Captain Lee Rosbach Should Not Return To Below Deck Despite Recent Rumors
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Captain Lee Rosbach Should Not Return To Below Deck Despite Recent Rumors


  • Captain Lee’s health issues led to his departure mid-season, but he’s in much better shape now after therapy and treatment.
  • Fans are divided on Captain Lee’s return, with some feeling it’s time for new blood like Captain Kerry to take over.
  • Despite mixed reviews, Captain Lee’s legacy remains strong, and viewers may see him back as a guest on Below Deck in the future.



Below Deck viewers are not in favor of Captain Lee Rosbach coming back in season 12, according to recent rumors. Captain Lee was battling health issues in season 10, which he left midway. Captain Lee’s cruise on the yacht St. David was over when his nerve issues kept getting worse after episode 4. Captain Lee was struggling with mobility and couldn’t feel anything on the left side of his body. He began using crutches to get around the boat. Captain Lee is in far better health now after months of physical therapy and at-home sessions with a massage therapist and a clinician.

Captain Lee could barely walk on the boat last season, and I found it tough to watch

Reddit user u/b*tchassshortie talked about the possibility of Captain Lee returning to Below Deck on a thread by Redditor u/Sufficient_Visual346. The fan thinks that Below Deck needs “new blood” and to them, Kerry Titheradge is like a fresh breath of air. u/Additional_Life_9931 theorized how Captain Lee wouldn’t be back because his age would lead to insurance being “too high” and Captain Lee would become a liability on board because of his health.


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Below Deck Fans Don’t Think Captain Lee Would Pass Medical Exam

There’s absolutely no way Dr. Grenet would give him a passed medical,” added u/adamosity1. Viewers agree that Captain Lee has earned his retirement, and he deserves to enjoy it. Captain Lee might not be on the boat anymore, but he is still a part of the franchise and the Below Deck universe. Captain Kerry has the “same heart and values” according to u/legoartnana and that makes him the right candidate to take Captain Lee’s place, while he adds his own charm to the show with his unique character and personality.

“Capt Kerry is my fav now! He’s even better than Lee, he is more patient and kind. A truly amazing person,” posted u/Highfitnessfanatic.

Bravo‘s Captain Lee also has a fair number of critics. He had a good run in his first few seasons, but his later seasons were not fun enough to watch. Captain Kerry is now carrying the torch and doing his job well even though he stepped into the shoes of a seasoned superstar. Captain Lee has a legacy of his own. Still, it is time for him to move on now that he’s had a successful run on the reality TV show.

It’s good for viewers to see some variety in terms of cast members, including the Captain.

Captain Kerry and even Captain Jason Chambers bring raw energy to the table, which helps the show get in tune with the times. Captain Lee could consider returning to Below Deck but as a guest and not as a full-time cast member. Captain Lee’s Lee-isms made the show enjoyable for viewers despite their cheesiness not being everyone’s cup of tea. Viewers won’t miss Captain Lee because he will soon host the Oxygen true-crime series titled Deadly Waters.

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Source: u/Sufficient_Visual346/Reddit, Bravo/YouTube

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