Blue Bloods Season 7 Images & Story Details Reveal Treat Williams Tribute Episode
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Blue Bloods Season 7 Images & Story Details Reveal Treat Williams Tribute Episode


  • Treat Williams’ role as Lenny Ross in
    Blue Bloods
    was small but significant, earning him a proper farewell in the upcoming episode.
  • Viewers and colleagues honored Williams after his passing, recognizing his captivating onscreen partnership with Tom Selleck’s character, Frank Reagan.
  • As
    Blue Bloods
    nears its end with season 14, Williams’ tribute is a fitting acknowledgment of his impact on the show and its viewers.



New images and story details for Blue Bloods’ forthcoming episode, which will pay tribute to the late Treat Williams, has been revealed. First airing on CBS in 2010, this long-running police procedural drama follows the Reagan family, an Irish-American household who have a strong footing and are deeply involved in New York’s criminal justice system. The show featured a talented ensemble cast including a host of recurring characters like the veteran actor Treat Williams who sadly passed away.

According to TVLine, the talented actor who played Lenny Ross, a former NYPD detective, will be getting a much-deserved farewell in the Blue Bloods season 14 episode will air Friday, March 1. The episode titled “Fear No Evil” will see Frank grapple with the loss of his best friend and how he seeks to help Lenny’s daughter Tess when she lands in jail.

Treat Williams Played A Small But Vital Role In Blue Bloods

Frank (Tom Selleck) walking through the street in Blue Bloods

Treat Williams enjoyed a truly exceptional and prolonged career that saw him receive several prestigious award nominations and well-deserved accolades. Having begun his career in 1969, the veteran actor who passed away following a motorcycle accident, starred in countless classic TV shows and movies, like Once Upon A Time In America, The Phantom, and WB’s Everwood.

While Williams has a vastly impressive filmography, his recurring role as Lenny Ross in Blue Bloods was one of his more recent and notable roles. Williams joined the police procedural show in season 6, quickly striking up a captivating partnership with Frank Reagan (Selleck) both onscreen and after the cameras stopped rolling. Even though his character appeared on the show for only six episodes, he was still able to endear himself to viewers, making him one of the best guest stars to have graced Blue Bloods.


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Following his unfortunate passing, the outpouring of love and honor that he received from fans and actors, especially his Blue Bloods colleagues, indicated just how important he was on the show. Since Blue Bloods is set to end with season 14, it’s befitting that Williams gets a proper tribute in the final season.

Source: TVLine


Blue Bloods

A police procedural set in New York City, Blue Bloods follows the lives of the Irish-American Reagan family, who has a strong family history and current powerful roles in the New York Police Department.

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