Every Major Star Trek Comic Book Crossover, Ranked
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Every Major Star Trek Comic Book Crossover, Ranked


  • X-Men and Star Trek team up to fight Proteus in a unique crossover event full of twists and epic battles.
  • Autobots and Enterprise join forces in a nostalgic Saturday-morning cartoon style story, uniting two beloved franchises.
  • Star Trek meets Green Lantern in an action-packed crossover full of heroics and epic battles against deadly foes.



Star Trek has been one of the leading science fiction franchises in entertainment since it first aired in 1965. From then on, Gene Roddenberry’s creation has expanded, and remains one of its genre’s most influential series. This expansion included the comic book industry, where new Star Trek stories continue to go where the franchise has never gone before. It’s also in the comics where the characters have experienced some of the medium’s most interesting and unusual crossovers.

Ranging from fellow explorers of space to iconic superhero teams, characters from across all media have found themselves teaming up with the crew of the Enterprise. Through publishers like IDW, DC and BOOM! Studios, Enterprise crews from every era have fought a range of terrible foes and stretched the limits of imagination through their comic adventures.

9 Infestation United Star Trek, Ghostbusters, G.I. Joe And Transformers

Dan Abnett, Andy Lanning, David Messina, Gabriel Rodriguez and J.K. Snyder III

Villains from IDW's Infestation event

An underrated, multi-franchise comic book event, IDW Publishing’s 2011 crossover Infestation brought together characters from Star Trek, Ghostbusters, G.I. Joe and Transformers. The story follows a zombie outbreak that spills into each of the franchise’s main dimensions, reeling in heroes from the various worlds to unite against the monsters. Each world has its own unique take on this outbreak, with the Ghostbusters containing a poltergeist crisis, while humanity takes on Galvatron. For Kirk, Spock and McCoy, they are forced to fend off a horde of undead colonists on an alien planet. The story is perfect for fans of zombie horror.


Star Trek Made the Ghostbusters’ Ghost Trap Canon In Its Universe

Thanks to some quick thinking from Geordi La Forge, the Ghostbusters’ Ghost Trap has become Star Trek’s go-to weapon against spectral enemies.

8 Star Trek/Doctor Who United Two Sci-Fi Classics

David Tipton and J.K. Woodward

Star Trek TNG-Doctor Who

Having been created around the same time, Star Trek and Doctor Who maintain two of the biggest fan bases in science fiction. Both also have thriving histories in comics and, in 2012’s Star Trek: The Next Generation/Doctor Who Assimilation², they finally crossed over. The story follows the fitting alliance between the Borg and Cybermen, two species dedicated to the forced assimilation of humanity into their collective. As the Eleventh Doctor works with the crew of the Enterprise, they pursue the “CyberBorg” across space in a bid to save the Federation from assimilation.

7 The X-Men Were Star Trek‘s Most Unexpected Crossover

Scott Lobdell, Marc Silvestri, Billy Tan, Anthony Winn and David Finch

In 1996, Star Trek met the Marvel Universe when, after encountering a space-time anomaly near Delta Vega, they came face-to-face with the X-Men. The team of Wolverine, Cyclops, Beast, Jean Grey, Bishop, Storm and Gambit board the Enterprise, where they help Kirk fight Proteus, who has possessed the dead body of Lt Mitchell. Also in conflict with Deathbird, the two teams pursue the villainous mutant on the surface of the planet below, where Deathbird attempts to form an alliance with the foe. The story plays to the strengths of all characters, including a fight between Spock and Wolverine.

6 The Enterprise Teamed Up With Autobots In Star Trek Vs. Transformers

John Barber, Mike Johnson and Phillip Murphy

Optimus Prime and the crew of the Enterprise charge forwards

The Saturday-morning cartoon style made the series a smashing success, playing on nostalgia as the Decepticons ally with the Klingons.

Star Trek vs. Transformers united its two titular franchises in a story styled after their respective animated series. The 2018-19 story follows the crew of the Enterprise as they answer a distress call from Cygnus Seven. After beaming down to the surface, they discover the Autobots fending off an attack from Decepticons. When the crew assess the situation and learn Optimus’ predicament, they form an alliance with the heroic machines. The Saturday-morning cartoon style made the series a smashing success, playing on nostalgia as the Decepticons ally with the Klingons.

