows.

Notable Movies & TV Shows:La Pecera de Eva (2010), Born (2014) Antidisturbios (2020), Chavalas (2021), and Suro (2022)

Character: In Red Queen, Vicky Luengo plays the smartest person on the planet, Antonia Scott, a.k.a. the “Red Queen.” Antonia has an IQ of 242 and suffers terrifying visions. Prior to the start of the series, she ran a covert experimental police project. Antonia is brought back from retirement in order to investigate multiple gruesome murders.

Hovik Keuchkerian As Jon Gutiérrez

Jon turns to talk to Antonia in Red Queen.

Actor: Hovik Keuchkerian was born in Beirut, Lebanon, but moved to Madrid, Spain, at the age of three. He started his career as a boxer and then became a stand-up comedian and writer. He got his first acting role in 2010 in the short film Lost (Perdido). The same year, he got his big break as an actor playing Sandro in the historical drama Hispania, La Leyenda. While he started out acting in Spain, he went on to take jobs in American and British programs.

Notable Movies & TV Shows: Scorpion in Love (2013), Assassin’s Creed (2016), Antidisturbios (2020), Money Heist (2019-2021), and Un Amor (2023)

Character: Throughout Red Queen, Hovik Keuchkerian plays a police officer named Jon Gutierrez. Jon helps Antonia run the investigation in order to clear his record after getting arrested by his colleagues. He has a kind heart and a strong sense of justice that gets him in trouble frequently.


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Celia Freijeiro As Carla Ortiz

Carla cries and looks disheveled in Red Queen

Actor: Celia Freijeiro was born in Vigo, Galicia, Spain, and got her first onscreen role in 2005 as Alejandra in the crime thriller El Comisario. One year later, she received her first big role as Silvia Marcos in the series Amistades Pligrosas. Since then, her career has boomed with her taking on season-regular roles in multiple TV shows. She also has starred in numerous movies, including playing Laura in the cast of Bird Box: Barcelona.

Notable Movies & TV Shows:Pelotas (2009-2010), All Is Silence (2012), Seis Hermanas (2015-2017), Serve and Protect (2018), Vida Perfecta (2019-2021), Bird Box: Barcelona (2023)

Character: Celia Freijeiro plays Carla Ortiz in Red Queen. Carla is an executive at her father Ramon’s fashion company. She’s desperately trying to save the company when she gets kidnapped by Ezequiel in order to exploit and torment her father. Carla has pride in her hair, which Ezequiel cuts to humiliate her.

Andrea Trepat As Sandra A.K.A. Ezequiel

Sandra sits with her arms around her knees in Red Queen.

Actor: Actress Andrea Trepat was born in Lleida, Spain, and got her first role in 2008, playing 2008 in the drama TV show Zoo. She got her big break two years later when she was cast as Blanca in the short film Morir Cada Dia for which she won two Best Actress awards in minor film festivals. Since then, she’s gained much bigger roles on TV and in movies.

Notable Movies & TV Shows:Morir Cada Dia (2010), Gran Hotel (2013), El Club De Los Incomprendidos (2014), Caronte (2020), and Amar En Tiempos Revueltos (2021-2022)

Character: In Red Queen, Andrea Trepat plays a woman named Sandra. Sandra pretends to be Fajardo’s dead daughter, looking to get revenge on him. By the end of the series, she’s revealed as Ezequiel, the villain behind the kidnapping and torturing of victims.

Red Queen Supporting Cast & Characters

Two people share dinner in Red Queen.

Jose Ángel Egido As Ramón Ortiz: In Red Queen, Jose Ángel Egido plays Ramón Ortiz, Carla’s father and the owner of a fashion company. Egido was born in Redondela, Galicia, Spain, and got his first acting role in the 1983 short film Un Arrivo. He’s best known for acting in Mondays in the Sun, Everybody Knows, and Águila Roja.

Karmele Larrinaga As Martixu: Throughout Red Queen, Karmele Larrinaga plays Gutiérrez’s elderly mother, who is extremely loving towards her son. Larrinaga is a Spanish actress with few credits to her name but so much potential. She received her first role as Amparo in the short film Por Los Camareros. Larrinaga is best known for acting in the series Goenkale, Eskamak Kentzen, and Go!azen.

Alex Brendemühl As Mentor: Throughout Red Queen, Alex Brendemühl plays Mentor, Gutiérrez’s right-hand man leading the Red Queen organization. Brendemühl was born in Barcelona, Spain, and got his first role in 1993, playing Miquel in I Ara Què, Xènia? The actor is best known for his roles in The Prayer, From the Land of the Moon, and The German Doctor. He also plays Parques in the cast of Netflix’s Furies.


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Nacho Fresneda As Fajardo: In Red Queen, Nacho Fresneda plays Fajardo, a man who kidnaps and tortures the first-born children of millionaires. Fresneda was born in València, Spain, and got his first role as Toni in the 1996 movie Tramway to Malvarrosa. He’s best known for his roles in The Ministry of Time, Hospital Central, and The Silence of the Marsh.

Vicenta N’Dongo As Doctora Aguado: During Red Queen, Vicenta N’Dongo plays Doctora Aguado, a forensic scientist working for the Red Queen organization. N’Dongo was born in Barcelona, Spain, and got her first role in the 1992 short film El Largo Sueño De Las Plantas. The actress is best known for acting in The Messiah, V.O.S., and Los Lobos De Washington.

Pere Brasó As Bruno Lejarreta: Throughout Red Queen, Pere Brasó plays Bruno Lejarreta, a man investigating the kidnappings. Brasó was born in Barcelona, Spain, and got his first role in the 2001 short film Llamada Perdida. The actor is best known for his roles in The Body, The Invisible Guest, and The Last Days.

Emma Suárez As Laura Trueba: Emma Suárez plays a millionaire named Laura Trueba in Red Queen. Suárez was born in Madrid, Spain, and got her first professional onscreen acting role as Leticia in the 1979 drama Memorias de Leticia Valle. She is best known for acting in the movies The Red Squirrel, The Mosquito Net, and Julieta.


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Fernando Guallar As Guarda Jurado Tomás: In Red Queen, Fernando Guallar plays Guarda Jurado Tomás, a security guard with information on the kidnappings. Guallar was born in Córdoba, Spain, and got his first role in 2012, playing Auxiliar Bocadillos in Aída. That actor is best known for his roles in My Heart Goes Boom! and La Ternura.

Eduardo Noriega As Jaume Soler: Eduardo Noriega plays Juame Soler throughout Red Queen. Noriega was born in Santander, Spain, and got his first role in the 1993 short film En Casa De Diego. The actor went on to star in major movies, including Vantage Point, The Last Stand, and Transsiberian.

Urko Olazábal As Inspector Parra: Throughout Red Queen, Urko Olazábal plays a police officer named Inspector Parra. Olazábal was born in Bibao, Spain, and got his first role as Intruso in the 2014 film Sapos y Culebras. He’s best known for acting in Maixabel, Wrath, and Navajete.

Selam Ortega As Ladybug: Selam Ortega plays a tattoo artist named Ladybug in Red Queen. New to the acting profession, Ortega got her first role in 2021 in the miniseries Gastón (Un Actor De Mierda). She’s also appeared on the TV show Madres. Amor y Vida.

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