Citra & Sam’s “Family Honeymoon” Explained
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Citra & Sam’s “Family Honeymoon” Explained


  • Sam and Citra spent their first night as a married couple apart due to cultural differences.
  • The couple’s first night together revealed that they had been waiting to consummate their relationship.
  • Citra’s dad gave Sam a strict ultimatum to convert to Islam before marrying his daughter.



90 Day Fiancé‘s Sam Wilson and Citra Herani got married and spent their honeymoon night in an exciting way. Citra, who hails from Indonesia, met Sam on a dating app and admitted that, at the time, she was just looking for a friend, not a partner. However, Sam and Citra connected and began an online relationship before meeting in person. Sam opened up about his drug addiction struggles with Citra before she arrived in the United States, adding that he had been clean for a while but had relapsed before.

Although Citra was aware of Sam’s drug addiction, she had no clue he was in any legal trouble. The 90 Day Fiancé season 10 star admitted that he had missed applying for his diversion program after the police pulled him over for having suboxone that wasn’t in a prescription. Sam and Citra’s relationship struggled due to different cultural and religious backgrounds as well, with Sam having to convert to Islam before their wedding.


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Sam And Citra Spend Their Wedding Night Apart

Sam and Citra’s first night together didn’t turn out the way Sam had hoped. During the February 25 episode of 90 Day Fiancé season 10, the cameras introduced Citra and her sisters lying in the same bed, with Sam in a different bunk bed. “Last night was our first night as a married couple, and we slept upstairs with her family. We didn’t sleep together, we were too busy with ghosts,” Sam said. Citra stated she didn’t feel safe at the farmhouse, as she was afraid of ghosts and serial killers.

Sam And Citra Laundry Room Action

Sam and Citra montage from 90 Day Fiance
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Sam and Citra revealed that their first night alone as a married couple was different than expected. Due to Citra’s religious beliefs, the duo had been waiting until after marriage to consummate their relationship. Sam and Citra indicatedthere was a lot of buildup leading to that moment, with Citra saying, “Finally, we have time together to do something that we want. It finally happened last night.

Citra spoke about their first intimate moment that happened in the most unusual place, thanks to Sam’s dog. The 90 Day Fiancé stars added that Sam’s dog tried to get in on the action by trying to kiss Citra as she kissed Sam. The dog is used to sleeping in Sam’s bed; therefore, Citra devised a plan to try it in the laundry room.

His dogs, used to sleep in his bed. So, when Sam and I tried to make out and the dogs tried to lick me, and also tried to lick Sam, I was like, OK, maybe we can try in the laundry room

Citra’s Dad’s Advice To Sam

Herman, Citra’s dad, was strict with Sam and laid out his ground rules and his expectations of Sam when he married Citra. When Sam and Citra were preparing for their nuptials, Herman threatened to take Citra back to Indonesia if Sam’s drug issues landed him in jail. Before leaving for Indonesia, Citra’s dad stated his expectations of his now son-in-law, asking him to be on his best behavior. Herman reminded the 30-year-old to be a responsible person, take care of his family, and live by Islamic law (via 90 Day Fiancé Instagram).

Citra’s ultimatum to Sam was for him to convert to her religion. Eventually, Sam converted to Islam, and the 90 Day Fiancé couple married in a private ceremony in a mosque before their main wedding. During the show, Sam revealed he was an atheist and struggled with abstaining from intimacy before marriage, fasting during Ramadan, and not drinking alcohol.

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