Brace Yourselves, Dragon’s Dogma 2 Will Take A While To Complete
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Brace Yourselves, Dragon’s Dogma 2 Will Take A While To Complete


  • Get ready for
    Dragon’s Dogma II
    ‘s bigger open world, complex combat mechanics, and challenging quests that will keep players busy for hours.
  • Director Hideaki Itsuno reveals that completing the main quests in
    Dragon’s Dogma II
    will take a while, but exploring the open world adds more time.
  • Expect a similar playtime to the original
    Dragon’s Dogma
    , with the sequel offering a variety of fighting styles, encounters, and environments.



Fans looking forward to the release of Dragon’s Dogma II may want to set aside a healthy amount of free time before leaping into the action. Capcom’s long-awaited sequel to the cult-classic action role-playing game is set to expand on the original’s monster slaying formula with a larger open-world, more in-depth combat mechanics, and a wealth of quests that will require players to use all their wits to bring down towering beasts. Much like the first Dragon’s Dogma, the second game will be massive and will take a while to complete.

Speaking to Game Informer, Dragon’s Dogma II director Hideaki Itsuno revealed that the game’s length is approximately the same as the original title, although he specified that was only for players looking to complete the quests necessary to advance the main campaign. Heading off the main path to explore the open world and discover the game’s secrets will add a considerable amount of time to the overall playthrough. “There’s many things that could catch players’ attention and for those people, they will probably find their playtime significantly longer,” Itsuno explained.


Dragon’s Dogma 2 Hands-On Preview: “Nearly Endless Freedom In A World That’s Truly Alive”

Three hours spent with Dragon’s Dogma 2 showcased a myriad of fighting styles, encounters, and environments that make for a satisfying fantasy world.

How Long Does It Take To Beat The First Dragon’s Dogma?

The Arisen, the main character from Dragon's Dogma 2, wearing ornate plate armor, with a ring of fire floating in front of their torso.

Even if players chose to exclusively “mainline” their way through the first Dragon’s Dogma, the amount of time needed to see the credits was substantial. The complete version of the game, Dragon’s Dogma: Dark Arisen, required roughly 32 hours to complete by just sticking to primary objectives, but taking on the game’s many side activities boosted that number up to 56 hours. Dedicated fans who want to see everything Dragon’s Dogma: Dark Arisen has on offer needed to spend over 100 hours tracking down and smiting all manner of beasts.

What Is Dragon’s Dogma II About?

Dragon's Dogma 2 fighter jumping and swinging a greatsword at a giant creature wearing a metal mask.

Building on the systems established in the original Dragon’s Dogma, the sequel will see players once again taking on the role of an Arisen, a unique warrior who is marked by an all-might dragon and who is destined to slay said creature. To do that, they’ll need to grow stronger by adventuring around the world, completing quests, slaying smaller (but still massive) monsters, and working to solve a geopolitical conflict between the kingdoms of Vermund and Battahl. Player will be able to create their own character from a variety of different races and classes.

The other major draw of Dragon’s Dogma II is its improvements to the Pawn System, a form of asynchronous multiplayer pioneered by the first game. All players have the ability to create a Pawn, a customizable NPC that provides assistance in combat, and send them off to join the party of other Arisen in different worlds. Pawns have been significantly improved for the sequel and are now better equipped to deal with particularly challenging enemies or assist the player with navigating the massive world.

Source: Game Informer

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Dragon’s Dogma II

March 22, 2024


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