Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth: Every Swindling Seminar Answer
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Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth: Every Swindling Seminar Answer

One way to get some Sylkis Greens to feed Piko in Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth is to complete the Conniving Caglio’s Swindling Seminar. Available starting in Chapter 8 when Cloud is unceremoniously incarcerated in the Dustbowl, this quest involves speaking to Caglio’s pupils to determine which of them is telling the truth. In return for the correct answer, Caglio will provide a Sylkis Green for your Chocobo companion.



As you’re exploring the Dustbowl and increasing your Party Level, Cloud will be tasked with finding Sylkis Greens to feed Piko. There are different options for getting Sylkis Greens, but you only need three to get Piko back on his feet. To begin, speak to Caglio, who will explain that one of his five pupils is telling the truth and it’s up to you to figure out which one.


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How To Find The Correct Answer To The Swindling Seminar In FF7 Rebirth

Cloud Speaking To Sloppy Shawn For Swindling Seminar In Chapter 8 Of Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth

Unfortunately, there’s no one right answer to the Swindling Seminar, as the person telling the truth is randomized. However, each of Caglio’s pupils only have a limited number of statements they can make. As such, it’s still possible for you to determine who’s lying and who’s telling the truth. Below is a list of possible truths and lies, courtesy of The Gamer.


True Statements

False Statements

Blowhard Georgie

  • The arena monster is Test 0
  • The arena monster is Type 0
  • The arena monster is Bug 0

Knucklehead Toya

  • The weapon shop sells elixirs.
  • The weapon shop has no loud noises.
  • The weapon shop sells potions.
  • The weapon shop is loud.

Sloppy Shawn

  • The title of the book is Meditations on the Outlaw Life.
  • The book is in stock.
  • The title of the book is Meditations on the Underling Life.
  • The book is out of stock.

Squinty Rachel

  • Gus’ crib has graffiti featuring Stamp.
  • Gus’ crib has graffiti featuring a Costa del Sol cactuar.

Thirsty Usain

  • The Bail Jumper serves Sunshine.
  • The Bail Jumper waters down its drinks.
  • The Bail Jumper serves Cosmo Canyons.
  • The Bail Jumper doesn’t water down its drinks.

You can also visit these locations to check the validity of each statement yourself, but the list above means you don’t have to run around the Dustbowl to check. Once you have the right answer, you can talk to Conniving Caglio to make a guess.

Each guess will cost you 500 Gil, so it’s worth double-checking you have the right answer before talking to Caglio again. However, if you fail, you can spend 500 Gil for another guess.

If you succeed, Caglio will give you a Sylkis Green, which you can feed to Piko to help get him back in shape for a spot in Chocobo Racing. Completing the Swindling Seminar is one good way to get what you need for Piko in Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth. However, you’ll also need to tackle other activities for the residents of the Dustbowl before you can complete Chapter 8.

Source: Quinton O’Connor/The Gamer

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