Big Anime Streaming Service HIDIVE Gets a Big Redesign With Added Features
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Big Anime Streaming Service HIDIVE Gets a Big Redesign With Added Features


  • HIDIVE revamped its platform with offline viewing and customized watchlists, making watching anime easier and more enjoyable.
  • The company listened to user feedback, implemented changes, and continues to introduce new features, solidifying its position in the anime industry.
  • HIDIVE’s unique gift subscription feature, along with licensing exciting new anime, shows its potential to be a major player in the anime streaming business.



HIDIVE just revamped its platform, making watching and enjoying your favorite anime easier and better than ever before. This development is an awesome step, as the company has listened to the feedback of users and actually implemented much-needed changes.

While HIDIVE encountered some controversy after sizing down in some countries, they have come back stronger than ever with the new redesign. There are some new features revealed in a post from HIDIVE’s official X account that will no doubt make the company one to be reckoned with in the anime industry.

HIDIVE has dramatically improved its platform and interface, and it has become more enticing to become a subscriber. Furthermore, there are still other new features that will be introduced in the coming weeks, promising to make the site as user-friendly as possible.


Every Anime Coming to HIDIVE in January 2024

HIDIVE has a variety of interesting anime premiering in January 2024, from unique action shows to twists on the popular Magical Girl genre.

How HIDIVE Revamped Their Anime Streaming App

Episode Downloads and More Options for TV Viewing Are All Part of the New Redesign

Image of anime on the HIDIVE platform with the logo in front

The improved features have been made available on multiple devices, with HIDIVE now available on Android phones, Android TV, IOS devices including Apple TV and Roku. The interface has been made much cleaner, making the viewer experience more enjoyable. For fans who want to watch their favorite anime away from home or do not have data available, they can now enjoy offline viewing, being able to download episodes and save them for later. To make things easier to manage, a watchlist and history have been added, which should come in handy when keeping track of series.


Recent HIDIVE Fantasy Anime Has an Important Lesson For Isekai (Even Though It’s Not One)

Isekai series can take notes from HIDIVE’s Helck even though it isn’t really one, but new fans need to also appreciate Helck for its true merits.

A new feature that is unique only to HIDIVE is the ability to gift subscriptions. By incorporating much-needed features that are monumental in the user experience and also coming up with their own additions, HIDIVE shows that it is a competitor in a very harsh and saturated industry. There are even more new features that will be introduced in the coming weeks, according to the website of the streaming service.

HIDIVE Has Some of the Most Exciting New Anime

Oshi no Ko, Urusei Yatsura, & The Eminence in Shadow are All Standout Series

Pursuing licenses for good anime while also constantly improving their site is a great business decision on HIDIVE’s end. The site has incredible potential to be a major player in the anime streaming business, preventing monopolies and giving people more choices. Hits like Urusei Yatsura, Oshi no Ko, and The Eminence in Shadow all show just how much potential HIDIVE has.

HIDIVE is also much cheaper than many other streaming services, which makes HIDIVE a good choive to subscribe and enjoy the many anime that the site has hosted over the years.

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