GTA Franchise Rumor May Be Really Good News For Those With A PS5
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GTA Franchise Rumor May Be Really Good News For Those With A PS5


  • Rockstar Games partners with Implicit Conversions, implying potential PS1, PSP and PS2 classic game releases on PS5.
  • Some Grand Theft Auto titles, like GTA: Liberty City Stories, and GTA: Vice City Stories, are missing from the PlayStation Plus Premium catalog on PS5.
  • Beyond GTA, Rockstar could bring back forgotten titles like Midnight Club and Manhunt 2 to modern PlayStation consoles.



A new partner listing for Rockstar Games could bode well for Grand Theft Auto fans on PlayStation 5. Rockstar’s acclaimed open-world crime titles are some of the biggest in gaming, and this new listing could suggest that Sony is planning to revisit some of its older entries.

As shared by X user videotechuk, a reliable source for Rockstar news and leaks, the studio has appeared on the Partners and Publishers page for Implicit Conversions. Implicit Conversions is an emulation company that specializes in bringing classic PlayStation, PSP, and PS2 titles to modern PlayStation consoles, having worked on the conversions of the Syphon Filter series, Resident Evil: Director’s Cut, Killzone: Liberation, the Twisted Metal series, and more.


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Which Grand Theft Auto Titles Aren’t Currently Playable On PS5?

The Franchise’s PS1 And PSP Titles Are Absent From The PS+ Catalog

Toni Cipriani running with a gun in GTA Liberty City Stories

Many Grand Theft Auto games are available on PlayStation 5, with the 2022 re-release of GTA 5 and GTA Online, along with the GTA Trilogy, which consists of GTA 3, GTA: Vice City, and GTA: San Andreas. There are some notable absences, however, as the following aren’t present in the PlayStation Plus catalog, where Sony now has many titles from previous console generations available to download as part of its Premium tier:


Original Release Year

PlayStation Platform

Grand Theft Auto



GTA: London






GTA: Vice City Stories



GTA: Vice City Stories






Direct ports of the original PS2 versions of the
GTA Trilogy
were available on PS4 along with new trophy support, but these were pulled from the PlayStation Store prior to the release of
Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy – The Definitive Edition
in 2021.


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What Other Rockstar Games Could Come To PS5?

Rockstar’s Long-Forgotten Racing Series Could Return

Midnight Club - Race

Outside of Grand Theft Auto, Rockstar has made a large portion of the most well-known titles from its back-catalog available on modern PlayStation consoles, with Manhunt, Bully, The Warriors, Red Dead Revolver, and the first Max Payne (of which Rockstar was a publisher for Remedy) included via the PS2 classics collection. Most recently, Red Dead Redemption was ported to PS4 (with further enhancements on PS5 via backwards compatibility) after the PS3 version was pulled from the PlayStation Plus catalog.

It’s unlikely that the second Max Payne title, The Fall of Max Payne will receive the PS2 Classics treatment due to Remedy working on a full remake of the first two games. However, it’s possible the Midnight Club series might make a resurgence via such ports, and with the first Manhunt title already available, it’s possible that its controversial sequel Manhunt 2 could join it, as it was only released on PS2 and PSP despite being released in 2007, a year after the launch of the PS3.

Regardless of whether they revisit classic Grand Theft Auto games or other IPs, with so many potential titles available, the partnership between Implicit Conversions and Rockstar Games seems sure to be an interesting one going forward.

Source: videotechuk/X, Implicit Conversions

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