Clayton’s Sister Drops Bombshell Accusation Against Anali At Tell All
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Clayton’s Sister Drops Bombshell Accusation Against Anali At Tell All


  • Brandi accuses Anali of being a possible scammer, questioning the validity of Clayton and Anali’s relationship.
  • Anali’s behavior, such as hiding her relationship from her father and the lack of social media posts with Clayton, raises suspicions.
  • Anali reveals she made a sacrifice to move to America for Clayton, but tensions arise as it’s revealed that Brandi badmouths her and tries to sabotage her relationship with Clayton.



90 Day Fiancé star Clayton Clark is in for a shock after his sister Brandi is making a serious accusation against Anali Vallejos. Clayton from Kentucky met Anali from Peru on a language learning app. Clayton went to meet Anali within a few months and came back engaged from the trip. Anali moved into Clayton’s apartment that she shared with his closet-dwelling mom Violet, two guinea pigs, and two chihuahuas. Clayton and Anali’s relationship suffered because of her not giving him intimacy for almost two months and refusing to tell her father the reason she moved to America.

“I just thought it was like a catfish thing!”

A clip from the 90 Day Fiancé Tell All Part 2 shared by ET shows Clayton’s sister Brandi accusing Anali of being a possible scammer.

Shaun Robinson invited Brandi on set after mentioning that Clayton’s sister had some doubts about the couple and was “more than willing” to share them. Shaun wants to know if Brandi’s opinions have changed, but she admits that she has had “reservations” about Anali from the start and will “continue to have them.” Brandi admits that at first, she thought Clayton’s relationship with Anali wasn’t real.


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Clayton’s Sister Insinuates Anali Relationship Is “Fraudulent”

90 Day Fiancé Clayton & Anali posing for season 10 promo

Shaun pushes Brandi to talk about whether it was something that Anali said or did that made her have some type of concern about the woman her brother had married. Brandi mentions it was the fact that Anali hid her relationship from her dad. Brandi also spoke about Anali not making any posts about Clayton on social media. Brandi felt that this behavior by Anali was odd. Brandi wondered if Anali had a boyfriend in Peru who she didn’t want Clayton to find out about. This blunt admission by Brandi makes Anali’s jaw drop.

“If somebody was hiding me, I would think, like, what else are you hiding?”

Brandi says when Nikki Exotika asks her if she’s trying to suggest that Clayton and Anali’s relationship is fraudulent. Meanwhile, Anali tries to explain her side of the story. Anali reveals that she never wanted to move to America and Brandi was aware of it. Anali explains that her initial idea was for Clayton to move to Peru. However, Anali had to make a sacrifice because of Clayton’s work, which led to her relocating to the U.S. Anali had to leave her family and her country behind for Clayton.

Anali doesn’t appreciate Brandi badmouthing her in front of the cameras.

Anali and Brandi had started to get along well as the season progressed. It was Brandi who had organized a bachelorette party for Anali. However, Brandi also included a stripper in the celebration despite knowing Clayton’s only rule for his wife-to-be was “no strippers.Clayton and Anali almost split because of the scantily clad man that Brandi had hired. Brandi also wanted Anali to get drunk to find out “who she really is.” Perhaps Brandi got the stripper on purpose to sabotage her brother’s wedding.

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