Are Brittany & Kenneth Together After The Show?
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Are Brittany & Kenneth Together After The Show?


  • Brittany and Kenneth didn’t get back together, but they maintain a close friendship after their breakup.
  • Their chemistry was more platonic than romantic, which they acknowledged at the reunion.
  • Despite the breakup, they still communicate daily and support each other emotionally.



The Love Is Blind season 6 reunion has aired, and it’s time to address whether Brittany Mills and Kenneth Gorham got back together after the season 6 finale of one of the best reality TV shows. Brittany and Kenneth aligned religiously in the pods, finding connections in their shared beliefs. However, the pair seemed to have trouble conversing while on vacation in the Dominican Republic, with Kenneth desperately addressing dolphins in the water. When Brittany told Kenneth she didn’t feel “the crave” with him back at home in Charlotte, North Carolina, it was over for the young and eager couple.

Kenneth and Brittany were only the first couple to break up before making it to the altar on Love Is Blind season 6, and while they were less dramatic, their split was confusing. Kenneth seemed engrossed in his phone as Brittany sobbed. After their abrupt breakup, Jeramey Lutinski allegedly cheated on his fiancée, Laura Dadisman, with pod ex Sarah Ann, and Jimmy Presnell broke up with Chelsea Blackwell on their final date. While it seemed Brittany and Kenneth were over for good, they teased fans ahead of the reunion with a potential reconciliation video.

Brittany & Kenneth Posted A Confusing TikTok

While it seemed safe to say that Brittany and Kenneth broke up for good, Brittany posted a confusing TikTok, suggesting the two might still be together. In the video, Brittany mimics zipping lips as Kenneth walks through a door. There is speculation that the video was made while Brittany and Kenneth were still together and was only posted for clout and excitement ahead of the reunion. Luckily, Brittany and Kenneth cleared the air at the reunion.

Brittany And Kenneth’s Reunion Update

Brittany and Kenneth revealed at the reunion that they had remained close friends after their break up. The former pair revealed they FaceTime, talk, and text nearly daily. They do not appear to be in a relationship, nor do they have a plan for when they enter into a serious relationship with someone else, as their close friendship would likely make a new partner uncomfortable. Kenneth also revealed he was broken up after he and Brittany split, but everyone handles their emotions differently.

Brittany and Kenneth may not be together after Love Is Blind, but they remain close friends. The chemistry wasn’t there romantically, but they had a beautiful friendship. The reunion seemed more dedicated to the juicy drama, but it was good that this adorable former couple got to say their piece.

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