Casting The New 007 Gives James Bond 26 A Massive Box Office Dilemma
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Casting The New 007 Gives James Bond 26 A Massive Box Office Dilemma


  • Bond 26 faces dilemma in selecting next 007 post Daniel Craig’s successful run as franchise looks to introduce new era.
  • Potential paths for successor include casting established star for stability or lesser-known talent for risk and revitalization of Bond.
  • Success of Bond 26 heavily relies on careful, crucial selection of next 007, potentially shaping the future of iconic franchise.



The decision of whom to cast as the new 007 in the next James Bond movie creates a massive dilemma after the box office success of the last five James Bond films. The latest movie in the James Bond franchise, No Time to Die, was a box office success, but was also Daniel Craig’s last. Heading into Bond 26, James Bond will be recast with a new actor, as will most of the supporting characters. A new era of James Bond will need to be ushered in by a new lead actor and supporting characters that don’t have the devoted following of the Craig era.

There are essentially two paths that the next stage of James Bond films can take. The first would be to find an established actor who has been a successful box office draw and is familiar with the demands that would be put on the next iteration of 007. An alternate route would be similar to the one taken when Daniel Craig was cast. The James Bond franchise could cast a younger, lesser-known actor as the Bond character as the franchise is redefined for the new era. Each path presents challenges and opportunities, and fans will be eagerly awaiting the decision.

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The James Bond Franchise Needs A Big Box Office Star After Daniel Craig’s Exit

After the overwhelming success of Daniel Craig’s James Bond run, the franchise would certainly benefit from a well-known box office star to usher in the next phase of James Bond. An established movie star would help mitigate the unpredictable nature of James Bond in the post-pandemic box office. They would ensure a large audience whenever Bond 26 is released and would minimize some of the risk of audiences reacting tentatively to an unknown actor that fans need time with before they can be completely comfortable.

Below are the global box office numbers for each of the five Daniel Craig era James Bond films.


Release Date

Global Box Office

Casino Royale

November 2006

$616 million

Quantum of Solace

October 2008

$590 million


October 2012

$1.1 billion


October 2015

$880 million

No Time to Die

September 2021

$774 million

Many established names have been rumored to be interested in the James Bond role, such as Henry Cavill playing James Bond, Idris Elba, and Aaron Taylor-Johnson. Each of these would provide instant audience recognition and experience of being a central figure in action films or franchises. The downside, of course, with more established actors is that they tend to be older, which makes them less likely to agree to deals that span four or five movies. When Daniel Craig initially took the role, he was not a household name but eventually became one after a series of strong Bond performances.

Bond 26 Would Benefit From A Lesser-Known Actor (But That’s A Big Risk)

James Bond 26 007 Actors First Movie Lessons Learn

When Daniel Craig was initially announced as James Bond back in 2006, the news was met with a mix of speculation and frustration. After global superstar Pierce Brosnan ended his time as James Bond, fans thought another well-known actor would step into the role. Craig was not well-known and did not fit the typical physical profile of on-screen James Bond, but his performance, physical style, and sincere approach to the role won fans over in his 15 years with the character.

Should the James Bond franchise go that route again? Can they catch lightning in a bottle twice in a row by taking a relative unknown and putting them into one of the most popular franchises in movie history? A lesser-known character would ensure the franchise could get a younger actor on board for several years. It is certainly a risk that could potentially alienate fans if the actor doesn’t come with the action bona fides and the panache of the James Bond character, and it’s a decision that must be done carefully considering how important this one decision is.

Bond 26’s Success Depends Almost Entirely On Its 007 Casting

The formula for James Bond movies is largely the same from movie to movie. Create some kind of international crisis, insert a menacing villain with lots of henchmen, introduce several beautiful women to be either James Bond’s friend or foe and have Bond travel around the world, putting things back in order and enacting the occasional bit of revenge. With Bond mogul Barbara Broccoli and the Bond protectors unlikely to reinvent that wheel, the casting of the next James Bond could make or break the next phase of the franchise.

In mid-February 2024, Barbara Broccoli said “there is nothing happening yet” when asked about a new
James Bond

There is presently no timetable announced for a new James Bond movie or casting selection, but discussions are currently underway. Similarly, nothing is yet known about the plot of James Bond 26, except for the fact that it will be a soft reboot of the franchise with Daniel Craig departing. With the franchise now including 25 films and moving into a new phase of storyline and character introduction, nothing can preserve the value of this 60-year-old brand more than the right selection of the next actor to play James Bond.

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