Every Upcoming Jackie Chan Martial Arts Movie
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Every Upcoming Jackie Chan Martial Arts Movie


  • Several upcoming martial arts movies starring Jackie Chan showcase his diverse career from epic fantasy adventures to enjoyable comedies.
  • With over 60 years of training as a martial artist, Chan continues to lead incredible movies, including sequels and new renditions of classic franchises.
  • Fans can anticipate upcoming Chan movies such as “A Legend,” “Karate Kid 2024,” “New Police Story 2,” “Project P,” “Five Against a Bullet,” and a rumored “Rush Hour 4.”



Hong Kong actor Jackie Chan is one of the most recognizable performers on the planet, and today at nearly 70 years old, he still has several upcoming martial arts movies in the works. Equally popular in both Eastern and Western media, Chan has excelled in action, comedy, drama, and thrillers, but he’s mostly associated with his incredible skill as a martial artist as well as his cross-cultural and cross-generational appeal. With an impressive and vast filmography behind him, martial arts audiences still have plenty to look forward to when it comes to Chan.

The assorted upcoming martial arts movies starring Chan act as a great representation of his entire career as they feature epic fantasy adventures, enjoyable comedies, and long-awaited sequels to many of Chan’s beloved franchises. With both Hong Kong and Hollywood releases announced, after more than 60 years of training as a martial artist, Chan still has what it takes to lead incredible movies. There are plenty of upcoming Chan martial arts movies to get excited for.

6 A Legend

A Legend is planned for release in 2024

Jackie Chan in the trailer for the upcoming fantast adventure film A Legend

A Legend is a martial fantasy adventure focused on an archeologist embarking on a trip to a glacier temple in a quest to discover the truth behind his dreams. Directed by Stanley Tong, A Legend will mark his tenth collaboration with Chan in an epic quest that will reportedly utilize artificial intelligence to portray Chan as a 27-year-old (via Shanghai Daily.) A Legend is being marketed as a sequel to the 2005 martial arts adventure The Myth, which was also directed by Tong and starred Chan, however, exactly how the two films will connect is not known.

5 Karate Kid 2024

The sixth Karate Kid movie is planned for release in 2024

Karate Kid (2024)

Karate Kid is a 2024 movie based on the original Karate Kid franchise of films directed by Jonathan Entwistle. Plot details currently remain unknown, but it is expected to be a new rendition of the story of a youth finding the courage to stand up for themselves under the tutelage of a former martial artist.

Jonathan Entwistle

Release Date
December 13, 2024

Rob Lieber , Anthony Tambakis

The Karate Kid franchise has enthralled viewers for the past 40 years and it is expected to continue doing so as Jackie Chan returns for a sixth movie in the ongoing martial arts series. Chan will be returning as Mr Han; the Chinese maintenance man and Kung Fu master he played in the 2010 remake of the original The Karate Kid. Ralph Macchio, famous for playing Daniel LaRusso across the entire franchise is also set to return for this highly anticipated sequel.

The Karate Kid martial series has seen something of a resurgence in recent years due to the popularity of the Netflix series Cobra Kai, which acted as an acclaimed continuation of the original movies three decades later. Despite Macchio participating in both projects, Cobra Kai creator Jon Hurwitz has stated he is not involved with the upcoming Karate Kid movie, and it will not be directly connected to his television series (via Collider.) While the latest Karate Kid film was set to premiere in June 2024, due to the writers and actors strikes, this date has been pushed to December.

4 New Police Story 2

New Police Story 2 is expected for release in 2025

More than 20 years after the release of the Hong Kong action movie New Police Story, Jackie Chan is set to return for a sequel New Police Story 2 in 2025. Already a reboot of the Police Story franchise, which Chan has been involved with since the very first Police Story movie in 1985, this long-awaited sequel was announced by Chan at Filmart in Hong Kong in 2023 (via HR.) Chan’s longtime collaborator and fellow martial artist Nicholas Tse is set to direct New Police Story 2, which will likely see Chan reprising his role as Chief Inspector Chan Kwok-wing.

The Police Story series first began in 1985 when Jackie Chan co-wrote, directed, and starred as Sergeant “Kevin” Chan Ka-Kui in Police Story. The success of this film led to two direct sequels as well as a Supercop spinoff starring Michelle Yeoh. Chan’s return in New Police Story 2 is an exciting call back to some of the greatest achievements of his entire career.

3 Project P

Project P is currently in post-production

Custom image of Jackie Chan in Hidden Strike juxtaposed with Nicolas Cage in The Unbearable Weight of Massive Talent.

Project P is an upcoming Jackie Chan action comedy, which has also been reported under the title Panda Plan. In a fun twist, similar to Nicolas Cage’s role in The Unbearable Weight of Massive Talent, Chan will play a fictionalized version of himself on a mysterious rescue mission of international importance. Project P is directed by Zhang Luan and features a panda born with a dark circle around one eye that propels the animal to international superstardom. Project P is an exciting opportunity for Chan to play with audiences’ perceptions of him and his legacy with an enjoyable meta concept.

2 Five Against A Bullet

Five Against a Bullet is currently in development

jackie chan compsiite image smiling and punching

Jackie Chan is set to star in the upcoming action-thriller Five Against a Bullet from The Day After Tomorrow director Jeffrey Nachmanoff (via Variety.) Telling the story of a man running a political campaign after his father was killed by a Mexican drug cartel, Five Against a Bullet centers on five world-weary bodyguards protecting the political figure in an intense thriller that will put their various complementary skills and abilities to the test. Originally, Bruce Willis was attached to star, but following Willis’s aphasia diagnosis and retirement from acting, he is no longer involved.

1 Rush Hour 4

Rush Hour 4 is a rumored production with a release date TBC

The buddy cop series Rush Hour starring Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker as unlikely partners involved in increasingly dangerous mysteries around the world has laid dormant since 2006 after Rush Hour 3 received overwhelmingly negative reviews. However, the Rush Hour films were also a massive box office draw and there have been whisperings since as far back as 2009 that a fourth movie was a real possibility. While nothing has been officially announced by Warner Bros, after years of various comments from Tucker about its purported production, in December 2022 Chan said Rush Hour 4 was in the works (via Deadline.)

While Chan did not reveal the Rush Hour 4 director, all the previous installments in the series were led by X-Men: The Last Stand director Brett Rattner. Despite this, Rattner’s involvement is not certain as Warner Bros. cut all ties with Rattner in 2018 following a string of sexual harassment allegations, and he has not made a film since 2014. No matter what happens, audiences will be sure to welcome the return of Chan as the loyal and dedicated Hong Kong detective Chief Inspector Lee and Tucker as his loudmouth LAPD partner, Detective James Carter, for a long-awaited legacy adventure.

Upcoming Jackie Chan Martial Arts Movie

Expected Release Date

A Legend


The Karate Kid


New Police Story 2


Project P

TBC (Post-production)

Five Against a Bullet

TBC (In development)

Rush Hour 4

TBC (Rumored movie)

Sources: Shanghai Daily, Collider, Hollywood Reporter, Variety, Deadline

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