5 The X-Men Were A Blast WIth Star Trek: Next Generation

Dan Abnett, Ian Edginton, Cary Nord and Scott Koblish

Following the X-Men’s team-up with the crew of the original Enterprise, their Next Generation counterparts showed up in the 1998 one-shot “Second Contact.” The story follows the two groups as they take on an alliance between the Sentinels and Borg. While the first crossover was great, the second found a much better match-up between the various characters of the two worlds. Set in the immediate aftermath of the movie First Contact, the story sees the timelines of the two worlds jumbled, throwing the X-Men into some pivotal moments in Star Trek history.


How Marvel’s Avengers Inspired Star Trek’s New Comic Era

IDW’s line of Star Trek comics are reinventing the franchise, and fans may not be surprised to learn the creators were inspired by Marvel’s Avengers.

4 Star Trek/Green Lantern: The Spectrum War Started The Best Crossover

Mike Johnson, Angel Hernandez and Gabriel Rodriguez

The first crossover between Star Trek and Green Lantern in 2015’s “The Spectrum War” begins when Ganthet transports power rings to alternate universes to escape Nekron. When the crew of the Enterprise find the rings, along with Ganthet’s corpse, they activate them, with a different crew member possessing a different ring. Soon after, a group of heroic and villainous Lanterns arrive, followed by Nekron. As the new universe risks becoming home to the next Blackest Night, the Enterprise Lanterns team up with Hal, Kilowog, John Stewart and more to defeat death himself.

3 The Crew Of The Enterprise Met The Legion Of Super-Heroes

Chris Roberson, Jeffrey Moy and Phil Jimenez

Featured Image: ancient Vandal Savage (left); Emperor Vandar (right) from Star Trek/Legion of Superheroes

In the future of the DCU, the Legion of Super-Heroes succeed the Justice League as the universe’s core superhero team. In the 2011-12 miniseries Star Trek/Legion of Super-Heroes, the team is sent back to a mysterious version of the 23rd century, where they meet the crew of the Enterprise. However, this timeline is as much a mystery to them as to the Legion. With both sides left to wonder if the other is responsible, they come face-to-face with the true culprits, Vandal Savage and his prisoner, Q. The story is told across two time periods, and sees the two teams work together to right the course of history.


This DC Villain Faced Off Against Captain Kirk On Star Trek: The Original Series

The Star Trek/Legion of Super Heroes crossover revealed that DC villain Vandal Savage, and a classic Star Trek character are the same person.

2 The Planet Of The Apes Was Perfect For Star Trek

Scott Tipton, David Tipton and Rachael Stott

Captain Kirk looks down in front of George Taylor and the Statue of Liberty

The Planet of the Apes has been the focal point of many crossovers, but the arrival of the Enterprise made for one of its best. In “The Primate Directive” from 2014-15, the Enterprise crew pursue the Klingons through a portal, which lands them outside the primate-ruled Earth. When Kirk leads a team to the surface, they realize that the Klingons have been arming its ape inhabitants, leading to a manhunt for the crew. When they meet George Taylor, he implores them to assist in the overthrow of ape rule, throwing Kirk and his friends into a dilemma.

1 Star Trek/Green Lantern: Stranger Worlds Unites the Green Lantern Crops and Starfleet

Mike Johnson and Angel Hernandez

Hal Jordan and Captain Kirk prepare to fight enemies

The series combines the best alliance between the two worlds’ villains, with appearances from the likes of Star Sapphire and the Manhunters.

Of all the superhero teams to cross over with, the crew of the Enterprise couldn’t have found a better match than the Green Lantern Corps. In the sequel to “The Spectrum War,” the Corps teamed up with Starfleet itself to take the fight to the deadly alliance between Sinestro and the Klingon Empire. However, when Khan enters the picture, the Yellow Lantern villain is forced to compete for domination of the universe. The series combines the best alliance between the two worlds’ villains, with appearances from the likes of Star Sapphire and the Manhunters. The story takes advantage of the Green Lantern and Star Trek franchises’ greatest sci-fi elements to craft the Enterprise crew’s best comic crossover to date.

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