Bill Skarsgård’s New Movie Weirdly Copies Alexander Skarsgård’s 2018 Sci-Fi (But Can Do It Better)
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Bill Skarsgård’s New Movie Weirdly Copies Alexander Skarsgård’s 2018 Sci-Fi (But Can Do It Better)


  • Bill Skarsgård’s role in Boy Kills World eerily mirrors his brother Alexander’s character in Mute.
  • Despite the uncanny similarities, Boy Kills World promises better storytelling and action than the critically panned Mute.
  • Bill’s star-studded cast and captivating visuals in Boy Kills World suggest he may outshine his brother in this thrilling new film.



Bill Skarsgård’s title role in the new action thriller Boy Kills World weirdly resembles a character his older brother Alexander played in a 2018 sci-fi film. Indeed, the two have quite a lot in common – besides being the offspring of noteworthy actor Stellan Skarsgård, Bill and Alexander share similarly decades-long and illustrious careers in the TV and movie industries. Bill struck it big with roles in titles such as John Wick: Chapter 4, the It franchise, and Marvel’s Eternals, while Alexander forged a lasting impact in True Blood, Big Little Lies, and Succession.

Despite their striking similarities, Bill and Alexander stumbling upon near-identical character roles throughout their careers is incredibly uncanny. As surprising as the coincidence is, it also arranges the brothers in a fun, familial competition over who made the best of their character and took part in the better movie. From the looks of the Boys Kills World movie trailer, Bill may have the upper hand in outshining his big brother in such a role.


Wow, It’s A Really Huge Month For The Skarsgård Family

The Skarsgård family is rarely hurting for work, but February 2024 has proven to be an especially busy period for the famous acting dynasty.

Bill Skarsgård Plays A Mute Lead Character In Boy Kills World

Alexander Skarsgård played a mute lead character in 2018’s Mute.

Bill will lead the upcoming Boy Kills World movie as a man named Boy who makes it his mission to enact vengeance on the dystopian dictatorship responsible for the death of his family, which occurred in a dispute when he was just a child. The Boy Kills World trailer suggests that Boy not only witnessed his family’s murder firsthand but was left deaf and mute as a result of the altercation. Weirdly enough, Boy’s storyline bears a noticeable resemblance to that of Mute’s leading character, Leo, played by the elder Skarsgård brother, Alexander.


Duncan Jones explores a sci-fi neo-noir world in Mute, a Netflix original film that sees a mute man head into Berin’s underworld to find his missing girlfriend. Leo, a mute bartender working in a Berlin strip club, is left clues by his significant other after mysterious circumstances leave her missing. To find her, Leo will lean into his violent talents and battle his way to the truth.

Duncan Jones

Release Date
February 23, 2018



Michael Robert Johnson , Duncan Jones

Gilbert Owuor , Noel Clarke , Seyneb Saleh , Sam Rockwell , Nikki Lamborn , Alexander Skarsgard , Justin Theroux , Florence Kasumba , Robert Sheehan , Paul Rudd , Daniel Fathers

$140 million

Leo also survived horrendous childhood trauma, a catastrophic boat accident in which the propellers sliced through Leo’s throat and rendered him mute into adulthood. However, the trauma doesn’t stop him from embarking on a similarly harrowing and danger-riddled journey in the name of a loved one, for, in Mute, Leo infiltrates the Berlin underworld to recover his recently missing romantic partner, Naadirah. It’s surprising that the Skarsgård brothers would land roles that share such a specific character trait and endure comparable plights, but, in the end, Bill is bound to do it better.

Why Boy Kills World Will Probably Be Better Than Mute

Mute as 21% on Rotten Tomatoes.

Bill Skarsgaård's Boy staring into the distance in Boy Kills World

Unfortunately, people hated Mute, and it was critically panned for being a Blade Runner knock-off film that failed to back up its visual flair with a compelling or consummate narrative. The Netflix original movie had some potential strengths, such as a pleasing sci-fi noir style and a heavy-hitting cast and crew, including Source Code director Duncan Jones and actors Alexander, Paul Rudd, and Sam Rockwell, but otherwise, Mute did not impress anyone, scoring 21% on Rotten Tomatoes with critics and 47% with audiences. In all likelihood, Bill and Boys Kill World will have a much better track record.

With Bill, Famke Janssen, and Michelle Dockery in its lineup, Boy Kills World has a star-studded cast to boot and, if the trailer is any indication, will have stunning comic-book-inspired visuals that could rival the eye-catching esthetics found in the brutally reviewed Mute movie. All Boy Kills World needs to have an edge over Mute is a story that will enrapture its audiences, as well as better action sequences to put Alexander to shame. The Boy Kills World trailer doesn’t just look great but seems to promise that these aspects will be the best parts of Bill Skarsgård’s new movie.

Source: Rotten Tomatoes

Blood red poster with white font stating

Boy Kills World

Boy Kills World is an action thriller film by director Moritz Mohr, released in 2024. Set in a post-apocalyptic world, a young man simply known as “Boy” lives through terrible trauma after his family is killed by a woman named Hilda Van Der Koy, who currently rules the land. Now older and more bloodthirsty than ever, Boy heads into the fray to claim revenge while liberating the world from her tyrannical grasp.

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