Confirmation, Episode Count, & Everything We Know
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Confirmation, Episode Count, & Everything We Know


  • Black Mirror
    season 7 is set to debut in 2025 with a “USS Callister” follow-up episode.
  • Season 6 deviated from the expected format, causing a mixed reaction from viewers.
  • Black Mirror
    season 7 will consist of 6 new episodes, though little is known at this time.

With plenty of Netflix subscribers having binged the latest season, there’s already a demand to know what the future holds for the anthology franchise with any Black Mirror season 7 news. Created by Charlie Brooker, the series takes a look at the potential dark sides of modern technology and the disturbing places these advancements could be taking humanity. With new directors and actors used in each episode, the show tells a wide variety of exciting and thought-provoking stories. Black Mirror began in 2011 as a British series before continuing on as a Netflix original series.

Black Mirror season 6 offered a new collection of episodes from directors like Toby Haynes and John Crowley, and featuring actors like Annie Murphy, Josh Hartnett, and Zazie Beetz. However, season 6 also strayed from the expected Black Mirror format, with less of a focus on technology at the center of the stories and episodes that take place, not just in the near future, but also in the past. The change in approach was met with mixed reactions from viewers and there are many wondering what these changes mean for Black Mirror season 7.

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Black Mirror Season 7 Latest News

The Release Year Is Revealed & More

Several months after the show was officially green-lit by Netflix, the latest update reveals a release year for Black Mirror season 7. Though it might not be the quick turnaround that fans were hoping for, the upcoming 6-episode season will debut sometime in 2025. While there is no concrete date yet, it will likely come in the earlier part of the year. It has also been announced that season 7 of Black Mirror will feature a follow-up to “USS Callister”, a fan-favorite episode that is a send-up to classic sci-fi shows like Star Trek.

“USS Callister” is season 4, episode 1 of Black Mirror.

Black Mirror Season 7 Is Confirmed

More Black Mirror Is Coming Soon

Black Mirror Beyond the Sea Aaron Paul as Cliff

Unlike in previous years when it took a long time to hear news about the future of the show, Black Mirror season 7 has officially been confirmed mere months after the conclusion of season 6. The sci-fi anthology series deviated from the norm a bit in season 6 but is obviously still a big hit for Netflix.

Black Mirror Season 7 Production Status

The Seventh Season Arrives In 2025

Various characters from Black Mirror Episodes
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Little is known about the production of Black Mirror season 7, but the 6-episode season is scheduled to arrive on Netflix in 2025. The series is notorious for its long waits between seasons, with a near half-decade gap between seasons 5 and 6. Fortunately, the wait for season 7 will likely be much shorter, and it will probably arrive in the early half of 2025.

Black Mirror Season 7 Cast

Who Will Appear In Season 7?


The Black Mirror season 7 cast is unknown as the anthology series brings in new actors each season for each episode. The Black Mirror season 6 cast was one of the most star-studded of the entire series with Emmy winners like Annie Murphy and Aaron Paul, up-and-coming stars like Zazie Beetz and Danny Ramirez, and Hollywood legends like Salma Hayek. With the show’s growing popularity, there will surely be plenty of recognizable actors in Black Mirror season 7.

Black Mirror Season 7 Story Details

What Happens In Season 7?

Black Mirror Season 6 Mazey Day is a werewolf

The Black Mirror season 7 episode stories won’t be revealed for some time, and the only thing known about the upcoming season is that a follow-up to season 4, episode 1, “USS Callister” will be one of the six episodes. It also looks like there is some intention to change things with the “Red Mirror” episodes introduced in the latest season. There has been considerable backlash against the episodes that deviate from what is expected, with some feeling that the “Red Mirror” episodes fail to match the quality of standard Black Mirror stories and existing supernatural horror anthologies.

Series creator Charlie Brooker spoke about why the Black Mirror season 6 episodes were so different, and Brooker explained that he was boxed in by the format. He shared, “I don’t want to sit here feeling like I’m in a box where I have to write an episode about NFTs or whatever’s on the tech pages today. That’s not what the show was ever intended to do.” If Brooker continues this trend for the seventh season, all bets are off on what to expect in the next Black Mirror season.

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