Fire Country Season 3 Renewed By CBS
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Fire Country Season 3 Renewed By CBS

Fire Country has been renewed for season 3 by CBS, confirming that Bode’s story at Cal Fire will continue into the 2024-25 television season.

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  • Fire Country
    has been renewed for season 3, promising more of Bode’s story to come.
  • Season 3 has been confirmed to air during the 2024-25 season on CBS.
  • The renewal is based on increased viewership for season 2 and its popularity when it airs on Friday nights.



Fire Country has officially been renewed for season 3 at CBS, promising that Bode’s story is far from over. The drama follows the convict, who is part of a rehabilitation program that has him working at Cal Fire in his Northern California hometown. Season 2 is currently airing a shortened season, which sees Bode getting used to changed circumstances following another small stint behind bars.

Now, Paramount had confirmed that Fire Country season 3 is happening, and will continue on CBS during the 2024-25 primetime season. Citing increased viewership across all platforms, the announcement confirms its popularity and justifies its renewal. Its strength when it airs on Friday nights at 9 p.m. ET was also cited, possibly indicating its regular time slot will be maintained.

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Source: Paramount

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