Cult of The Lamb Comic Kickstarter Immediately Shatters Its Goal, Setting New Record
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Cult of The Lamb Comic Kickstarter Immediately Shatters Its Goal, Setting New Record

The Kickstarter for Cult of the Lamb’s official comic has gone live, and it has immediately broken its goal in a staggering six minutes!


  • Cult of the Lamb comic announced on Kickstarter, already surpassed goal, reflects game’s huge success since 2022 debut.
  • Cult of the Lamb: The First Verse comic by Oni Press, Devolver Digital, Massive Monster delves into game’s world and characters.
  • Kickstarter campaign for comic funded in just six minutes, first three stretch goals reached in over three hours. Story still developing.



An official comic for the hit video game Cult of the Lamb has officially been announced on Kickstarter, and the project has already broken its goal. Since its debut in 2022, Cult of the Lamb has been a massive success with fans. This roguelite dungeon crawler with an Animal Crossing twist developed a massive fanbase that has made it into one of the most popular video games of the 2020s. Now, the creators have opened up a Kickstarter to expand the game to comics, and it’s already defied expectations.

According to Kickstarter, Cult of the Lamb: The First Verse is a project developed by Oni Press, Devolver Digital and Massive Monster that presents itself as a retelling of the game’s story as fans will be able to “witness the coming of Lamb’s first flock anew.” The comic will dive deep into the game’s massive world as it explores “the sprawling cosmology and diabolic cast of characters that populates the many realms of the beloved, millions-selling video game hit.” The goal for this comic was set for a modest $10,000, but fans were quick to exceed these expectations.

Cult of the Lamb The First Verse Comic Cover featuring the Lamb Fighting Monsters

Not even a day after going live, the creators of the Kickstarter page officially announced that not only was this campaign FUNDED IN JUST SIX MINUTES, but you have also SHATTERED through our first three stretch goals in just over three hours!

This Story is Currently Developing…

Source: Kickstarter

  • Cult of the Lamb Key Art

    Cult of the Lamb


    Massive Monster

    Action, RPG, Adventure, Strategy

    PlayStation 4, Xbox Series S/X, PlayStation 5, Steam, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One

    Devolver Digital


    How Long To Beat:
    13-14 hours

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