Crescent City Book 4 Updates, Story Setup & Everything We Know
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Crescent City Book 4 Updates, Story Setup & Everything We Know


  • House of Flame and Shadow
    concludes Bryce and Hunt’s story, but Sarah J. Maas has already confirmed
    Crescent City 4.
  • The emotional and action-packed resolution to Maas’ first three books does leave the door open for some characters to return.
  • Crescent City 4
    won’t release any time soon, as Maas is planning other projects before that one.



Sarah J. Maas’ House of Flame and Shadow serves as a conclusion to Bryce and Hunt’s story, but it leaves the door open for Crescent City 4 — in fact, it even sets it up. The Crescent City books have become nearly as popular as Maas’ Court of Thorns & Roses series, and much excitement accompanied the 2024 release of House of Flame and Shadow. This installment brings the storyline set up in the first two books to a satisfying close, but that doesn’t mean the characters can’t return in future Crescent City novels.

On the heels of House of Sky and Breath‘s Prythian plot twist, House of Flame and Shadow delivers an emotional and action-packed resolution to the first three books — one that nearly costs Bryce her life. Bryce’s final confrontation with Rigelus and the Asteri raises the stakes higher than ever before, giving her the chance to fulfill her destiny. It also brings in characters from the ACOTAR series and nods to Throne of Glass, setting up a multiverse of sorts. Needless to say, Maas can continue writing stories in all three worlds. And given her recent comments, it seems as though she will.


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Sarah J. Maas Has Confirmed Crescent City Book 4

The Author Already Has Ideas For The Sequel

Although Bryce and Hunt’s story is seemingly over, Maas has already confirmed that Crescent City 4 is happening. The author admitted as much during an interview with, though she didn’t give many details about the next book’s premise. She did reveal that she already knows “who the book’s about” and “the big ideas” she wants to tackle. Given how many great supporting characters appear in the Crescent City series, there are plenty of options for who she could follow next. House of Flame and Shadow puts a lot of work into wrapping certain storylines, but it does set up a potential future for the series.

Crescent City Book 4 Story: What House of Flame and Shadow Sets Up

Multiple Characters Could Continue Their Journeys In The Next Book

House Of Flame & Shadow Cover featuring a golden woman with snakes

Following the fight for Midgard, House of Flame and Shadow leaves several supporting characters in positions that could be further fleshed out in Crescent City 4. Hunt appointing Isaiah to a leadership role among the angels opens up all sorts of possibilities for the latter’s character arc. New threats could emerge, forcing Isaiah to contend with them and kicking off an all-new conflict. The same could be said of Hypaxia, who is the head of the House of Flame and Shadow when the third book ends.

While Isaiah and Hypaxia’s storylines could technically continue, Maas’ ending doesn’t necessarily tease it. However, the conclusion of House of Flame and Shadow seems to intentionally leave two characters’ storylines ripe for expansion: Tharion and Ithan. Tharion is looking for his wife when Crescent City 3 concludes, and his encounter with Ariadne suggests there’s more to his story. Likewise, Ithan becoming Prime opens the door for his own conflicts as he takes on this new position.

Crescent City Book 4’s Release Won’t Be Any Time Soon

Sarah J. Maas Has Plans For Another ACOTAR Book & A Secret Project First

The cover of Sarah J. Maas' Crescent City with a red background and a bird

While there are several directions Crescent City 4 can take, the next book’s release date won’t be any time soon. During her conversation with, Maas admitted, “On the airport taxiing line, it’s a little down.” She also revealed she’s working on at least two books prior to it: the next installment in her ACOTAR series and an unnamed project “that’s been brewing in the back of my mind for a long time.Based on that, it sounds like Maas fans have a lot to look forward to. There’s no telling when Crescent City 4 will arrive, but given the overlap between series, it’s possible the characters will return sooner.

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