Are Jeramey & Sarah Ann Together After The Show?
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Are Jeramey & Sarah Ann Together After The Show?


  • Jeramey and Sarah Ann are still together, dating for almost a year and living together.
  • Sarah Ann faced criticism at the reunion, defending their relationship despite doubts.
  • Jeramey faced allegations from his ex and was criticized, but Sarah Ann did most of the talking.



Love Is Blind‘s Jeramey Lutinski has been one of the most controversial figures from Love Is Blind season 6, and the reunion cleared up whether he and Sarah Ann are still together. As one of the best reality TV shows, the Love Is Blind season 6 reunion was highly anticipated by fans. Jeramey stepped out with most of the main cast sporting a Hawaiian shirt under his white suit, a nod to Laura’s disdain for him.

Sarah Ann wasn’t pulled onstage with the rest of the season 6 cast, but Nick and Vanessa Lachey swiftly launched into the Sarah Ann drama. Light, pitiful clapping from the audience accompanied her entrance when she promptly seated herself next to Jeramey, dressed like a prom queen from 2002. While Sarah Ann has been dropping hints on TikTok that she and Jeramey might be together, they couldn’t reveal the answer until the reunion. So, are Jeramey and Sarah Ann together after the show?

Jeramey And Sarah Ann’s Relationship Status Revealed

Jeramey and Sarah Ann together at the Love Is Blind reunion

Sarah Ann and Jeramey have been dating for nearly a year. Additionally, the pair live together, crediting the theory that Sarah Ann was filming her TikToks inside Jeramey’s house. Chelsea called them out, saying that they’re broken up every time she sees them, but they currently claim to be together. Despite being destroyed by Laura Dadisman via video chat, the pair doubled down on their relationship. Nick and Vanessa asked pointed questions to the pair, and Sarah Ann was on the defensive. If she thought the reunion would save her reputation, she was wrong.

Jeramey Dodged Allegations

While the TikToks from Jeramey’s ex regarding whether he had pulled a gun on her had yet to be released when the reunion was filmed, he was still asked about his former fiancée. Laura and Sarah Ann agreed that Jeramey disclosed the information he had recently been engaged, meaning he didn’t keep them in the dark. Sarah Ann was in defense mode, but Jeramey just didn’t seem to care. He took some heat from Jimmy Presnell for an insensitive comment, which he took responsibility for. Luckily for him, Sarah Ann did most of the talking. However, she didn’t do them any favors.

Jeramey and Sarah Ann are a villainous pair from Love Is Blind season 6. Between their behavior on the jet skis to harsh allegations regarding Jeramey’s past behavior, they received a bad edit on the show. It will be interesting to see whether Sarah Ann is only after clout or if she wants to be with Jeramey in the coming months. Despite what happens to Jeramey and Sarah Ann, Love Is Blind season 7 needs a better cast.

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