Chicago Fire’s Kara Killmer Isn’t Sad About Her Season 12 Exit
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Chicago Fire’s Kara Killmer Isn’t Sad About Her Season 12 Exit

Warning: SPOILERS ahead for Chicago Fire season 12, episode 6!




  • Kara Killmer enjoyed her character’s exit from
    Chicago Fire
    season 12, finding it fun and satisfying.
  • Sylvie Brett’s departure in episode 6 provided her with a happy ending after many relationship challenges.
  • Killmer is open to returning as Sylvie in future guest appearances, highlighting the importance of her role.

Chicago Fire star Kara Killmer isn’t sad about the exit of her character. Sylvie Brett, from the series in season 12. The final episode featuring the paramedic saw her and Lieutenant Matthew Casey (Jesse Spencer) get married, following many ups and downs in their relationship over the years. She ends up moving to Oregon with her husband, where they’ll be raising their adopted sons and daughter.

Speaking with The Hollywood Reporter, Killmer revealed she had no regrets about the way Sylvie left Chicago Fire season 12. The actor said that, during her last days filming, she had fun with her role, happy with her character’s fate. Check out what Killmer had to say below:

I had a lot of time to process Sylvie’s exit. And so these last six episodes, and certainly the last episode, all felt like bonus to me. I feel like I probably spent more time just savoring it and having fun, rather than necessarily doing a lot of grieving. It’s just such a fun place to be and it was a blast! I went out with a bang!

Sylvie Brett was first introduced in Chicago Fire season 3, appearing as a series regular for her entire time on the show.

Sylvie’s Ending In Chicago Fire Was A Fitting Farewell

Kara Killmer as Sylvie Brett and Jesse Spencer as Matt Casey in Chicago Fire

Setup for Sylvie’s final episode came at the end of Chicago Fire season 11, when Matthew returned to the city and proposed to her. Much of her story in season 12 focused on preparing for her wedding, including decisions on how everything was going to go. When season 12, episode 6 came along, it offered the paramedic a happy ending, giving her bookends after many relationships throughout the show.

The fact that Sylvie was able to leave the series with a happy ending is a testament to everything her character has been through. In her time on the series, she’s gone from someone Firehouse 51 wasn’t comfortable having around after Leslie’s death to a trusted member of the team. Now that she is gone, it will certainly leave a hole in the team, but one tinged with positivity because of how her story ended.


Chicago Fire: Casey & Brett’s Wedding Is Already Better Than Dawson’s Because Of 1 Key Detail

Ahead of tying the knot, Matt Casey’s wedding to Sylvie Brett in Chicago Fire season 12 is already better than his ceremony with Gabriela Dawson.

Killmer also didn’t rule out the possibility of Sylvie coming back for a guest appearance in the future. This means that, while her overarching story is now over, Chicago Fire could still bring her back, offering updates on the paramedic’s new life. The amount of fun the actor had playing her role shows just how important it was to her – and will still be for the history of One Chicago, even if she’s not around anymore.

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