Cast, Story Details & Everything We Know
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Cast, Story Details & Everything We Know


  • Alex Rider
    season 3 is confirmed and may move to Amazon Prime Video.
  • Production of season 3 has wrapped, although a release date is pending.
  • New characters related to the Scorpia organization hint at the main plot in season 3.

Alex Rider last aired in 2021, and though it’s taken its time, Alex Rider season 3 is coming. Alex Rider is an Amazon FreeVee show based on a series of novels by Anthony Horowitz. The show follows Alex Rider (Otto Farrant), a London teenager who is recruited by the Department of Special Operations, a division of MI6. His task is to infiltrate a corrective academy where the wayward children of the uber-wealthy are sent. In season 1, Alex manages to uncover a clone conspiracy, and in season 2, the conspiracy grows past the school and Alex is put on the run from his own organization.

Alex Rider has an 86% overall on Rotten Tomatoes and has been celebrated for its unique look into the English spy world from the lens of a young person. There are currently 14 books in the Alex Rider novel series and each season has corresponded with a novel, meaning there’s a lot more story to go. For Alex Rider season 3, the familiar characters could dig even deeper into the plots surrounding Alex and MI6.

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Alex Rider Season 3 Latest News

Season 3 May Move To Amazon Prime Video

As fans eagerly await more details concerning its release date, the latest news is a confident update on Alex Rider season 3. There have been conflicting reports concerning Amazon’s FreeVee streaming service, with some claiming that the media and shopping giant is closing down the ad-supported service because of Prime Video’s switch to an ad-based tier. Though Amazon has contradicted those reports, rumors persist that shows like Alex Rider could lose its home on FreeVee.

To counteract that, it has now been reported that Alex Rider will simply shift to Amazon Prime Video should FreeVee cease operation. Though the news isn’t necessarily groundbreaking in terms of season 3’s progress, it does show that the teen spy series is still a priority despite an extended wait for the newest episodes.

Alex Rider Season 3 Confirmed

Season 3 Is On The Way

Alex Rider looking shocked on a camera feed.

Alex Rider season 3 was confirmed in August 2022, a little less than a year after the finale of season 2 (via Midgard Times).

Alex Rider Season 3 Production Status

When To Expect Season 3

Alex Rider looking back in front of an empty field.

There is no definitive release date for Alex Rider season 3, but the release schedule of the previous two seasons may offer some insight. In July 2018, Alex Rider season 1 was announced to be in early production and the premiere aired on June 4, 2020. Alex Rider season 2 was announced in November 2020. Season 2 then premiered on December 3, 2021, a little over a year past the announcement. Filming on season 3 began in October 2022 (via KFTV), and wrapped March 2023 (via Midgard Times).

It has now been nearly a year since filming wrapped, but there was very little news regarding the show throughout all of 2023. This could be due to several factors, not the least of which was the Hollywood strikes which brought the film and TV industry to a halt for most of the year. With both strikes resolved, the series should establish a timeline for season 3 soon.

The Hollywood strikes of 2023 involved the WGA strike (May-September 2023) and the SAG-AFTRA strike (July-November 2023).

Alex Rider Season 3 Cast

New & Returning Cast Members For Season 3

Alex Rider talking to Mrs. Jones at a table in Alex Rider.

The cast of Alex Rider season 3 mostly returns from season 2 with a handful of notable exceptions that didn’t manage to survive the events of the second season. Cast members expected to return in season 3 include Otto Farrant as Alex Rider, as well as:


Alex Rider Role

Stephen Dillane

Alan Blunt

Vicky McClure

Mrs. Jones

Brenock O’Connor

Tom Harris

Ronke Adékoluejo

Jack Starbright

Charithra Chandran

Sabina Pleasance

Thomas Levin

Yassen Gregorovitch

Marli Siu

Kyra Vashenko-Chao

Ace Bhatti

John Crawley

Joining the Alex Rider cast is Sofia Helin (The Snowman) as Julia Rothman, a rich widow in league with the shadowy Scorpia organization, Shelly Conn (Bridgerton) as Laura Kellner, a new politician looking to shake things up in the Department of Special Operations, Kevin McNally (Pirates of the Caribbean) as Max Grendel, a senior member of Scorpia, and Jason Wong (Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves) as Nile, a Scorpia assassin and Rothman’s attack dog.

Alex Rider Season 3 Story Details

What Could Happen In Season 3?

Alex looks on in Alex Rider

With Alex Rider season 3’s new characters all seemingly related to the shadowy Scorpia organization, combined with Yassen’s clue to Alex to “find Widow, find SCORPIA“, it’s almost a certainty that season 3 will depict the events of the fifth book in the series, Scorpia. In the novel, Alex goes to find the criminal organization to learn the truth about his absent father. There, Julia Rothman recruits Alex to be an assassin for the syndicate and tasks him with killing his former handler, Mrs. Jones. Eventually, Alex catches on to just how globally dangerous Scorpia is and secretly realigns himself with MI6.

Another clue about the storyline for Alex Rider season 3 is that the production was shot in Malta which could coincide with the introduction of the new threat. Scorpia looks to be the main antagonist of season 3, and Alex Rider has many similarities to the Bond franchise, where the evil villains often have lairs and outposts in beautiful locales. It could be that the Mediterranean shores of Malta will serve as the syndicate’s home base. Alex Ryder season 3 may be the first of the series to take place mostly away from the United Kingdom.

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