Doctor Who Art Has Photo-Realistic Version Of The 15th Doctor In His Western Look
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Doctor Who Art Has Photo-Realistic Version Of The 15th Doctor In His Western Look


  • Ncuti Gatwa’s
    Doctor Who
    character, the Fifteenth Doctor, is beautifully captured in detailed artwork by Tess Kievit on Instagram.
  • Gatwa’s new Doctor will break tradition by having multiple costumes in season 14, including a stylish 1960s suit and a leather jacket.
  • With diverse wardrobe choices, Gatwa’s Doctor stands out as the most fashionable Time Lord, adding excitement to
    Doctor Who
    season 14.



Ncuti Gatwa’s Fifteenth Doctor is painstakingly captured in a new piece of Doctor Who artwork. Gatwa joined the long-running sci-fi series in the third 2023 anniversary special, taking the keys to the TARDIS from David Tennant’s Fourteenth Doctor in an unprecedented bi-generation twist. The Fifteenth Doctor returns in the spring for Doctor Who season 14, where he will be joined by companion Ruby Sunday (Millie Gibson) for new adventures in space and time.

Ahead of Gatwa’s new Doctor Who episodes, artist Tess Kievit has shared an incredibly detailed portrait of the Time Lord on Instagram.

In the piece above, Kievit has captured one of Gatwa’s costumes from the seasonal special “The Church on Ruby Road,” where the Doctor watches Ruby perform with her band. He wears a brown coat and orange jumper along with a cowboy hat. The artwork is a stunning piece that accurately captures the Fifteenth Doctor’s portrait against a starry night sky.


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Ncuti Gatwa’s Doctor Who Costumes Have Already Made Fifteen A Fashion Icon

Gatwa’s extensive wardrobe for Doctor Who season 14 has already sparked excitement, as his incarnation of the Time Lord is set to stand out from previous ones. While all Doctors since 2005 have had costume changes depending on certain situations, each had a main outfit that they almost always wore, making for a recognizable appearance. However, Gatwa’s Doctor might don a new outfit in every episode of his first season.


Doctor Who’s Season 14 Costumes Secretly Honor The Previous Doctors

Ncuti Gatwa has broken tradition by having multiple different costumes in Doctor Who and his new costumes secretly honor his preceding Doctors.

As cameras began rolling on Doctor Who season 14, it became clear that the Doctor would have a large wardrobe beyond his first costume. He will not only wear a stylish 1960s-inspired suit and formal Regency-era wear for historical stories, but he will also trade in his brown coat for a leather jacket in modern-day adventures. With this varied range of costumes, Gatwa’s Doctor breaks away from past costume choices and stands out as the most fashionable incarnation of the Time Lord to date.

With a new lease on life following the Doctor Who 60th anniversary specials and a new companion to share the universe with, the Doctor’s fashionable and varied range of looks for his adventures has only contributed to the excitement surrounding season 14. While it was only a brief ensemble in 2023’s seasonal special, the above artwork is a beautiful rendition of a now well-appreciated Doctor Who costume. There is only more to come.

Doctor Who
season 14 will air in May on Disney+ for international viewers, and on BBC One and BBC iPlayer for UK audiences.

Source: Tess Kievit/Instagram

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