AT&T Has Invested More Than $145 Billion in the Last 5 Years to Improve Its Wireless & Fiber Networks
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AT&T Has Invested More Than $145 Billion in the Last 5 Years to Improve Its Wireless & Fiber Networks

Cable TV companies have been facing real competition from 5G home Internet networks as well as from fiber. Consequently, AT&T now offers both services and, to make it all possible, has invested more than $145 billion over the last 5 years on its wired and wireless networks.

Cable TV companies are not the only companies facing competition. AT&T also lost 98,000 Internet customers in 2023, but it says most had its older DSL network that it no longer offers. Now AT&T hopes to add 250,000 new fiber customers in the first quarter 2024.

Here is how AT&T describes its investment in its wireless and wired networks.

  • AT&T is focused on becoming America’s best high-performance network provider. AT&T has the largest wireless network in North America, with mid-band 5G spectrum covering 210 million+ people. Additionally, AT&T is the nation’s largest fiber provider, passing 26 million+ consumer and business locations.
  • AT&T is making critical investments in its wireless and fiber future. This includes accelerating the transition to Open Radio Access Networks (Open RAN), which will enable a more robust supplier ecosystem, and drive efficiencies and longer-term cost savings. 
  • Additionally, based on fiber returns better than initial assumptions, AT&T sees an opportunity to potentially pass an incremental 10 to 15 million consumer and business fiber locations within its existing footprint—assuming similar build parameters and a regulatory environment that incentivizes investing in America’s robust connectivity needs.
  • From 2019 to 2023, AT&T invested $145 billion+ in its wireless and wireline networks, including capital investments and acquisitions of wireless spectrum.

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