Apple TV’s Recent Update Is Breaking Some Third-Party Remotes
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Apple TV’s Recent Update Is Breaking Some Third-Party Remotes

Do you use a universal remote to control your Apple TV? You may have noticed after the most recent tvOS 17.4 update your remote may not be working.

According to a growing number of complaints, Apple seems to have broken the ability for the Apple TV to work with anything but official Apple remotes. This prevents people from controlling their Apple TV, DVD player, etc., from a single universal remote.

According to Apple Insider, some users can get their remotes to work but they must repair them every time they want to use them. This obviously is far from an ideal fix.

Apple, at the time of this posting, has not officially commented on what is causing the issue and when they plan to fix it.

Bugs like this are not unusual and often get fixed fairly quickly. At this time, impacted Apple TV customers will need to wait and use the original Apple TV remote for their Apple TV even though it may lack features they want in their universal remote. 

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