Constellation’s Weird Baby Wipes Scene Is Surprisingly Accurate To Real Life
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Constellation’s Weird Baby Wipes Scene Is Surprisingly Accurate To Real Life


  • Paul’s unconventional solution in
    is inspired by a real-life astronaut’s quick thinking on the ISS in 2018.
  • Contrary to what may seem far-fetched,
    strives to stay grounded in real scientific theories and principles.
  • The baby wipe scene in
    highlights the show’s commitment to authenticity and realism in its storytelling approach.



The dangers of life in space are made scarily evident in Constellation, and while Paul Lancaster saving the day with baby wipes in episode 6 may seem bizarre, it’s not too far removed from what could happen in reality. Paul’s quick and unconventional thinking ultimately saves most of the astronauts on the ISS, but the commander’s idea isn’t actually as original as it may appear.

Alternate universes aside, the show takes a grounded approach to its storytelling – including Constellation‘s nod to an 89-year-old thought experiment. It does this by abiding by real scientific theories and principles that haven’t been created for the show. Apple TV+’s sci-fi drama may take some creative license with how these realistic elements are approached, but most of what the Constellation cast does and experiences is rooted in the real world. While this may exclude slipping between different dimensions, Paul’s on-the-spot solution is more authentic than it seems.


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Constellation’s Baby Wipe Scene Is Based On a Real ISS Emergency

A real ESA astronaut once achieved a very similar feat to Paul

The International Space Station (ISS) isn’t a work of fiction. The real ISS, which has been permanently staffed by a rotation of astronauts and cosmonauts since November 2000, experienced a drop in pressure due to a meteorite collision in 2018. Constellation‘s Paul Lancaster opted to plug his fracture in the glass with baby wipes in the throes of heat-of-the-moment thinking. While this seems unlikely to work, a real ESA astronaut named Alexander Gerst plugged a microfracture on the ISS using only his finger back in 2018. So, Paul’s solution isn’t so crazy by comparison.

The difference is that the damage to Gerst’s ISS was eventually repaired more permanently, whereas Lancaster’s crew was forced to abandon the station.

According to Daily Mail, Gerst’s solution to the damage was only temporary while his crew “Patched it with tape.” However, the difference is that the damage to Gerst’s ISS was eventually repaired more permanently, whereas Lancaster’s crew was forced to abandon the station. However, the presence of baby wipes on Lancaster’s ISS is another factor that ties the station to its real-world counterpart. Speaking on the NASA podcast Houston, We Have a Podcast in 2020, former ISS inhabitant Elisca Hicks confirmed her crew, “Have wet wipes, like a baby wipe on board as well.”

The Baby Wipe Scene Proves Constellation’s Commitment to Realism

Constellation works so well because it keeps events as true to reality as possible

Constellation has undeniably fantastical elements as part of its formula. It’s for this reason that the story’s components that aren’t incredibly fictional need to align with real-world possibilities. Paul’s baby wipe scene on the ISS taking inspiration from actual events aboard the station, and the supplies a quick-thinking astronaut would have to hand, is a great example of how the show keeps itself as grounded as it can whenever possible. Another is the CAL, a real-world experiment. Constellation‘s devotion to authenticity during sequences such as these is part of what makes the show so believable despite its fictional components.

Constellation Season 1 Release Schedule

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The Wounded Angel

February 21


Live and Let Die

February 21


Somewhere in Space Hangs My Heart

February 21


The Left Hand of God

February 28


Five Miles Out, the Sound is Clearest

March 6


Paul is Dead

March 13


Through the Looking Glass

March 20



March 27

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Source: Daily Mail, NASA

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