Constellation’s Massive Jo & Paul Twist Was Secretly Teased In Episode 1
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Constellation’s Massive Jo & Paul Twist Was Secretly Teased In Episode 1


  • Constellation
    episode 6 sheds light on Jo & Paul’s reality twist, teasing it from the start.
  • Characters in
    face multiversal challenges, crossing over to different timelines.
  • Communication mix-ups with Paul’s wives reveal both he and Jo are in each other’s universes.



Warning: This article contains spoilers for Constellation episodes 1-6.Constellation episode 6, “Paul is Dead,” finally provided a huge amount of context regarding what’s happened to Jo, but the Apple sci-fi show had already dropped a very heavy hint in the first episode. With everything that’s going on in Constellation, it’s easy to miss the clues the show provides regarding its cerebral twists and turns. However, there’s an exchange in Constellation episode 1, “The Wounded Angel,” that retrospectively gives the game away.

Most members of the Constellation cast have a tricky job to do, as they have to portray slightly different versions of the same character from different universes. While Constellation doesn’t immediately make it clear that it’s a multiversal story, the slow-burning reveal eventually confirms as much. However, most of the characters aren’t completely aware of both universes that are shown on screen. In defense of those who are living in the dark, there are only a few key differences between Constellation‘s two alternate timelines.


Constellation Episode 6 Ending Explained: What Happened To Paul?

Constellation episode 6 surprisingly unfolds from Paul’s perspective, resolving some major mysteries surrounding the distortions in Jo’s reality.

The Jo In Constellation Episode 1 Doesn’t Know What The CAL Is

Both Jo and Paul from Bud’s universe switched places with their counterparts in Henry’s universe

The early stages of “The Wounded Angel” show the Jo native to Henry’s universe explaining to Alice over video chat what the CAL is, as well as its purpose. Jo doesn’t know the specifics about the equipment, but she knows enough to describe it to Alice and even addresses it by name. However, later in the episode, and after the ISS’ collision with the mysterious dead cosmonaut, Jo is asked to retrieve the “CAL data core in Destiny.” Somewhat confusingly, Jo replies, “Don’t know it. Not sure I’ll have time.”

The version of Paul that succumbed to his injuries aboard the ISS had also made the jump to Henry’s universe with Jo.

This is because the Jo speaking is actually an alternate version of the same woman who has unknowingly traveled over from Bud’s universe – where the CAL doesn’t exist. This would have been even more evident if Paul hadn’t died, as the version of Paul that succumbed to his injuries aboard the ISS had also made the jump to Henry’s universe with Jo. Similarly, the Paul who had been working on the CAL earlier in the episode then swapped places with his counterpart, surviving in Bud’s universe. So, the less fortunate Paul died before he could notice his new reality’s variances.

Jo & Paul Have Now Both Called Jo’s Wife By Corresponding Wrong Names

Paul’s wife is known as Erica & Frida (Depending on the universe)

Rebecca Scroggs looking annoyed as Frida Lancaster in Constellation

Paul and Jo would seem to be the only members of the ISS crew flung from their own universe as a result of the accident. Both versions of Paul and Jo each swapped universes together. As such, Jo did actually lose the Paul from her reality despite them both being in a new universe, and the same is true for Paul’s loss of his version of Jo. In each reality, the respective surviving character was left stranded in a universe where they knew Paul’s wife by a different name. While there are other giveaways, this is one of the cleverest and most subtle.


Apple TV+ Already Has The Perfect Sci-Fi Show To Watch After Constellation Ends

Once Constellation is over, AppleTV+ has another sci-adventure that begins shortly after that shares many of the same themes and ideas.

In Henry’s universe, where Jo is stranded, Paul’s wife is called Frida. When Jo calls her Erica, Frida corrects her. In Bud’s universe, where Paul now resides, his wife’s name is Erica. Paul incorrectly calls her Frida before she tells him her name is Erica. While Jo’s misnaming scene in Constellation episode 3, “Somewhere in Space Hangs My Heart” comes across as an understandable error, Paul getting his wife’s name wrong in “Paul is Dead” in such a specific way confirms that Jo and Paul are both in one another’s home realities. So, at least one Constellation mystery is resolved.

Constellation Season 1 Release Schedule

Episode Number


Release Date (2024)


The Wounded Angel

February 21


Live and Let Die

February 21


Somewhere in Space Hangs My Heart

February 21


The Left Hand of God

February 28


Five Miles Out, the Sound is Clearest

March 6


Paul is Dead

March 13


Through the Looking Glass

March 20



March 27

There is a new episode of
on Apple TV+ each Wednesday, with the finale arriving on March 27, 2024.

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Constellation is a sci-fi psychological thriller written and created by Peter Harness for Apple TV+. After facing a crisis in space, Astronaut Jo returns to Earth only to discover nothing is quite the same – and that her sanity may be slowly slipping from her grasp.

Noomi Rapace , Jonathan Banks , James D’Arcy , Lenn Kudrjawizki , William Catlett , barbara sukowa , Carole Weyers

Release Date
February 21, 2024


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